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Mexican trashes mysterious gift of US residency, is arrested for burglary but released, then proceeds to brutually murder two native Americans on Crow Reservation in Montana, tries to murder their daughter

7/31/15, "Mexican accused of horrific double murder, was legal immigrant," Washington Times, Stephen Dinan

Jesus Deniz, Park Cty. sheriff

"The man accused of killing two Good Samaritans who tried to help him on a Montana roadside was encountered by immigration authorities earlier this year after a burglary arrest, but was unable to be deported because he had already gotten legal status, federal authorities said this week.

The horrific killing has drawn attention at a time when crimes committed by immigrants are a hot political topic, thanks in part to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claim that Mexican society sends bad elements to the US."...

[Ed. note: It's not a "claim," Mr. Dinan: Mexico would have died...without the option to send its rural poor-fully one-fifth of its population-to the United States.”...6/17/13...."We propose a five-word constitutional amendment: There shall be open borders." WSJ, 7/3/1984, (parag. 5). The US political class wants the poorest, most government-dependent electorate.]

(continuing): "Jesus Yeizon Deniz Mendoza, an 18-year-old Mexican man, has been charged with the killing of Jason and Tana Shane, who saw him stopped on the side of the road Wednesday and tried to help him. When they showed up on the scene with their daughter, Mr. Deniz pointed a gun at them and demanded money, according to an FBI affidavit filed in the federal court case.

The Shanes said they didn’t have any money and Mr. Deniz started to walk away, but then changed his mind and shot the father, then the mother and then the daughter, who was by this time running away. She managed to escape, though not before being shot in the back, the FBI affidavit said.

Mr. Deniz told the FBI he shot the three people with a .22 caliber rifle because he was tired of waiting, and because he thought he heard the daughter laughing at him, FBI Special Agent Larry J. McGrail II said in the affidavit.

Mr. Deniz is Mexican, and the Obama administration deems him a legal permanent resident who entered the country legally on May 31, 2013 — though they didn’t say how he earned that status initially.

Crime amongst Mexican immigrants has become a major issue in recent weeks after Mr. Trump, in announcing his presidential campaign, said Mexico sends “criminals, drug dealers, rapists” to the U.S.

His comments have been challenged by Hispanic-rights activists who said they were offensive and incorrect, pointing to statistics that immigrants generally have lower crime rates than native-born Americans.

But a spate of recent high-profile murders with illegal immigrants as the chief suspects has sharpened the debate, and put a focus on American immigration policy — partly because the suspects have often had previous run-ins with immigration authorities.

Indeed, just a month ago (June 2015) Mr. Deniz was arrested by police in Worland, Wyo., on burglary charges. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers were informed, but they couldn’t do anything because he was a permanent resident, and his crime didn’t rise the level of being kicked out of the country.

If convicted in the new case, however, he could be deported, ICE said.

“This individual does not have any criminal convictions, and, as a permanent resident, is not currently removable. Thus, an ICE detainer cannot be placed on the individual at this time,” the agency said in a statement. “However, ICE is closely monitoring this case and coordinating with local authorities. If he is convicted for a criminal offense that allows him to be removed from the country, after the completion of sentence, ICE intends to take him into custody and pursue his removal from the United States.”

Worland police declined to comment on the earlier burglary case, saying it’s an active investigation."

Image caption: "A booking photo of Jesus Yeizon Deniz from the Park County Sheriff's Department in Wyoming"


7/31/15, "Federal murder charges laid for shooting on Crow Reservation,"

"A non-Indian man was charged in federal court on Thursday for murdering two people on the Crow Reservation in Montana. 

