Saturday, November 28, 2009

Top climate scientist: UN involvement (IPCC) is raw politics.

  • Obama, save your girly-man strength and forced grin for appearances on Oprah and the like.
The taxpayer-your actual employer-knows there is no such thing as man-made global warming or climate change. Even if global warming existed, no amount of raping the US taxpayer would cure it. If this bothers you, RESIGN.
  • Prof. Mike Hulme, from NY Times Dot Earth via Watt's Up:
""[Upcoming UN climate conference in Copenhagen] “is about raw politics, not about the politics of science.
The tribalism that some of the leaked emails display is something more usually associated with social organization within primitive cultures; it is not attractive when we find it at work inside science. It is also possible that the institutional innovation that has been the I.P.C.C. has run its course. Yes, there will be an AR5 but for what purpose?
just at a time when a globalizing and wired cosmopolitan culture is demanding of science something
  • much more open and inclusive.""
"UEA Climate Scientist: "Possible that...IPCC has run it's course," via Watt's Up with That

Friday, November 27, 2009

Soros/Obama Thanksgiving Day massacre

  • It is impossible to view Obama as anything but an advocate of death to America and its citizens. At most we are just a place temporarily on a map....
From Gateway Pundit:
Arutz Sheva reported, via Israel Matzav: "In response to U.S. demands that Israel free an additional 1,000-some terrorists as a “gesture” to Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, Lieberman said that previous releases of Fatah terrorists “have not proven themselves. The Olmert administration did this several times and it did not work, and we do not plan to allow it to happen,” Lieberman said."...
  • P.S. THANKS AGAIN TO JOHN McCAIN and the GOP FOR GIVING US SOROS/OBAMA and for continuing to be pansies. ed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama cabinet grossly at odds with American experience

Above chart from a J.P. Morgan research report. via Enterprise blog.
  • Enterprise blog post:
"It examines the prior private sector experience of the cabinet officials since 1900 that one might expect
  • It includes secretaries of State, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Interior, Labor, Transportation, Energy, and Housing & Urban Development, and excludes Postmaster General, Navy, War, Health, Education & Welfare, Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security—432 cabinet members in all. "...
from Enterprise blog, 11/25/09, "Help Wanted, No prior private sector experience required,"via RedState
  • Obama has chosen a group over 90% experienced in the public sector only--ie not held accountable, in positions to fleece the public, can do a terrible job and not get fired because they don't have to make a profit. The average public sector representation was between 15-19% in cabinets since 1900. Big difference.
There is only one conclusion--not that any more proof was needed....Obama has never planned to improve the US economy. The public sector by definition can't do it, exists just to redistribute results of others' work.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Death by Political Correctness--the left will take our death any way they can get it

  • A new population control method!
"Political correctness was responsible for the death of thirteen people at Ft. Hood. Of this I am certain. I have watched political correctness at work in the military for more than three decades while serving in two different military branches. I may not have seen it all but, I have seen quite a bit of it.
  • Aside from academia and the civilian government workforce,
  • there is no place else in America where political correctness is as rampant as military.
The rules of political correctness are not listed in military regulations. It is like knowing where to find the chow hall. Everyone just knows.

Press reports indicate Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan grossly misbehaved for years.
  • behavior that would have quickly ended the careers of others.
Many of us who have witnessed similar behavior know what occurred. Hasan’s activities were virtually ignored
Political correctness is a major cancer in today’s military. There are favored minority groups that are given special rights, privileges and treatment not available to non-minorities. Military awards are one example. Sister services -- the Navy and Marine Corps -- have between them at least 15 awards reserved only for women or minorities including Black Engineer of the Year, National Organization for Mexican American Rights Meritorious Service, and the Society of American-Indian Government Employees awards.

The Army’s hands-off approach toward the Muslim Hasan
  • contrasts significantly
with how Defense officials have handled those practicing mainstream religions.

