Monday, September 8, 2014

42nd anniversary of Arab terrorists killing 11 Israeli athletes at 1972 Munich Olympics. Jim McKay, 'They're all gone.'

9/6/1972, Munich Olympics, Jim McKay, "They're all gone."

9/7/14, "Remembering the Munich Massacre," Washington Free Beacon, Abraham Rabinovich, Jerusalem

"It was the most brazen terror attack Europe had seen since the Second World War—eight Palestinian gunmen slipping at night into the Israeli athletes’ pavilion at the Munich Olympics, shooting two wrestlers who tried to block their way, and taking nine other athletes hostage. 
In what was ostensibly the first stage of a prisoner exchange involving more than 200 prisoners held by Israel, the Israelis and their captors were helicoptered by German police to a nearby military airfield where they were to board a waiting Lufthansa plane....

Watching the unfolding drama on television, the world soon learned that the awesome prowess that armed Germans had demonstrated in past wars no longer had relevance. In a police operation botched from start to finish, all the Israeli hostages were killed by their captors with grenades and gunfire as they sat bound in two helicopters. Five of the Palestinians and a German policeman were also killed. The three Palestinians who were captured would be released a few days later after other Palestinians hijacked a Lufthansa plane....

Prime Minister Golda Meir summoned the head of the Mossad, Zvi Zamir, and ordered him undertake a gloves-off campaign against leaders and operatives of Black September, the Palestinian organization behind the Munich massacre. The Mossad had on occasion engaged in individual assassinations but this was now to become a major tool that would ignore national sovereignties in the organization’s relentless hunt."...via Pamela Geller


The US Ruling Class has long enabled Muslim terrorism:

10/20/11, "The Lost Decade," [2001-2011] Angelo M. Codevilla, Claremont Institute

"Our ruling class justified its ever-larger role in America’s domestic life by redefining war as a never-ending struggle against unspecified enemies for abstract objectives, and by asserting expertise far above that of ordinary Americans. (parag. 9)...It failed to ask the classic headwaters question: 

what is the problem?...

That would have pointed to Middle East’s regimes, and to our ruling class’ relationship with them, as the problem’s ultimate source. The rulers of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority had run (and continue to run) educational and media systems that 

demonize America.

Under all of them, the Muslim Brotherhood or the Wahhabi sect

spread that message 

in religious terms 

to Muslims in the West as well as at home.

That message indicts America, among other things, 

for being weak.

And indeed, ever since the 1970s U.S. policy had responded to acts of war and terrorism from the Muslim world 

by absolving the regimes  

for their subjects’ actions.

For example, when Yasser Arafat's PLO murdered U.S. ambassador Cleo Noel, our government continued building friendly relations with Arafat, and romancing the Saudi regime that was financing him. Since then the U.S. government has given $2.5 billion to the PLO. Part of the reason was unwarranted hope, part was fear, and part was the fact that 

many influential Americans were making money in the Arab world."... (subhead, 'Whatever it takes')

The common denominator of our ruling class's domestic and international strategy in the post-9/11 decade is its determination to double its bet on already failed policies. This self-referential mindset is the root cause of America's decade of loss. - See more at:


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