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Per Pew Poll, 600,000 US Muslim residents say suicide bombing is justified in some cases, but Pew says that's great news

8/30/11, "Muslim Americans: No Signs of Growth in Alienation or Support for Extremism," Pew Poll, people-press.org

By Pew's most conservative estimates there are 3 million US Muslims as of 2014 (p. 2). That number increases by 80,000 to 90,000 each year [Why?] as new Muslim immigrants move to the US. By 2020, 109,000 new Muslims will move to the US yearly. Most of them will be from Pakistan and Bangladesh. (Citations at end of this post).

A 2011 Pew Poll (below) surveys US Muslim attitudes and finds up to 19% (between 12% and 19%) of US Muslims think suicide bombing is justified. By 2014 population estimates, this means approximately 600,000 US Muslims believe suicide bombing is justified at least in some cases (19% of 3 million). Instead of telling Americans they're committing genocide against themselves, Pew does the opposite. It presents its Aug. 2011 findings as "overwhelming" good news: "Overwhelming Majority Say Suicide Bombing Never Justified,"

Pew says suicide bombing advocacy is "negligible" because it showed "no signs of growth" from previous years, or because 600,000 US residents (up to 19%) isn't an "overwhelming majority." As Pews's subhead states, "Support for Extremism Remains Negligible."

Pew Poll continues to divert attention from deadly results: "Islamic Extremism, Widespread Concern, Minimal Support." Pew believes 240,000 US residents approving suicide bombing is "minimal" support. A poll question finds 8% of US Muslims believe suicide bombing is justified "often or sometimes." 8% of 3 million US Muslims in 2014 is 240,000.  

2011 Pew Poll on US Muslim attitudes:

8/30/11, "Muslim Americans: No Signs of Growth in Alienation or Support for Extremism," Pew Poll, people-press.org

"Support for Extremism Remains Negligible"

Per poll below, 70% of US Muslims identify as Democrat, only 11% as Republican:

"Number of Muslims in the U.S."

p. 2, scroll down: "Based on data from the survey, in combination with U.S. Census data, Pew Research Center demographers estimate that there are about 1.8 million Muslim adults and 2.75 million Muslims of all ages (including children under 18) living in the United States in 2011. This represents an increase of roughly 300,000 adults and 100,000 Muslim children since 2007, when Pew Research demographers used similar methods to calculate that there were about 1.5 million Muslim adults (and 2.35 million Muslims of all ages) in the U.S.

The increase is in line with what one would expect from net immigration and natural population growth (births minus deaths) over the past four years. The 2011 population estimate also roughly accords with separate projections made last year by the Pew Forum’s “The Future of the Global Muslim Population.” For that report, demographers at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria independently estimated the total U.S. Muslim population at about 2.6 million in 2010. The same report also estimated that about 80,000 to 90,000 new Muslim immigrants have been entering the United States annually in recent years.

How the estimate was made

Prior to Pew Research Center’s 2007 survey, no estimate for the Muslim American population, based on widely accepted social scientific methods, was available. Gauging the number of Muslims living in the United States is difficult because the U.S. Census Bureau, as a matter of policy, does not ask Americans about their religion. Nor do U.S. immigration authorities keep track of the religious affiliation of new immigrants. Both the Census Bureau and immigration authorities do collect statistics, however, on people’s country of birth. Researchers can estimate the size of U.S. religious groups by combining this country-of-birth information with data from surveys on the percentage of people from each country, or group of countries, who belong to various faiths.

For example, interviewing used to identify Muslim respondents for the Pew Research Center’s 2011 Muslim American survey (which screened more than 43,000 households, including non-Muslims) finds that 87% of people living in the U.S. who were born in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Yemen are Muslim.

Pew Research demographers applied this percentage to country-of-birth figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. The census data show there are 198,000 households in which the head or spouse is from one of these three countries, which when multiplied by the percentage of Muslims from these countries (87%) results in an estimate that there are 173,000 immigrant Muslim households of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Yemeni extraction.

The survey also asked about other Muslim adults and children in the household. On the basis of this information, an average household size was calculated for each country-of-birth group (or parent’s country-of-birth group) and multiplied by the number of households. The 173,000 Muslim immigrant households from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Yemen, for example, contain an estimated 380,000 Muslim adults and 195,000 Muslim children, for a combined total of 576,000 Muslims in these households. A similar approach was taken for second-generation immigrant households, which were calculated separately. For households with no foreign-born respondents or natives with foreign-born parents (i.e., third-generation households), calculations were made using survey data on age and racial breakdowns of third-generation (or later) Muslim Americans, again applied to U.S. Census data on the third-and-higher generations."...


