Saturday, September 26, 2015

Trump at Oklahoma State Fair says he likes the Pope though, "I might not agree with the global warming stuff so much, but that's OK"

9/25/15, "Full Speech: Donald Trump YUGE, EXPLOSIVE Campaign Rally at Oklahoma State Fair (9-25-15)," You Tube

4:27--Trump says he likes the Pope: "I might not agree with the global warming stuff so much, but that's OK."

"September 25, 2015: GOP Presidential candidate and front-runner Donald J. Trump gave a campaign rally at the Oklahoma State Fair today. The event drew thousands and even included a special guest, Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty." You Tube text

At 27:00, Willie from Duck Dynasty made a cameo appearance on stage and said, "I like me some Trump."


Commenter to The Last Refuge attended Trump rally at Oklahoma State Fair, observed all age groups are Trump fans:

"BigMamaTEA says: September 26, 2015 at 1:25 am
Well, I just got home from the Trump rally at the Oklahoma State Fair. The energy in the crowd was rockin’ even before Trump arrived. Unofficial numbers 12,000 people, of course the media, as Trump said, won’t report that number. But, when you have wall to wall people roughly 1/2 mile deep just going strait south in line with our little bandstand (I had multiple family members with pedometers pacing the crowd. Then there were crowds wrapped around on either side, and even back behind the bandshell (they had speakers behind him.)

I was once again, just like when I saw Trump in Dallas, thrilled to check out the demographics of the audience. Here as in Dallas, I saw and visited a LOT of 20-30 year olds, all the way through to the silver haired gang. Black, yellow, red (Indian, feather, not dot) white, and certainly around here legal Mexicans. Great mix of the heartland, and I visited with a lot of them over the course of the afternoon before the speech. So he’s really appealing to all."

Added: Nine minutes in, Trump wanted viewers to have an idea of the people in the crowd to whom he was speaking, so asked cameras  to pan the crowd. They panned part of it:

After a few seconds Trump said, you're not panning it, and asked them to show more of the crowd:

The Last Refuge commenter who attended Trump rally agrees there was more there than we got to see:

"BigMamaTEA says: September 26, 2015 at 1:40 am
When he asked the cameras to pan the crowd, he was correct. All they did was pull back their zoom to where the press was on a riser. That roughly half a mile I spoke of…it was behind where the press riser was. {LSM azzhats!)"

9/26/15, Crowd greets Trump at Oklahoma State Fair


Comment: Please, Mr. Trump, don't back down on the $2 billion a day global warming fraud that's been run out of the US White House since 1990. And is based on demonizing Americans. Today, everyone knows that even if CO2 were a problem, the US can do nothing to reverse it. And still millions of US taxpayer dollars are diverted to it daily. For the record, US CO2 has come down a great deal in the past decade and shows no signs of going back up. Not that it matters. Every country in the world could commit mass suicide and global CO2 would still be close to what it is now because China has most of it. Every US politician should be screaming that not one more dime of US taxpayer money must be stolen from the poor and needy and given instead to the CO2 industry. One of the many crimes of the CO2 scam is that CO2 emissions and clean air are conflated. All the attention and money goes to CO2 and little or none to clean air. Thank-you, Mr. Trump, for making that point:

"Asked by CNN whether he agreed with Francis that the issue is a pressing one, the Republican presidential front-runner said “no.” “I’m not a believer in climate change,” he said.
I think that clean air is a pressing problem. You want to have clean air, you want to have clean water. That’s very important to me."...

9/25/15, "Trump hits China emissions, ill-managed nukes’ threat, but to pope: ‘I’m not believer in climate change’," AFP-JIJI, Japan Times



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