The criminal complaint accuses Jesus Yeizon Deniz, 18, of murdering J.S. and T.S. on Wednesday morning. Relatives and news reports have identified the victims as Jason Shane, 52, and his wife, Tana Shane, 50. The couple's daughter, 26-year-old Jorah Shane, also was shot during the incident and remains hospitalized. Deniz has not yet been charged in connection with her victimization. Despite being shot in the back and having a bullet graze her head and face, Jorah Shane was able to provide key details about the incident, according to an affidavit submitted with the criminal complaint. She also was able to identify Deniz as the shooter. Family members have not yet told Jorah that her parents were killed, the Associated Press and The Billings Gazette reported. According to the affidavit, Jorah saw Deniz get in her parents vehicle and drive away from the scene of the crime in Pryor, near the western border of the reservation. He was apprehended a couple of hours after the shooting in neighboring Wyoming. Upon being interviewed by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Deniz admitted that he shot three people who had stopped to help him because he had run out of gas, the affidavit stated. The .22 caliber rifle allegedly used was still in the Shanes vehicle.

"Deniz told the interviewing agents that he shot the victims because he was getting tired of waiting around, and because the daughter laughed at him," the affidavit stated. Deniz lives in Worland, Wyoming, according to his Facebook page. Worland is about an hour east of Meeteetse, the area where he was apprehended. It's not clear why Deniz was in Pryor, about three miles north of Worland. Authorities are looking into his trip to Montana as part of their investigation, KPAX reported." 


6/17/2013, Mexico would have died...without the option to send its rural poor-fully one-fifth of its population-to the United States.”...

"Syria and Egypt can't be fixed," Asia Times, by Spengler 

Wall St. Journal advocated open borders in 1984:  

"We propose a five-word constitutional amendment: There shall be open borders." (parag. 5):
July 3, 1984, "REVIEW and OUTLOOK (Editorial): In Praise of Huddled Masses," Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition) (scroll down)

"Amid the fireworks and picnics as this nation celebrates its independence tomorrow, we hope Americans stop to ask, what is the United States? The question is especially appropriate at this moment in the history of a nation of immigrants; upon returning from its July 4 recess Congress will try to finish work on the Simpson-Mazzoli bill.

The answer to the question is in the first words of our Constitution, “We, the people.” It was the people, and especially new people, who worked this land into a New World. We hope today’s gentlepeople, the descendants of the tired and poor who sought refuge on these shores, can still spare a thought for today’s huddled masses, yearning to be free.

Simpson-Mazzoli, we are repeatedly told, is a carefully crafted compromise. It is in fact an anti-immigration bill. Note well that despite its grant of amnesty for aliens who have been residents long enough, its most outspoken opponents are the Hispanics, who would prefer to live with the present laws. Its constituency is an interesting and perhaps portentous alliance of the “nativist” Americans who still dominate Mountain States politics and the “Club of Rome” elitists of the Boston-Washington corridor.

We can hope that the bill will die in the House-Senate conference, which still must resolve such contentious differences as whether or not to have a program of temporary guest workers for agriculture. If it survives conference, President Reagan would be wise to veto it as antithetical to the national self-confidence his administration has done so much to renew.

If Washington still wants to “do something” about immigration, we propose a five-word constitutional amendment: There shall be open borders. Perhaps this policy is overly ambitious in today’s world, but the U.S. became the world’s envy by trumpeting precisely this kind of heresy. Our greatest heresy is that we believe in people as the great resource of our land. Those who would live in freedom have voted over the centuries with their feet. Wherever the state abused its people, beginning with the Puritan pilgrims and continuing today in places like Ho Chi Minh City and Managua, they’ve aimed for our shores. They — we — have astonished the world with the country’s success.

The nativist patriots scream for “control of the borders. It is nonsense to believe that this unenforceable legislation will provide any such thing. Does anyone want to “control the borders” at the moral expense of a 2,000-mile Berlin Wall with minefields, dogs and machine-gun towers? Those who mouth this slogan forget what America means. They want those of us already safely ensconced to erect giant signs warning: Keep Out, Private Property.

The instinct is seconded by the “zero-sum” mentality that has been intellectually faddish this past decade. More people, the worry runs, will lead to overcrowding; will use up all our “resources,” and will cause unemployment. Trembling no-growthers cry that we’ll never “feed,” “house” or “clothe” all the immigrants — though the immigrants want to feed, house and clothe themselves. In fact, people are the great resource, and so long as we keep our economy free, more people means more growth, the more the merrier. Somehow the Reagan administration at least momentarily adopted the cramped Club-of-Rome vision, forgetting which side of this debate it is supposed to support. Ronald Reagan, we thought, marched to different bywords — “growth,” for example, and “opportunity.”