Jan. 2011 Pew Research cites US immigration policy for increasing US Muslim population:

1/27/2011, The Future of the Global Muslim Population, Pew Research

(p. 1, parag. 6): "In the United States, for example, the population projections show the number of Muslims more than doubling over the next two decades, rising from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million in 2030, in large part because of immigration and higher-than-average fertility among Muslims.... (See the Americas section for more details.)"...

Citation for 80,000-90,000 new Muslim immigrants yearly in US:

p. 10, subhead, "Muslim Immigration to the United States"

"Projections start with Muslims making up 9.4% of a total of 938,000 new permanent residents per year, or an estimated 88,000 people in 2010. By 2020, Muslims are projected to comprise 10.5% of more than 1 million new permanent U.S. residents per year, or about 109,000 people annually....

The top countries of origin for Muslim immigrants to the United States in 2009 were Pakistan and Bangladesh. They also are expected to be the top countries of origin for Muslim immigrants in 2030."...


My computations: 2014 US Muslim population estimates computed as follows:

2011 Pew estimate 2,750,000

Increase of 80,000 per year x 3 years= 240,000

2014 est. US Muslims: 2,990,000. Round to 3 million in 2014


Genocide, The Elephant in the Room:

According to accepted definitions, US politicians are committing genocide against America via immigration policy. If one needed proof, Pew Research in Jan. and August 2011 provides it.

"What is Genocide?"

"The crime of genocide is defined in international law in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide....Lemkin defined genocide as follows:

"Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.""


Comment: We look forward to Pew Polls asking if beheading always OK or just sometimes OK.


US Secret Service was in charge of protecting 140 world leaders at recent UN General Assembly in New York-NY Times

“It’s frustrating,” Ms. Pierson said in a 15-minute interview from New York City, where she was directing the agency’s protection of 140 world leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly."
9/22/14, "White House Intruder’s Past Raises Concern," NY Times, Michael D. Shear and Michael S. Schmidt

"Secret Service officers stopped Omar Jose Gonzalez last month as he carried a hatchet in front of the White House, but let him go even though he had been arrested this summer in Virginia with a mini-arsenal of semiautomatic weapons, a sniper rifle and a map clearly marking the White House’s location.

Prosecutors on Monday also said Mr. Gonzalez, 42, an Iraq war veteran who on Friday scaled an iron fence and made his way through the front door of the White House before he was apprehended, had 800 rounds of ammunition, two hatchets and a machete in his car when law enforcement officers searched it after Friday’s incident.
A judge on Monday agreed to a request by the prosecutors that Mr. Gonzalez, who is from Copperas Cove, Tex., and believed to have been living out of his car, remain in custody until a hearing next month because he posed a danger to President Obama....
Julia A. Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, said in an interview that she had ordered a “full fact-finding investigation into what didn’t work, where mistakes were made and how to ensure we prevent it in the future.”...
But she also strongly defended the 6,500-employee agency, saying repeatedly that news media attention on the handful of mistakes that the agency makes obscures the complex, difficult work that agents and officers do.
“It’s frustrating,” Ms. Pierson said in a 15-minute interview from New York City, where she was directing the agency’s protection of 140 world leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly.

She added, “I don’t think the average American realizes the amount of work and complexity that goes into securing these events.”"...


Since US no longer needs Qatar natural gas, Qatar has lost political influence. To rebuild its clout and ability to back Hamas, Islamic militias, and Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar seeks to finance a Texas natural gas terminal, export large share of US natural gas and resell it-NY Times

9/29/14, "A U-Turn for a Terminal Built in Texas to Import Natural Gas," NY Times, Clifford Krauss, Sabine Pass, Texas

"The giant Golden Pass natural gas import terminal here, meant to bring Middle Eastern gas to energy-hungry Americans, sits eerily quiet these days, a sleepy museum to a bygone era. Its 5,000 valves, 50 million pounds of steel and ship berth as big as 77 football fields — representing a $2 billion investment by Qatar Petroleum, Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips — have been dormant for nearly three years. The unexpected American shale fracking frenzy produced such a glut of domestic gas that 

the United States does not need Qatari gas anymore.

