Friday, September 4, 2015

Trump supporters want certain things done in America. Their purpose shouldn't be imagined to exclude conservative principles. What's happening is about more than conservatism. Nor are they rube victims of populism-Rush Limbaugh

Rush reviews his Wed., 9/2 analysis that commentators who criticize Trump supporters for an imagined lack of conservative principles are "missing what's happening here." Trump's candidacy is "about more than conservatism." Nor is it about 'populism.'

9/3/15, "Clarifying on Conservative Writers and Trump," Rush Limbaugh

(scroll down 2/3 pg.): "Some people heard it out of context and thought that I said the exact opposite of what I said. Let me repeat something I said yesterday. I was reacting to, well, two things primarily, but then everything that these two things symbolize and represent. There was a piece in the Wall Street Journal, and there was another piece at National Review Online. And the Wall Street Journal piece was that if you are supporting Trump, you are appalling. 

It's an appalling thing to do, and you are appalling, and you're not a real conservative. And National Review Online had a story saying that people supporting Trump are just throwing away their conservative principles. I said in response and analyzing, "These people are missing what's happening here." All I said was that the Trump phenomenon is not rooted in conservatism. I did not say that Trump supporters are not conservative.  I said that Trump's phenomenon is about more than conservatism. 

It's not populism. This is the next critical bit of analysis that is now starting to come from the conservative intelligentsia. It's either bad conservatives that are abandoning their principles or just populists, and populists are held in a special contempt by the people who are accusing you of just being populists. That's akin to being nationalists and xenophobes in this context. I was simply trying to tell these people that are worried about what's happening conservatism.

At the same time I said, "What good are conservative principles if all you do is write about them?" All these great conservatives out there -- and I'll acknowledge we have a whole bunch of really great ones. But you have to do more than write about it. You have to do more than go on TV and offer commentary. There has to be some action implemented here, and that's what people see in Trump. They see the implementation of action, not just some people spouting things. 

They think he's going to do something that they want done, a series of things that they want done. In that sense, it's not just conservatism that is driving this Trump phenomenon. And I don't say that in a critical way at all. So just to be clear, if any of you misheard yesterday...I was not even talking about Trump when I made this comment yesterday.

I was talking about all these conservative writers and commentators who are complaining about all the Trump supporters abandoning their conservatism in order to support him. And they're worried that this is destroying conservatism. "It's diluting it. It's...redefining it," and it isn't. None of that is happening at all."

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9/2/15, "The Trump Movement Isn't About Conservatism -- It's About Americanism," Rush Limbaugh



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