If anyone doubts that the immigration and growth issue touches the fundamental character of a nation, he should look to recent experience in Europe. Some European governments are taken in by the no-growth nonsense that economic pies no longer grow, and must be sliced. They are actually paying immigrants and guest workers to go home: the Germans pay Turks, the French pay North Africans, the British pay West Indians and Asians. It was this dour view of people as liabilities, not assets, that led to the great European emigration to the U.S. in the first place. Meanwhile, Europe today settles into long-term unemployment for millions while the U.S. economy is booming with new jobs.

The same underlying difference in vision applies in political ideals. The individual is the lightning rod of 20th-century politics. The totalitarians of the Communist Bloc don’t allow their people to leave. The foremost use of the machinery of the state is to wall in the citizens. If we cannot change their regimes, the least we can do is to offer refuge to those of their peoples with the opportunity and courage to arrive here. To do otherwise is to say that the ideals upon which this Republic was founded are spent, that what is left is to negotiate the terms of surrender.

America, above all, is a nation founded upon optimism. The Republic will prosper so long as it does not disavow this taproot. The issue is not what we offer the teeming masses, but what they offer us: their hands, their minds, their spirit, and above all the chance to be true to our own past and our own future."



2004 refugee from Cuba repaid American generosity by plotting Islamist style mass murder. US of course gave him a job working at a Florida airport where he had direct access to secure areas from Dec. 2013 to March 2015-USA Today

"Suarez arrived in the U.S., in 2004 with his parents as refugees from Cuba." Was given gift of legal permanent US residency
7/29/15, "Fla. terror suspect had been cleared for Key West airport job," USA Today, Kevin Johnson, via 10News, wtsp, Tampa Bay

"A Florida man charged earlier this week in an alleged Islamic State-inspired plot to detonate a bomb on a crowded beach was once cleared to work at the Key West International Airport, where his job provided him direct access to secure areas, including baggage compartments of commercial aircraft, an airline spokesman and co-workers said.

One of his co-workers, a former supervisor, said that Harlem Suarez, 23, once asked how he could get a gun on a plane. The former supervisor, who asked not to be identified out of fear of possible retaliation by the supervisor's current employer, said that Suarez's inquiry from last summer was reported to a manager. But the supervisor was unaware whether any action was taken.

Ted Lund, another former co-worker of Suarez's, said the supervisor also told him about Suarez's reference to a gun. He also did not know whether there was any response to the report....

American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein confirmed Wednesday that Suarez was employed by Envoy Air Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of American, as a station agent at Key West, from December 2013 to March 2015.

Feinstein, who said Suarez's duties ranged from passenger check-in to baggage handling, declined comment on what prompted the agent's departure from the company in March, the month before the FBI was alerted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department of extremist rhetoric posted on a Facebook account allegedly traced to Suarez.

Asked whether the company was aware of Suarez's reported query about a gun, Feinstein referred questions to federal authorities.

The FBI in Miami declined to comment.

Federal prosecutors announced the case against Suarez on Tuesday, charging the legal permanent resident from Cuba with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Court documents outlined his interactions with an FBI informant and undercover agent in an alleged pursuit earlier this month of bomb-making components, including grenades, a timing device and nails that could be assembled in a backpack and buried in the sand.

"We can make it (bomb) with a phone ...,'' Suarez allegedly told an FBI source in a July 16 telephone conversation that was recorded by authorities. "I can go to the beach at night time ... put the thing in the sand ... cover it up ... so the next day I just call and the thing is gonna, is gonna make a real hard noise."

In a separate meeting with the source three days later, according to court documents, Suarez allegedly discussed "putting bombs under police cars, in front of police officers' homes and possibly purchasing a vehicle and building a car bomb.'' None of the potential plots outlined in court documents involved an aviation-related target.