But the Golden Pass story is only beginning.

Qatar Petroleum, the state oil company, is now requesting permission to export American gas, proposing with its partner Exxon Mobil an audacious conversion of the facility to export from import. The additional estimated cost: $10 billion, if not more. Conoco Phillips has bowed out of the export project, deciding not to double down. For Qatar Petroleum and Exxon Mobil, the retooled plan represents a grand improvisation and a plan to export a sizable share of the new American bonanza.

“Do we hope to make money out of it that we are not making today? Absolutely,” said Robert S. Franklin, president of the Exxon Mobil Gas and Power Marketing Company. “There is very significant upside in this project.”

The two companies propose to reverse some pipelines, using the existing gas storage tanks and docks and adding three enormous refrigerant plants to the complex on land now occupied by cattle grazing under a blazing sun. The plants will take American gas and cool it to minus 260 Fahrenheit, condensing it to a liquid that can be loaded on tankers and shipped to Asian, Latin American and European markets.
Golden Pass is one of eight potential liquefied natural gas projects Exxon is considering, including projects in Canada, Australia and Tanzania. As the biggest gas producer in the United States, Exxon could profit handsomely from the terminal, which could export two billion cubic feet of gas a day, nearly 3 percent of current production in the United States.

The proposed conversion offers many bonuses for Qatar, which plans to put up 70 percent of the money for the export project. It is a way to salvage a failed project from an embarrassment and convert it to a jewel among its gas investments, which already stretch from the Persian Gulf to the Adriatic Sea to South Wales. The project could enable the Persian Gulf emirate to capitalize on the United States energy revolution in time 
to help finance the hosting of the 2022 World Cup and other giant construction projects.

Most important, Golden Pass could help Qatar remain a dominant player in the growing and fast-changing global natural gas market. Qatar leverages its immense gas wealth to exert political influence in the Middle East and North Africa, backing directly and indirectly Hamas in Gaza, Islamic militias in Syria and Libya, and allies of the Muslim Brotherhood across the region, even while granting the United States space for a military base on Iran’s doorstep.
“The Qataris have a clear view that their resource is both commercial and geopolitical,” said Amy Myers Jaffe, an energy and Middle East specialist at the University of California, Davis. They want to sell their gas to important places, and they want to be important to the United States.

Qatar is a slowly declining energy power, in part because the United States no longer needs its gas. In a few years, other countries, particularly Australia, will replace Qatar as the global swing producer that will determine where supplies go and at what price; the sale fees of gas are set regionally and not globally as they are with oil.

But large Asian and European buyers are increasingly bargaining to buy gas at prices that approach the low American gas price, frequently on the spot market. That is far below Qatar’s preferred price, which is indexed to higher global oil prices. As more American gas comes on the world market, Qatar could become increasingly squeezed, energy specialists say.

Qatar still has abundant pricing power. Its own export plants, which it runs in partnership with Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Total of France and other international oil companies, produce a third of the 230 million tons of annual global liquefied natural gas output.

But the export terminals being built around the world will provide markets with an additional 80 million tons of annual capacity — and none of it is being built in Qatar. Australia will replace Qatar as the largest global gas exporter by 2017,
according to a report this year by Eurasia Group, the New York-based geopolitical consultancy, and combined United States and Canadian capacity could also surpass Qatar’s by 2020.

“If they want to retain market share, Qatar is definitely going to need more gas,” said Leslie Palti-Guzman, senior analyst for global energy and natural resources at Eurasia Group.

Qatar may need more gas, but producing more at home is a politically charged proposition. The country has a moratorium on gas production from its main offshore field, which it shares with Iran. A main reason, regional energy specialists say, is to avert angry charges and potential retaliation from Tehran for draining the shared field.

The Golden Pass terminal would give the Qataris more gas to sell without breaking their drilling moratorium at home. The Texas facility would also give them an opportunity to sell American gas at the low American price to mostly Asian traders who have the purchasing leverage to demand it. In doing so, Qatar can try to preserve the higher oil-indexed price for the gas it produces at home.

“For Qatar to adapt, they not only need to adapt their marketing strategy in terms of where to sell the gas but also in terms of their pricing strategy to retain market share,” Ms. Palti-Guzman said. “Golden Pass fits into that.”