Hasan was a medical professional serving in a sacred role administering to the most vulnerable; yet, he was proselytizing to his patients about Islam.
About the same time Hasan was preaching Islam to the wounded, complaints arose of alleged proselytizing by Evangelical Christians at the U.S. Air Force Academy. A major Pentagon task force was dispatched, investigated and found a "perception of religious bias." Nonetheless, nearly six years after complaints first arose at USAFA, Christian activity at the school is still closely scrutinized.

Military political correctness is rampant much closer to the nation’s capital. The U.S. Naval Academy is to train young adults to serve in the combat arms of the Navy and Marine Corps. However,
  • Superintendent and Vice Admiral Jeffrey Fowler -- apparently unaware that the U.S. is
  • engaged in two wars --
Fowler is not alone in pumping up multiculturalism. Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen claims diversity is a “strategic imperative.” Following the Ft. Hood massacre, Army Chief of Staff General George Casey was seemingly
Naval Academy officials promote the fact that 35% of this year’s freshman class is comprised of favored minority groups: Hispanic, black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American. Twenty percent are female. Admissions officials privately acknowledge they are directed to dramatically increase these percentages each year. This should be easy to achieve since
  • about one-half of the admissions department is devoted exclusively to minority recruiting.
This overemphasis on minority recruiting is both misguided and completely unnecessary considering the USNA admissions process. All 100 Senators and each member of the U.S. House representing 435 diverse Congressional districts nominate youngsters. It may be the single-most diversity-focused college acceptance program in the nation.
  • Still, it does not appear to be enough for USNA officials. Only about one-half of each incoming freshman class is admitted through the Congressional nominating process, giving the school unfettered discretion in picking the other half.
Naval Academy Professor Bruce Fleming, who served on the admissions board, has reported it has an unofficial two-track admissions process in which
  • Fleming claims USNA admits some minority students who are incapable of performing college-level work.
Gender-based political correctness has fostered a poisonous atmosphere, according to numerous midshipmen. The previous Superintendent, Vice Admiral Rodney Rempt, implemented a policy unprecedented anywhere else in the entire military.
  • Female midshipmen who allege they were victims of sexual misconduct would be given blanket immunity for all rules violations in return for identifying alleged perpetrators. The consequence is that females caught violating regulations would immediately allege they were sex victims sometime previously. It became a Get Out of Jail Free card that was abused repeatedly. According to multiple sources, the blanket immunity program is still in effect.
Scores of females who abide by the rules are understandably angered by this discriminatory policy. The unintended consequence is that many male midshipmen will not associate with any females in order to avoid one-day becoming the target of a baseless allegation. This is a classic example of
Recently, USNA launched a sexual assault response team staffed almost exclusively with female officers. According to a source,
  • the presumption of the team is that males are always the guilty perpetrators and females are always the innocent victims.
Earlier this year, thousands of pages of Navy documents detailing sexual and other misconduct cases were reviewed by The (Annapolis) Capital. The school practiced a double-standard when punishing men and women guilty of identical offenses. Males were frequently dismissed from the academy and sometimes required to reimburse the Navy upwards of $100,000 in school costs while females generally received only light punishment. In one five-year period, every male midshipman accused of sexual assault but acquitted in a military court martial was still kicked out of the academy, a form of double-jeopardy.
This year, the color guard was invited to perform at game 2 of the World Series (at Yankee Stadium) in front of a national television audience. However, two of the six midshipmen who had been longtime members of the color guard were fired the day before the game and replaced with two newcomers.
  • The offense, they were told, was being white males.
The new members were a female and a first-generation Pakistani-American. One can only wonder if a similar fate will befall the Navy football team before it plays in a nationally-televised New Year’s Eve bowl game.
  • The Naval Academy makes no effort to hide its bias toward promoting only female and minority faces. The school’s 60-second “Fulfill Your Destiny” recruiting video, which has played prominently on television the past two years,
has not one discernible white face in it except in the distant background. The commercial features two Hispanics, two blacks and an Asian. The video is not representative of the actual student body.