Suarez allegedly purchased two boxes of nails July 19 at a Home Depot store and later turned over the nails, a pre-paid cellular phone and backpack to the source for assembly by the FBI undercover agent posing as an ISIL operative.

Suarez was arrested Monday, after accepting the device that had been previously rendered inert and posed no safety risk, according to court documents.

Attorney Richard Della Ferra, retained to represent Suarez, described his client as a "kid with no prior criminal history who appears to be a troubled and confused young man.''

"He is not a terrorist,'' Della Ferra said, adding that Suarez arrived in the U.S., in 2004 with his parents as refugees from Cuba. "He has no ties to the Middle East. The family is as surprised and shocked at the allegations as anyone. He has never been in trouble before.''

The attorney also said that he was unaware of his client's reported reference to getting a gun on a plane. "That's the first I'm hearing of this,'' he said.

Della Ferra said he will argue for his client's release on bond next week at a scheduled detention hearing. "We haven't heard the whole story on this,'' the attorney said....

Suarez had encountered trouble earlier this year when he deployed the emergency slide while working on an aircraft."...via Pamela Geller


Annual revisions are out, 2013 US GDP revised down 31.8%-Bloomberg

7/30/15, "U.S. GDP Rises 2.3% in Second Quarter; First Quarter Revised Upward," Bloomberg, Sho Chandra

"Gross domestic product rose at a 2.3 percent annualized rate, and a revised 0.6 percent advance in the first quarter wiped out a previously reported contraction, Commerce Department data showed Thursday in Washington....

Annual revisions

The Commerce Department also issued its annual revisions, updating the data back through 2012....

The economic expansion over the past three years was weaker than initially projected, with the biggest revision coming in 2013. From the end of 2011 to the end of 2014, the economy expanded at a 2.1 percent annualized rate, compared to the 2.4 percent pace reported before. GDP grew 1.5 percent in 2013 [a 31.8% downward revision], the weakest since the throes of recession in 2009, compared with a previously reported 2.2 percent gain....

A separate report from the Labor Department Thursday showed...jobless claims rose by 12,000 to 267,000 in the period ended July 25 (2015)."...


7/30/15, Wall Street Journal: The Worst Expansion Since World War II Was Even Weaker 


Comment: Thanks again to the Bush family, Rupert Murdoch, and the entire permanent political class for destroying the country. via RL


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There's no compelling argument for mass legal or illegal immigration to the US in 2015 but no one running for the GOP presidential nomination wishes to accept that fact-Mark Steyn

7/29/15, "Pathway to Codswallop," Mark Steyn, Steyn on America,
"In a thoughtful review of Ann Coulter's splendid new book, iconoclastic Democrat Mickey Kaus lists the open-borders advocates in American politics:

...the entire Democratic party, half the Republican party, half (secretly) of the politicians who claim to represent the other half of the Republican party, virtually the entire press (including Fox), virtually all of business, and virtually all big money political donors (including the Kochs!).
The bit I've bolded helps explain the Trump bump in the GOP polls. A significant part of the Republican base thinks half their candidates are just schmoozing them to get through primary season, genuflecting toward "concerns" about border "enforcement" and huffing and puffing a bit about fences and E-verify.

For example, Marco Rubio sponsored an amnestypalooza in the US Senate, but now says he wouldn't vote for his own bill.

Rick Perry gave the in-state tuition rate to illegals and said if you disagree with him "I don't think you have a heart" (ie, you're a racist), but he's now withdrawn the charge and says that the difference between him and Trump is that the latter talks the talk and he walks the walk - because when the Obama Administration dissolved the southern border the only guy standing between you and Trump's Mexican rape horde on their flat-bottomed skiffs is the tough-as-nails governor on the north bank of the Rio Grande with his posse of Texas Rangers.

Chris Christie also gave the in-state tuition rate to illegals and favored "a pathway to citizenship" for the undocumented, but in May he closed the pathway with no further thought than if it were a New Jersey bridge. Then Trump got in the race and, with the billionaire piling up the Hispanic votes by damning them as rapists and murderers, Christie reckoned in a crowded market it might be time to triangulate a little and figured it was safe to reopen the pathway.