Requests to speak with Qatari government and oil industry officials went unanswered. Exxon Mobil’s Mr. Franklin said he could not speak for them, but offered praise. “They have been as good as anyone we’ve dealt with from a business-friendly perspective,” he said of Exxon Mobil’s Qatari partners.
The Golden Pass project remains at least five years from fruition, and Exxon Mobil executives have expressed frustration at the slow pace of Obama administration approvals of proposed export terminals.

“Why don’t we have a permit?” Mr. Franklin complained. “I have no idea.”

The terminal’s prospects appeared to many specialists to have improved when the Energy Department issued a rule in May pushing platforms with strong financial backing, which includes Golden Pass, to the head of the regulatory line of approval.

More than 20 projects are under consideration by the Energy Department and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which reviews their environmental impact. The Energy Department gave final approval to two proposed export projects this month, enabling them to ship gas to countries without free-trade agreements with the United States. They join Cheniere Energy’s terminal a few miles from Golden Pass across the Louisiana border, which was the first terminal to gain full federal regulatory approval and is expected to begin exporting by late 2015.

Still, the Golden Pass project remains a somnolent hub of high technology and giant structures perched incongruously in alligator-infested swampland. The terminal bears few signs of Qatar, aside from a set of clocks displaying both Qatari and Texas time down the hall from pictures of Qatari tankers that had docked here years ago before the terminal went quiet."

"A version of this article appears in print on September 30, 2014, on page B1 of the New York edition."...


NY Times still reports that White House intruder overpowered Secret Service agent, but no longer reports that the Secret Service agent was ‘female’

On 9/29/14 The NY Times originally reported the White House intruder overpowered “a female Secret Service agent."

As of 9/30/14, The word “female” has been removed from the sentence. Now it says the intruder overpowered a Secret Service agent."

No corrections are listed at the end of the article.
Original NY Times report:

9/29/14, “White House intruder got farther than first reported, NY Times, Michael D. Shear via Boston Globe

WASHINGTON- “A man who jumped the White House fence this month made it far deeper into the president’s home than previously disclosed, overpowering a female Secret Service agent inside the North Portico entrance and running through the East Room before he was tackled, according to a congressional official familiar with the details of the incident.”…


Screen shot of original report for the record:


Revised NY Times article with “female” excised:

9/29/14, “White House Intruder Got Farther Than First Reported, Official Says,” NY Times, Michael D. Shear

“An armed man who jumped the White House fence this month made it far deeper into the mansion than previously disclosed, overpowering a Secret Service agent inside the North Portico entrance and running through the ceremonial East Room before he was tackled, according to a member of Congress familiar with the details of the incident.”…
Screen shot of revised NY Times article showing “female” excised: (As of 2:48am Sept. 30, no corrections are listed to the NY Times article).


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Obama's racism and microphone may prevent police officers in Ferguson and elsewhere from getting a fair trial. Obama "stains the hearts" of Americans who made him a multi-millionaire and whose family members continue to die or be maimed to preserve US laws. Too bad Obama's white grandparents 'pulled strings' to get him into a "rich white kids" private school in Hawaii

Spewing hatred and lies into a microphone makes it more likely a Ferguson police officer won't be able to get a fair trial. Taking a page from the GOP in Mississippi this year, Mr. Obama incites racial hatred and violence among all Americans with a shout out to the next generation of black children. He tells the world Americans are murderous racists--the same Americans who made him a multi-millionaire set for life after his white grandparents "pulled strings"to get him into a "rich white kids" school in Hawaii.

9/28/14, "Obama says Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson ‘stains the heart of black children’," Washington Times, Dave Boyer

"President Obama said the shooting death of a black teen by a white police officer last month in Ferguson, Missouri, exposed the racial divide in the American justice system that “stains the heart of black children.

Speaking at the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner in Washington on Saturday night, Mr. Obama said the death of Michael Brown “awakened our nation” to a reality that black citizens already understood.

“In too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement,” Mr. Obama said. “Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement — guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.”

About the same time Mr. Obama was speaking Saturday night, a Ferguson police officer was shot in the arm after an encounter with two men at a community center in the St. Louis suburb. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said at a media briefing early Sunday that the officer approached the men around 9:10 p.m. Saturday because the community center was closed.

As the officer approached, the men ran away. When the officer gave chase, “one of the men turned and shot,” Chief Belmar said.