The question arises as to what the Naval Academy will do when President Barack Obama follows through on his promise to end the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” prohibition against homosexuals openly serving in the military. Will USNA pursue minimum quotas of male homosexuals, lesbians and transgender students? "

  • "The writer is a Colonel (or Navy Captain) stationed in the Washington, D.C. area who desires to keep his identity withheld in order to protect his career. "
"Fort Hood Killer at Work in Annapolis," Human Events, 11/25/09, by Anonymous, via

Monday, November 23, 2009

ACORN in San Diego dumps thousands of dox--citizen retrieves...

will be revealed slowly over the coming months. Today, it started.

What, no big smile for the media? World unmoved by grinning empty suit.

  • Obama's face always betrays him. Here looking like he bit on a lemon.

Der Spiegel: "The mood in Obama's foreign policy team is tense following an extended Asia trip that produced no palpable results.

  • The "first Pacific president," as Obama called himself,

came as a friend and returned as a stranger. The Asians smiled but made no concessions.

  • Lost Some Stature

Upon taking office, Obama said that he wanted to listen to the world, promising respect instead of arrogance. But Obama's currency isn't as strong as he had believed.

  • Everyone wants respect, but hardly anyone is willing to pay for it.

The Asia trip revealed the limits of Washington's new foreign policy: Although Obama did not lose face in China and Japan, he did appear to have lost some of his initial stature.

  • In Tokyo, the new center-left government even pulled out of its participation in a mission which saw the Japanese navy refueling US warships in the Indian Ocean as part of the Afghanistan campaign.

In Beijing, Obama failed to achieve any important concessions whatsoever.

A revaluation of the Chinese currency, which is kept artificially weak, has been postponed. Sanctions against Iran? Not a chance. Nuclear disarmament?

  • Not an issue for the Chinese.

The White House did not even stand up for itself when it came to the question of human rights in China.

  • at which questions were forbidden.

Former US President George W. Bush had always managed to avoid such press conferences."...

When Obama says how bad we are, does he ask for our billions in foreign aid back?
  • US taxpayers lived lesser lives so foreign crooks could live the high life. But we're bad. (framus)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama enlists Child Soldiers to sell fake national health plan

Winner of Obama 'health reform' video contest. One child suggests she will die "if"...

YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT YOUR CHILDREN. Apparently many are fine with that.

Al Qaeda recruits children in Iraq. reuters

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Illegal alien ANSWER goons beat up Tea Party protesters in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend

via Gateway Pundit

  • *You Tube has this video blocked unless you're over 18 due to graphic subject matter. "Tea Party Protesters Assaulted by Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporters in Ft. Lauderdale"
The left seems to have abandoned tolerance and compassion.....shocking.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama flubs on international stage again

"Here is one of many websites that illustrates how to bow in Japan. The one thing that virtually everyone who teaches bowing etiquette stresses is
(American Thinker, Lifson) "Obama's Botched Bow"
  • photo via Gateway Pundit

Obama again embarrasses America

  • Memorial Day 2009, Obama a sore thumb on the dais, no salute, no hand on heart.

  • America who has given him everything, made him a millionaire at a young age, provided his
  • wife with a $1.7 million a year personal staff including full time hair stylist and full time makeup artist.
photo via

Friday, November 13, 2009

Panhandling NY Ratners tied up with ACORN and Obama

11/12/09: "What appears on the surface to be mere political payback for a job well done is in fact much more insidious. One family’s involvement with ACORN and the Obama administration is of particular interest and elucidates
  • the complicated web of connections and cash behind ACORN and this President.
  • Meet the Ratners.

Bruce Ratner is a New York real estate developer who has given thousands of dollars to Democrats including President Obama. His philanthropy also includes having bailed out ACORN with $1.5 million to pay off their embezzlement debt,

  • a decision he stands by despite ACORN’s recent prostitution scandal and

As of late, Mr. Ratner has spent thousands lobbying the Obama administration for stimulus funds for an affordable housing / basketball

  • arena boondoggle called Atlantic Yards.

Oh yeah, Ratner owns the Nets who will occupy the new stadium should he have his way.

  • In addition to paying back Mr. Ratner for his generous support over the years,

What’s more, the project would be seizing property from the very poor ACORN and liberals claims to represent by invocation of the extremely controversial doctrine of “eminent domain.”