And then there's Jeb Bush, who's running as the GOP's Yasser Arafat: that's to say, as with Yasser on "the peace process", on immigration it depends on whether Jeb's speaking English or his native tongue. Thus, in English, he's talked about rescinding Obama's amnesty order; but, in Spanish to Telemundo (a US Spanish-language network - lots more of those in America's future), he pledged to enact "comprehensive immigration reform".

Every sentient Republican voter knows that "comprehensive immigration reform" is Beltway-speak for legalizing 30 million law-breakers while incentivizing 30 million more.
On their public statements, it is difficult to know what these guys really believe on immigration from one week to the next. 

Which in itself is rather strange....If you had to toss a coin, wouldn't the safer bet be's their amnesty phase (which oddly enough tends to occur in the presidential off-season) that represents their genuine position?

Trump is full of it, too. But at least he's full of it in English rather than bullsh*t. Which is what you're speaking when you talk about "pathways to citizenship" and "comprehensive immigration reform"....A significant section of the GOP base is sick of dialing Republican headquarters and hearing "Press 1 for Spanish, press 2 for consultant-approved claptrap, press 3 for artful straddle, press 4 for all disavowals of last year's positions, press 5 for endless looped replays of John McCain's amusing primary-season-only super-butch 'Build the danged fence!' commercial, press 6 for live audio feed of John McCain teaching Lindsey Graham how to say 'Danged!', press 7 if you know the Spanish for 'Danged!', press 8 to hear Jeb Bush say 'No amnesty, not on my watch, no sirree!', press 9 to hear Jeb Bush say 'Viva la danged amnistía!' If you wish someone to speak to you in non-forked-tongue English, please stay on the line and wait for an operator."

After years in touch-tone hell for GOP voters, the operator has now shown up. Donald Trump is a slicker operator than some of us would like, but his observations on immigration were a rare intrusion of reality into an other-worldly public discourse.

While backing Trump faute de mieux [for lack of an alternative], as we foreigners say, Ann Coulter damns him as a total wuss for denouncing merely "illegal immigration" as opposed to "immigration". He's not alone in this. Ted Cruz, for example, who's to the right of most of those mentioned above and a less slippery customer on the issue, is in favor of increasing legal immigration.

The armies of the undocumented are unique to America: For a politician in most parts of the beleaguered west, being tough on immigration means being tough on legal immigration. 

With Republicans, you get the sense that the consultant-industrial complex has told them that drooling over the wonderful diversity of legal immigration is necessary to preserve mainstream viability. Mickey Kaus nervously considers the point:

When I first heard the restrictionists at the Center for Immigration Studies lump illegal and legal immigration together, I thought they were weird. After all, border-controllers spend a lot of time fending off the charge that they're "anti-immigrant..."
Yet if you worry about the effects of uncontrolled immigration on wages and culture, you have to admit that legal immigration, if large enough, could have exactly the same wage-depressing and culture-dissolving effect.
That's true. If your objection to mass unskilled immigration is that it leads to economic stagnation, diminished social mobility and cultural transformation, who cares about the paperwork? For First World countries in the 21st century, there is no compelling argument for mass immigration (my preferred term) and several against it. So Ted Cruz's careful distinction looks like just another shifty sidestep, a couple of paving stones further on down the pathway to the electorally viable immigration sweet spot.

I am myself a legal immigrant and I fretted, while completing the bazillion pages of "comprehensive" immigration forms...  My lawyer said to me that the examiner who would decide my case spent six minutes on each application, at the end of which he said yea or nay. So he wouldn't have time to read all the forms, never mind check anything in them.

What with all the amnesty processing, I would imagine that it's rather less than six minutes per application today. Four minutes, would you say? Maybe three? If we were to take the legal immigration enthusiasts at their word - that a crackdown on illegals will be simultaneous with an expansion of lawful admissions - what do you think it'll be down to? 