The officer was shot in the arm and is expected to survive, he said. Chief Belmar did not identify the officer or give further details about his condition. He said the officer returned fire, but police have “no indication” that either suspect was shot....

Around midnight at the police station, approximately two dozen officers stood near a group of about 100 protesters who mingled on a street corner, occasionally shouting, “No justice; no peace.”

At the president’s speech in Washington, the audience included the parents of Mr. Brown, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., whose agency is conducting a probe to determine whether the slain teen’s civil rights were violated. Mr. Obama said because of the continuing probe, “I won’t comment on the investigation.”

But he added, “We have to close the justice gap — how justice is applied, but also how it is perceived, how it is experienced. That’s what we saw in Ferguson this summer when Michael Brown was killed and the community was divided.”

Mr. Obama said there are significant racial disparities” in the criminal justice system “in everything from enforcing drug policy to applying the death penalty to pulling people over.”

“That has a corrosive effect,” the president said. “The worst part of it is, it scars the hearts of our children. It scars the hearts of white children who grow unnecessarily fearful of somebody who doesn’t look like them. It stains the heart of black children who feel as if no matter what he does, he’ll always be under suspicion. That is not the society we want, it is not the society our children deserve.”...

Mr. Obama also urged the audience members to get out and vote in the November midterm elections. “Cynicism is a choice, but hope is a better choice,” he said. “Get those souls to the polls. If we do, I guarantee we’ve got a brighter future ahead.”"

"This article is based in part on wire service reports from Missouri."


"Punahou's lasting gift to Obama, this was it: The elite environment familiarized him with success. "Everywhere he turned, he could see a path to leadership."

 10/12/2012, "Hawaii Prep School Gave Obama Window To Success," npr.org, Martin Kaste

"From now until Nov. 6, President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will emphasize their differences. But the two men's lives actually coincide in a striking number of ways. In this installment of NPR's "Parallel Lives" series, a look at Obama's time at a Hawaii institution called Punahou."

"Punahou School was founded by missionaries in 1841 — the campus is just up the hill from Waikiki, and it's built around a historic spring.

Punahou occupies a privileged position, not just on the hillside, but in Hawaii society. In his memoir, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama recalled how his grandfather pulled strings to get him in.

"[F]or my grandparents, my admission into Punahou Academy heralded the start of something grand, an elevation in the family status that they took great pains to let everyone know," Obama wrote.

For generations, Punahou educated the children of plantation owners, businessmen and politicians. Pal Eldredge graduated from Punahou in the 1960s.

"In the beginning, we were known as the 'haole school,' " says Eldredge.

Haole is Hawaiian for foreigner — or white person. Eldredge says that when young Obama arrived as a fifth-grader in 1971, the school's complexion was just beginning to change.

"We didn't have a lot of African-Americans. So your first thing is, 'Oh, we've got an African-American. Terrific!' " says Eldredge.

He was teaching at Punahou at the time, and he remembers the future president as a pudgy, cheerful kid.

"He used to wear these shorts and striped T-shirts a lot, and sandals. But after you got to know him, not only was he a bright student, but he was just a funny, all-around kid, and everybody liked him," says Eldredge.

But in his memoir, Obama dwells on moments at Punahou when his race made him feel conspicuous, such as the time he was teased for playing with the only other black child in his grade.

"When I looked up, I saw a group of children, faceless before the glare of the sun, pointing down at us. 'Coretta has a boyfriend! Coretta has a boyfriend!' " Obama writes.

In the book, Obama's struggles with racial identity grow as he reaches high school, and he recalls intense discussions with another black student, an embittered boy he calls "Ray."

"Ray" is really Keith Kakugawa. He's part black, part Japanese.

Kakugawa says he and young Obama did have some heart-to-hearts about race but, in general, it wasn't a big issue at the school because Punahou kids had to stick together.

"Because we knew once we left that school, there was a target on our backs. No matter what race you are, you're Punahou. You're the rich, white kids. Period," Kakugawa says.

Of course, young Obama was not rich. He was a scholarship student. He worked at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. It's still there, near the school. So is the apartment building where he lived with his grandparents.

In a way, Punahou was his neighborhood — and this being Hawaii, so was the beach.

Sandy Beach Park was one of his favorites. Surfer Turk Cazimero says the scene hasn't changed much since the '70s.

"You come down here on a weekend, you smell every type of weed there is," Cazimero says with a laugh.