  • With important supporters like these counting on the Obama administration’s stimulus Ponzi scheme, how could the DOJ initiate a criminal investigation of ACORN?

To do a thorough investigation would put not only their moocher grassroots force in peril, but

Moreover, given Democrats’ ties and vested interest in ACORN, the integrity of any internal investigation would be questionable at best.

Far left politicking and activism runs in the family. Bruce’s brother Michael Ratner is a human rights attorney and the president of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Michael shares some odd sympathies with Eric Holder.

  • He represented Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainees in the lawsuit where they gained the right to legally contest their detention. Michael’s other contributions to society include books like The Prosecution of Donald Rumsfeld: A Prosecution by Book and a book on guerilla terrorist Che Guevara. Ratner is a vocal critic of the Justice Department and a proponent of political prosecutions – of Bush officials, not Obama officials of course.

Bruce’s other brother, Ronald Ratner, along with many other family members, is an executive at Forest City Enterprises – the parent firm of Bruce Ratner’s Forest City Ratner Companies

  • lobbying for the aforementioned Atlantic Yards boondoggle.
  • It just so happens that Ronald’s son, Matthew Ratner, worked for Obama for America.
  • Today, Matthew enjoys a position in the Obama administration. Can you guess where? The good ole’ U.S. Department of Justice.

In this post-partisan age, only a cynic would imply that this appointment and Bruce Ratner’s business plans might constitute conflicts of interest for DOJ, ACORN, or the White House.

  • is that of a special prosecutor to conduct a fair, unbiased, transparent review of the complex workings of ACORN."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Child Soldiers of the left brainwashed by parents, bash US for standing in way of planet, BEG Obama to save them--

The last few seconds will make you sick.

  • 11/06/09, World Wildlife Fund statement:
"To urge the President to lead us in Copenhagen, at the UN Climate Summit, and outline what WWF would like to see in the agreement that we hope comes out of it,
Watch the video, we hope youll be inspired to send an email or write a letter to the White House that tell the President Obama that you want him to go to Copenhagen to protect our planet."...
  • GOLDMAN SACHS THANKS YOU FOR EXPLOITING YOUR CHILDREN FOR THEIR BUSINESS INTERESTS IN CCX! Love how they almost cry for the planet at the end of the video.
Even if global warming or climate change existed--which it does not--TAKING the LAST PENNY FROM EVERY AMERICAN WOULD NOT SOLVE IT.
  • Every elected representative in Washington must be voted out in the next election.
via Rush Limbaugh show

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood same as 9-11 World Trade Center-Pentagon worker knew of terror threat but didn't share info

News that could have prevented mass murder was once again withheld via US administrative rules.
  • Obama has not resigned, hasn't apologized for his failure, nor said how he will prevent it from happening again.
  • The US military should be closed down immediately as a federal disaster area.
Wall St. Journal: ..."A person familiar with the matter said a Pentagon worker on a terrorism task force overseen by the Federal Bureau of Investigation was told about the intercepted emails several months ago.
  • But members of terror task forces aren't allowed to share such information with their agencies, unless they get permission from the FBI,
  • which leads the task forces.

In this case, the Pentagon worker, an employee from the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, helped make the

  • and the FBI's "procedures for sharing the information were never used,"

said the person familiar with the matter....

  • until after last week's bloody assaults, raising new questions about whether the government could have helped prevent the attack.

A top defense official said federal investigators didn't tell the Pentagon they were looking into months of contacts between Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki. The imam knew three of the Sept. 11 hijackers and hailed Maj. Hasan as a "hero" after the shooting last week at Fort Hood that left 13 people dead.

  • "Based on what we know now, neither the United States Army nor any other organization within the Department of Defense knew of Maj. Hasan's contacts with any Muslim extremists," the official said.

The Pentagon comments fueled a growing dispute among various branches of the government about whether Maj. Hasan should have been more deeply investigated before he allegedly walked into a crowded soldier-readiness center at Fort Hood and opened fire."...