A minute-and-a-half? Forty-five seconds per application? And instead of all those brainy Asians the likes of David Brooks say America needs, the US will just get, "legally", all the fellows it currently gets illegally.

Yet, if even Ted Cruz and Donald Trump aren't willing to go there, who will?"...via Free Rep.


6/17/2013, “Mexico would have died...without the option to send its rural poor-fully one-fifth of its population-to the United States.”...

"Syria and Egypt can't be fixed," Asia Times, by Spengler 


Comment: Who will call for cancellation of 2008 William Wilberforce Act signed by George Bush which erased the US southern border, converted free US taxpayers to slaves of the lucrative refugee and immigrant reception racket? We're also slaves of hundreds of thousands of people from failed, violent cultures in Central America some of whom aren't familiar with bath rooms, can't be convinced to flush toilet paper in the toilet after using it, just leave it laying around, thereby further spreading diseases. Why aren't "refugee and immigration" service providers [who exist mainly on millions of hard earned US taxpayer dollars funneled to them by politicians] setting up shop in the countries conducting the violence, calling for it to end, instead of lecturing Americans already the most generous people in the world, living in a permanent economic depression caused by politicians, that we should shut up and give more?

Reported 10/6/2014:

"Previous reports had detailed some of the difficulties of handling the surge, including the communicable diseases some brought, such as scabies, lice or chickenpox.

And investigators found “unfamiliarity” with bathrooms resulted in unsanitary conditions, including exposure to human waste.”

Volunteers who have been at some of the facilities have reported that the children and families would often try to throw used toilet paper away, rather than flush it down the toilet."

10/6/14, "Disease plagues illegal immigrants; lack of medications, basic hygiene blamed," Washington Times, Stephen Dinan

"Communicable diseases continue to be a problem at the New Mexico facility built to house illegal immigrant families surging across the U.S.-Mexico border, and the immigrants themselves aren’t taking their own health care very seriously, according to an audit released Monday.

While the Border Patrol is doing a good job of handling the surge of illegal immigrant children traveling alone without their parents, the families who are being housed at a special facility continue to have health problems and trouble using the bathroom, the Homeland Security inspector general said.

“Family unit illnesses and unfamiliarity with bathroom facilities continued to result in unsanitary conditions,” Inspector General John Roth wrote in a memo to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Mr. Roth said the illnesses — which put the facility in Artesia, New Mexico, on lockdown earlier this year, preventing any immigrants from being transferred in or out — have proved to be a continuing problem.

Part of the issue is the immigrants themselves, some of whom have never seen a doctor before, don’t follow up afterward, either for themselves or their children.

“If detainees do not attend sick call or stand in line to receive daily medications, they remain sick and their illnesses tend to get worse,” the inspector general said.

The inspector general has been reviewing how U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a part of the Homeland Security Department, has handled the surge of children that began to spike earlier this year.

Immigrant-rights groups had filed dozens of complaints arguing children had been physically or verbally abused by agents and officers, but the inspector general has not yet been able to substantiate any of those complaints and said in its own random interviews it hasn’t uncovered any new complaints about wrongdoing.

The surge of children has dropped dramatically, from about 10,000 a month in May and June down to a little more than 3,100 in August — and the numbers appear to have remained low in September, the inspector general said.

The Department of Homeland Security didn’t provide a comment on the latest report, which is the third one the IG has issued since the surge of children.

Investigators said with the drop in the number of children, the Border Patrol is processing those that are arriving much faster. Most are turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services within 6 hours, or well ahead of the 72-hour deadline set by federal law.

Conditions have improved so much that the IG said it was scaling back its investigations, though it could ramp up again if apprehensions go up or if new, credible allegations of abuse come to light.

The one hiccup the investigators did find is that some CBP officers at one facility weren’t trained in how to segregate immigrant children with communicable diseases. CBP officials said they would make sure to assign trained officers whenever there were unaccompanied children at that facility.

Previous reports had detailed some of the difficulties of handling the surge, including the communicable diseases some brought, such as scabies, lice or chickenpox.