Obama has admitted upfront that he did drugs in high school — that's in his memoir. But there are lingering questions about how much he did.

At Punahou, he and his buddies called themselves the "Choom Gang" — choom means smoke pot. And things sometimes got out of hand. One guy rolled a car. But his homeroom teacher, Eric Kusunoki, says he never saw signs of trouble. Young Obama's grades stayed good, as did his attitude.

"Every day when he'd come in, he'd always walk in the door very positive, very pleasant, big smile, you know, 'Hey, Mr. Kus, how you doing?' " says Kusunoki.

Another school friend, Ronald Loui, says that when talking about the Choom Gang, you have to keep a sense of proportion.

"There was a group called the Stoners. And the Choom Gang wasn't the Stoners," Loui says.

The Choom Gang were the sons of successful people — one boy's father was a prominent judge — and there was an expectation that they would be successful, too. Loui says if you're looking for Punahou's lasting gift to Obama, this was it: The elite environment familiarized him with success. "Everywhere he turned, he could see a path to leadership. The highest level of achievement is something he can touch — it's tangible," Loui says.

And it was during that Choom Gang period that young Obama took a class called "Law in Society," taught by attorney and Punahou alumnus Ian Mattoch.

"He was a student who appeared to be serious and yet he was able to socialize with all of his classmates, which isn't an easy thing to do at Punahou School," says Mattoch.

That may be an early glimpse of political skills — but he wasn't into politics yet. No student council meetings for him, perhaps because it would have meant less time for basketball.

"Basketball is his passion. He loved the game," says classmate Alan Lum. He played varsity with Obama. Today he teaches second grade. In high school, Lum says, if you were looking for the kid known as Barry Obama, the first place to check was always Punahou's outdoor courts. "Just pickup games. That was his realm," Lum says.

Always shooting hoops it's the one thing everyone remembers about him at Punahou. Another friend says that back then, if he'd had to guess, he would've predicted Obama was destined for a bright career — as a basketball coach.

On Weekend Edition Sunday, Don Gonyea will report on Mitt Romney's years at Cranbrook prep school in Michigan."


RNC official Henry Barbour ran Republican Sen. Thad Cochran's June 2014 Mississippi primary campaign. Barbour incited racial hatred and violence against innocent Americans: "The tea party intends to prevent blacks from voting on Tuesday," read one mailer distributed in black neighborhoods...." (parag. 5)

(scroll down): "Let me read it to you. "Tea Party Intends to Prevent Blacks From Voting on Tuesday -- According to the Clarion Ledger, Chris McDaniel & the Tea Party plan to prevent Democrat voting in the Senate runoff on Tuesday between Thad Cochran and Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel. We know the Tea Party uses 'Democrats' as code for 'African-Americans.' Don't be intimidated by the Tea Party.
"Let's turn out for all Mississippians and vote for Thad Cochran. Thad Cochran works for Mississippi.  Mississippi cannot and will not return to the bygone era of intimidating black Mississippians from voting.  We must rise up on Tuesday to have our voices heard on who will represent Mississippi in the US Senate. VOTE THAD COCHRAN." This is the flier that was sent out in Democrat districts and counties that told them the purpose of Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party was to prevent them from voting. 

Now, it would be one thing if the Democrats did that. They do it every election cycle anyway. But for them to be joined, even if from a distance, by the Republican establishment here, simply confirms what we have long said on this program about establishment Washington. It is ruling class vs. country class.  It's elites vs. the plebes. You and me are the plebes, and they are the elites, and they are aligning together. "...


6/30/14, "Yes, There Were Flyers and Robocalls That Accused the Tea Party of Racism," Patterico's Pontifications


GOP E playing the race card "will do lasting damage to the reputation of Republicans within the black community."

6/24/14, "GOP Establishment Deals Race Card in Mississippi Senate Primary Contest," DeneenBorelli.com, Deneen Borelli

"The Daily Caller reported robocalls are trying to mobilize black Democrats to support Cochran by tying McDaniel to the Tea Party and its opposition to President Obama.
In the automated message appearing to target black Democrat voters in Mississippi, the female voice on the line claims that tea party challenger Chris McDaniel would lead to more obstruction in Washington and create more “disrespectful treatment” to the nation’s first African-American president.
“The time has come to take a stand and say NO to the tea party,” the message says. “NO to their obstruction. NO to their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American president.”
The left-wing media is jumping at the opportunity to slam the Tea Party and support Cochran by raising fears of intimidating black voters.