Someone suggested the decision by a Pentagon worker to keep information to himself shows fear of how US AG Holder might have dealt with it. That is to say, it would not have been used in America's best interests. (framus)

Given choice of mass murder or 'diversity' US chooses the latter

  • Obama should resign as his General Casey acknowledges brutal slaughter is acceptable collateral damage in the greater interest of 'diversity.'
  • Why would anyone join Obama's military?
In response to the Fort Hood holocaust, a US General states such an event is preferable to purging military ranks of blatant, documented security risks (who might also qualify as 'diverse' members):
  • Gen. George Casey on Meet the Press:

  • ""And as horrific as this tragedy was,

  • if our diversity becomes a casualty,

  • I think that's worse.""

"General Casey, Governors Rendell and Barbour on "Meet the Press"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Obama pal SEIU continues it's bloody beat down of America

  • Another story of SEIU beatings. SEIU of course not shy about how much money they spent so Obama could help them stifle America. Why are the richest people in the world pathologically obsessed with strangling the voice of the people by any means necessary?
11/6: Sacramento, cbs13.COM: "A state worker is recovering after a bloody brawl at a union hall. He says members of the local SEIU 1000 beat him up and sent him to the hospital all because
  • he wanted to expose alleged corruption within the union.
Ken Hamidi is a state worker at the California Franchise Tax Board. Last night he walked into a union hall in Sacramento for an SEIU local 1000 meeting.
But Hamidi says the union members did not want him there.

"Three, four people jumped at me, wrestled with me, then did all that," said Hamidi.
  • "I was covered in blood and then over to the emergency room."
Photos of Hamidi in the hospital show him bloodied from the brawl. So why did this happen? Besides being a state worker, Hamidi says he's an unpaid reporter for a cable access show and a vocal critic of the SEIU. He calls the state workers' union corrupt.
  • "This is a union hall that is leased and is being furnished and equipped and everything
  • with our money," said Hamidi.
Hamidi says he came to the hall to expose how he says SEIU union leaders are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a political race, he claims, they have no right to do.
  • After he and a photographer walked in to the meeting, it didn't take long for Hamidi to be right out the door and on his way to the hospital.
  • We called SEIU union leaders to get their side of the story, but they refused to comment.
No criminal charges have been filed in this case. "

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft. Hood shooter listed on Obama transition task force for Homeland Security think tank--

served on the Homeland Security Policy Institute’s presidential transition task force between April 2008 and January 2009
  • when Barack Obama was inaugurated as the nation’s 44th president.

Major Hasan’s name appears on the page numbered 29 (page 32 of the pdf) of the document, Thinking Anew — Security Priorities for the Next Administration.

What does it mean? Perhaps, nothing."

This guy was very clear who he was. Instead of getting rid of him following poor performance evaluations and other serious problems, he was promoted from Walter Reade to Ft. Hood. Who made that decision?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Arrested for drugs, ID'd self as Corzine staffer, had paychecks from Dems, tix to Obama/Corzine event

Police also reported locating several hundred clear plastic bags commonly used to package drugs.

Throughout the course of the investigation, Shih said he was the assistant deputy director

East Rutherford Police Lt. Paul Cece also responded to the scene and located several tickets for the Sunday, Nov. 1 event

Shih also reportedly had 10 paychecks from the Middlesex County Democratic Committee in his possession. One paycheck for $1,500 was payable to Shih from the MCDC, according to reports.

  • “Mr. Shih stated the vehicle he was operating was rented for him by the ‘Corzine for Governor’ camp

  • to distribute tickets and paychecks for the Middlesex County Democratic Committee,” stated Cece.

Judge George Savino set bail at $15,000 with a 10-percent option. Shih posted $1,500 and was released on summonses.

  • Calls to Corzine’s campaign office and MCDC were not returned as of press time."

From The Leader, East Rutherford, NJ, "ERPD: Man Busted for Drugs Claimed he was a Corzine Campaign Staffer," 11/2/09, by Alexis Tarrazi, via
  • Obama/Corzine embrace photo via, mug shot of perp from The Leader