And investigators found “unfamiliarity” with bathrooms resulted in unsanitary conditions, including exposure to human waste.”

Volunteers who have been at some of the facilities have reported that the children and families would often try to throw used toilet paper away, rather than flush it down the toilet."

June 2014, "Unaccompanied minor"  

"The office of U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) who represents the district including the southern border town of Laredo, provided Business Insider with photos showing just how bad the conditions are at one federal facility where some of these immigrants are being held. Cuellar's office said the photos were taken recently in a Customs and Border Protection facility in south Texas. The congressman's office declined to identify the exact source or location of the photos to protect the source's identity."....6/6/2014, "Sickening Photos Of The Humanitarian Crisis At US Border Detention Centers," Business Insider, Brett LoGiurato


Massive fraud in Italy "migrant reception centers:"

6/5/15, "Italy junior minister investigated in corruption probe," Reuters, Rome, Italy

"Italian prosecutors placed a junior member of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's government under investigation in a growing political corruption scandal over alleged fraud and contract rigging at migrant reception centers, officials said on Friday.

The announcement came a day after police arrested 44 people and placed 21 others under investigation in the same case. Prosecutors in Catania, Sicily, said they had included Giuseppe Castiglione, undersecretary for agriculture and a member of Renzi's center-right coalition partners, on a list of officials targeted in the so-called "Mafia Capital" investigation which has been running since last year....

The migrant reception centers are often run under contract by companies linked to social cooperative organizations, often tied to the Catholic Church. The alleged organizers of the scheme are accused of fixing tenders to win management contracts.

Castiglione's name was linked to allegations that officials fixed contracts to manage the migrant reception center in the Sicilian town of Mineo, the same center where survivors were taken after a disaster in April in which as many as 800 people died."


US gov. already seems to view Catholic Church as a business partner:

In 2008, $2.6 billion US taxpayer dollars were funneled from fed. gov. to US Catholic Bishops:

Nov. 2009 article: "The bishops have a long history of almost unlimited access to enormous quantities of federal funding....Sixty-seven percent of Catholic Charities’ income comes from government funding.... That represents over $2.6 billion in 2008."

11/10/2009, "The Catholic bishops' double standard," Politico, by Nancy Keenan and Jon O'Brien

"The bishops have a long history of almost unlimited access to enormous quantities of federal funding. When it comes to funding for Catholic schools and hospitals or programs run by Catholic Charities, they accept federal funding with open arms. The bishops never question their own ability to lawfully manage funds from separate sources to ensure that tax dollars don’t finance religious practices."...   


Donald Trump captures 25% in new Reuters Ipsos poll for Republican presidential nomination, nearest rival is at 12%-Reuters

7/29/15, "Trump leads Republican presidential race with 25 percent: Reuters/Ipsos poll," Reuters, James Oliphant

Reuters Ipsos thru 7/28

"Billionaire Donald Trump has taken a commanding lead in the race for the 2016 U.S. Republican presidential nomination with the support of 25 percent in a Reuters/Ipsos poll, giving him a double-digit advantage over nearest rival Jeb Bush. 

The poll shows Bush, the former Florida governor, trailing at 12 percent.

It is a huge jump for Trump, who announced his candidacy for the November 2016 election six weeks ago - and this despite the criticism political rivals leveled at him for remarks this month belittling the military service of Senator John McCain, the party's candidate in 2008.

The five-day rolling online poll had Trump at 15 percent among Republicans on Friday before he rocketed to 24.9 percent on Tuesday

Trump, a 69-year-old real estate mogul and reality TV star, seems to be certain to take the stage at next week's Fox News debate, which will use national polls to determine which 10 of the 17 Republican candidates in the field can participate.

Reuters/Ipsos polling also shows that should Trump mount an independent bid next year and run in a three-way race, he will likely drain support from the Republican nominee and allow the Democrat to cruise to victory. 

Trump has refused to rule out an independent run should he fail to secure the Republican nomination. 