In The New York Times editorial blog, “Scaring Away Black Voters in Mississippi,” Juliet Lapidos adds fuel to the race card fire by characterizing Tea Party poll watchers as a voter intimidation effort....

The GOP’s race card effort is reinforcing the negative image of the Tea Party and will do lasting damage to the reputation of Republicans within the black community.

It’s absolutely disgusting that the GOP would stoop as low as left-wing radicals to maintain power."

"Originally posted at FreedomWorks.org"

Comment: From everything I've read, the ridiculous, celebrity obsessed Jenny Beth Martin and her Tea Party Patriots groups are as much an obstacle as the GOP Establishment. National so-called "Tea Party" groups like Ms. Martin's rake in millions from small donors who may think their money is going directly to Tea Party candidates. Most if not all the money goes elsewhere. Local Tea Party groups are a different story. They're committed local people, don't have any money, just volunteering. This comment is about national TP groups per se and has nothing to do with alleged racist or voting rights intentions.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Second Oklahoma Muslim threatens to behead co-worker, now in jail on terrorism charge-Krmg News

9/28/14, "Man says he represents ISIS, threatens co-worker," krmg.com, Michael Purdy, Oklahoma City

Jacob Muriithi
"It appears to be a strange coincidence. On the same day (Friday) Moore police announced the deadly attack inside Vaughan Foods, Oklahoma City officers arrested a fired nursing home employee for threatening to cut off a co-worker's head.

Police tell Newsok.com, Jacob Murithi had been working at the Bellevue Nursing Home in northwest Oklahoma City.

He's said to have threatened the unidentified co-worker on Sept. 19.

She told officers Murithi identified himself as a Muslim.  He then mentioned he "represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians."

He's currently at the Oklahoma County Jail on a terrorism count.  Police say his bail is set at $1 million." image from krmg news, via Pamela Geller

. ==================

 9/28/14, "One of the victims of Jihad beheader in Oklahoma," PamelaGeller.com

PHOTO: One of the Victims of Jihad Beheader in Oklahoma - See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/09/photo-one-of-the-victims-of-jihad-beheader-in-oklahoma.html/#sthash.Ts9y8GBj.dpuf

Obama "calling Yemen a success story is absurd...particularly given the highly unpopular American drone campaign"- NY Times Editorial Board

9/27/14, "Dismal Lessons From Libya and Yemen," NY Times Editorial Board, Sunday Review

"As the United States barrels into a new war against Sunni extremists in Iraq and Syria, it has been easy to overlook the unraveling of Libya and Yemen.

For distinct and complex reasons, both countries appear to be on an irreversible path toward becoming failed states. While the Obama administration’s quest to destroy the Islamic State terrorist group is more urgent and ambitious in scope than its military interventions in Yemen and Libya, the dissolution of order in both nations offers sobering lessons.

American airstrikes can deliver swift and decisive results on the battlefield. But without a feasible morning-after plan or dependable state institutions to support, shifting the dynamics on the battlefield often makes things worse.

The military action against the Islamic State has been impressive, with American and allied Arab fighter pilots leveling logistic hubs and oil refineries used by the terrorist group, also known as ISIS. But there have been insufficient and poorly articulated answers to the question that matters the most: 

What happens next?

The deadly and chaotic aftermath of America’s military intervention in Libya is rife with cautionary signals. In 2011, as the Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi was crushing an uprising, President Obama and allied governments hastily put together a coalition to intervene. Much like the latest campaign in Iraq and Syria, the mission in Libya was initially billed as an urgent humanitarian response
When the United States and allies started bombing Libya, Mr. Obama decided, over the objection of top legal advisers, that he did not need explicit permission from Congress.

Some lawmakers protested at the time, but not strenuously enough. That disregard for Congress’s power to declare war partly paved the way for Mr. Obama to launch the new campaign in Syria without authorization.

Qaddafi’s relatively swift ouster initially made the outcome in Libya look like a foreign policy victory for the Obama administration. But fighting among rival militias, and a broader conflict between Islamists and their opponents, have plunged the nation into a new civil war. The United States abandoned its embassy in Tripoli this summer, a painful retreat almost two years after an American ambassador and three of his colleagues were slain in an attack in Benghazi.

