Monday, September 28, 2015

GOP Establishment continues to bash its leading candidate, the same GOP E that's done nothing to stop America's fall. Voters see the wreckage in Europe from decades of socialist policies and porous borders and want to stop the same horror from happening here. Donald Trump shares their concerns-Stephen Meister, Wash. Examiner op-ed

9/27/15,  "A personal assessment of Donald Trump," Stephen Meister, Washington Examiner

"Despite Donald Trump's meteoric rise to the top of the Republican presidential polls, the GOP establishment continues to bash its leading candidate. Apparently "party-cide" is contagious: The Democratic establishment continues to ride the sinking Clinton campaign like the string quartet on the deck of the Titanic--the majority of Americans know she's a liar and don't trust her. It's a fight to the death all right, only each party's pointing a gun at its own head.

GOP establishment favorite Jeb Bush is hemorrhaging voters too. CBS News/YouGov shows Bush coming in a pathetic eighth place in New Hampshire and doing only marginally better in Iowa, where he now places fifth.

As an attorney who's worked for Trump (I have not represented him for the past year and a half)--and many years ago, against him--his success on the campaign trail comes as no surprise: Trump's a man of exceptional tenacity and guts, insightful intuitions, clear purposes, an intelligence that's expressed forcefully and directly, always without regard to political correctness, and a world class negotiator. Trump intuitively understands what troubles Americans and boldly states their concerns; I guarantee he'll never be an appeaser of foreign governments; there'll be no Neville Chamberlains or hapless apprentices for domestic or foreign policy, in his administration--if you're not doing your job, you'll be fired.
Coming off President Obama's massive failures, most recently his hugely dangerous appeasement of Iran (and funding of the terrorist regime), Americans hunger for Trump's common sense approach, especially when coupled with his incorruptibility: Trump doesn't need donors (let alone a foundation to function as money generating, influence-peddling machine), and when he says politicians are forever hitting him up for money, I can tell you he's not exaggerating.

All this has allowed Trump to tap into a geyser of American distrust and disgust over liberal policies, including out-of-control spending, immigration amnesty, and national defense (or better said the lack thereof), and over establishment Republicans who, despite being in control of the House of Representatives, have done nothing to stop America's fall. The voters see the wreckage Europe has suffered from decades of socialist policies and porous borders and they don't want that to happen to America.

With an anchor baby born every 93 seconds, the Heartland isn't content to allow America to suffer the fate of Europe by granting millions of illegals amnesty; Americans signed onto a melting pot, not pot luck--and believe we're supposed to live alongside the immigrants we let in, not those who break in.

Pundits on both sides of the aisle are panicking over Trump. First, they said he'd never declare he's running, that it was all a publicity stunt; then, when Trump did declare, they said he'd never file the financial disclosures; then, after he filed, they said his remarks on immigration would be his undoing (yet those remarks only galvanized his base); and then they said he'd get crushed in the polls after the first debate. That's 0 for 5.

Doubling down on their badly wrong predictions, and realizing the debates won't bring him down, panicking neo-con pundits now claim Trump's unfavorability ratings will be his undoing. But polls show that's Hillary's problem, not Donald's.

And, according to Survey USA, Trump is garnering substantial portions of the black and Latino votes, 25-31 percent. That's something neither Romney nor any other Republican nominee in recent memory has been able to do.

Here's some free advice, Donald (your favorite kind): Instead of the GOP asking you to pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee, you should demand that the GOP pledge to support you if you become that nominee. In a match up against Sanders, Clinton or Biden, the GOP is better off with Trump, whose business experience, successes and star power can overpower an aging socialist, a corrupt dynastic politician, or the vice president of the most pathetic administration in modern history."

Stephen Meister is a founding partner of Meister Seelig and Fein, a commercial law firm with offices in New York, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Thinking of submitting an op-ed to the Washington Examiner? Be sure to read our guidelines on submissions."


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