President Obama recently told Thomas L. Friedman of The Times that failing to help Libya form a new state after the fall of Qaddafi was his biggest foreign policy regret. Yet the fate of that country has been largely absent from discussions about the new war, which is certain to last longer and unleash a wider array of consequences.

Instead, Mr. Obama, in making the case for carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State, drew a dubious parallel to counterterrorism efforts in Yemen, which he billed as successful.

While dangerous Al Qaeda offshoot organizations in tribal areas of southern Yemen have been weakened by drone strikes, calling Yemen a success story is absurd. A band of Shiite rebels has recently taken control over much of Sana, the capital, showing how hard it is for the United States to shore up a weak state, particularly given the highly unpopular American drone campaign.

On Thursday, the State Department announced it was pulling out all but essential government personnel from Yemen and urged American citizens there to leave.

The administration and most lawmakers agree that destroying the Islamic State is crucial. They would do well to dissect the lessons from other American military interventions that have fallen short of their goals. The dismal state of Yemen and Libya are powerful examples. So far, officials seem content to focus instead on the narrow success of dropping bombs on targets."


Antarctic Sea Ice Extent, Sept. 27, 2014


 9/27/14, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent, NSIDC, "Area of ocean with at least 15% sea ice," "Daily Sea Ice Extent Time Series," NSIDC.org/data/seaice_index/. Click Daily tab




September average Antarctic Sea Ice extent, millions of square km since 1979 (satellite era)

1979-2000 mean 18.7

2013-2014 19.8



Saturday, September 27, 2014

Too bad the whole world has to know the US political class has no respect for Americans who pay the bills. For example, telling us that the non-existant 'Khorosan Group' was about to attack us-McCarthy

"Rebels and activists contacted inside Syria said they had never heard of Khorosan."
9/27/14, "The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist," NRO, Andrew McCarthy

page 2: "Obama is not the manner of man who can say, “I was wrong: It turns out that al-Qaeda is actually on the rise, its Islamic State faction is overwhelming the region, and American interests — perhaps even American territory — are profoundly threatened.” So instead . . . you got “the Khorosan Group.”

You also got a smiley-face story about five Arab states joining the United States in a coalition to confront the terrorists. Finally, the story goes, Sunni governments were acting decisively to take Islam back from the “un-Islamic” elements that falsely commit “violent extremism” under Islam’s banner.

Sounds uplifting … until you read the fine print. You’ve got to dig deep to find it. It begins, for example, 42 paragraphs into the Wall Street Journal’s report on the start of the bombing campaign.

After the business about our glorious alliance with “moderate” allies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who so despise terrorism, we learn:

"Only the U.S. — not Arab allies — struck sites associated with the Khorasan group, officials said. Khorasan group members were in the final stages of preparations for an attack on U.S. and Western interests, a defense official said. Khorasan was planning an attack on international airliners, officials have said. . . . Rebels and activists contacted inside Syria said they had never heard of Khorasan and that the U.S. struck several bases and an ammunition warehouse belonging to the main al Qaeda-linked group fighting in Syria, Nusra Front. While U.S. officials have drawn a distinction between the two groups, they acknowledge their membership is intertwined and their goals are similar."

Oops. So it turns out that our moderate Islamist partners have no interest in fighting Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate. Yes, they reluctantly, and to a very limited extent, joined U.S. forces in the strikes against the Islamic State renegades. But that’s not because the Islamic State is jihadist while they are moderate. It is because the Islamic State has made mincemeat of Iraq’s forces, is a realistic threat to topple Assad, and has our partners fretting that they are next on the menu.

Meantime, though, the Saudis and Qatar want no trouble with the rest of al-Qaeda, particularly with al-Nusra. After all, al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch is tightly allied with the moderate opposition” that these “moderate” Gulf states have been funding, arming, and training for the jihad against Assad.

Oh, and what about those other “moderates” Obama has spent his presidency courting, the Muslim Brotherhood? It turns out they are not only all for al-Qaeda, they even condemn what one of their top sharia jurists, Wagdy Ghoneim, has labeled “the Crusader war against the Islamic State.”

“The Crusaders in America, Europe, and elsewhere are our enemies,” Ghoneim tells Muslims. For good measure he adds, “We shall never forget the terrorism of criminal America, which threw the body of the martyred heroic mujahid, Bin Laden, into the sea.”

Obama has his story and he’s sticking to it. But the same can be said for our enemies." via Drudge