In a matchup with Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton and Bush, Trump would tie Bush at about 23 percent among likely voters, with Clinton winning the White House with 37 percent of the vote. 

About 15 percent of those polled said they were undecided or would not vote.

The five-day rolling poll was based on a survey of 425 Republicans and has a credibility interval of plus or minus 5.5 percentage points. The three-way race poll, taken at the same time, used a sample of 1,280 Americans and has a credibility interval of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

The full results of Reuters/Ipsos rolling Republican presidential poll can be found here:"

7/29/15, Reuters Ipsos poll, Republican Voters, Through July 28, 2015, Trump with double digit lead over nearest competitor.


7/29/15, "Trump's lead GROWS over Jeb and other Republican rivals as he captures 25 per cent in new Reuters poll –just in time to leave the US for golf tournament in Scotland," UK Daily Mail, Reuters and David Martosko

"Billionaire Donald Trump is leaving the country on a high note, flying from New York to Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday night as a new poll gives him a commanding lead in the race for the 2016 U.S. Republican presidential nomination.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll found 25 per cent of GOP voters want to elect a President Trump, resulting in a double-digit advantage over his nearest rival Jeb Bush. The former Florida governor trails with 12 per cent.

Trump told during an interview on Wednesday morning that he planned to spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday attending the Women's British Open golf tournament at his Trump Turnberry Resort. 

'For four years I've looked forward to going to this,' he said. 'You know, yhey pick 'em four or five years in advance. And now what happens? Hah!'

'So I said, "Do I go?"'

He chuckled at the timing, now that he's the GOP front-runner. 'And the answer is, I'm going but I'm not coming back on Sunday. I'm coming back on Saturday.'

Trump will fly aboard his private Boeing 757 aircraft from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Glasgow Prestwick International Airport in Scotland.

The five-day rolling online poll from Reuters had Trump at 15 percent among Republicans on Friday before he rocketed to 24.9 percent on Tuesday.

That huge jump will all but ensure that the nascent presidential campaign's first significant domestic Trump news blackout – three days with nothing but golf interviews – will leave him in good stead....

The five-day rolling poll was based on a survey of 425 Republicans and has a credibility interval of plus or minus 5.5 percentage points. The three-way race poll, taken at the same time, used a sample of 1,280 Americans and has a credibility interval of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points."


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Republican Establishment would happily lose the next couple of elections if they could once and for all be rid of the conservative base, the Christian right, and the Tea Party-Rush Limbaugh

7/29/15, "Rush Limbaugh Pearls of Wisdom," paragraph 8

"At the Republican establishment level, you know as well as I do that if they could throw away the Christian right, the conservative base, the Tea Party, they would do it. Even if it meant being in the wilderness of defeat for a couple of cycles, they would do it."


Comment: The GOP E wants democrat voters to be their voters.

3 weeks after US gov. ordered Ohio officials not to detain illegal alien from Mexico, man is now being held on $10 million bond in Ohio for suspected murder of 60 yr old woman, attempted murder of 40 yr old mother walking with her children, and attempted rape of 14 year old girl-AP

7/29/15, "Ohio murder suspect in country illegally; ordered not to be detained in earlier traffic stop," AP

"U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents told Ohio sheriff's deputies weeks ago not to detain a man who is in the U.S. illegally and now suspected of killing a woman and wounding another during a crime spree, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

Lake County sheriff's deputies questioned 35-year-old Juan Emmanuel Razo on July 7 after finding him alone in a car in Painesville, about 30 miles east of Cleveland. Unsure of Razo's status, the deputies contacted Border Protection officials and were told he is from Mexico and in the U.S. illegally but they didn't want him detained.

Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap said at a news conference Tuesday that deputies released Razo because he hadn't committed a crime at that point.

A Border Protection spokesman did not return telephone messages seeking comment. A spokesman for U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement said in an email that ICE was closely monitoring the case. The email identified Razo as Juan Emmanuel Razo-Ramirez.

Razo was arrested Monday after a shootout with police. A detective said during a court hearing Tuesday that Razo has confessed. A judge set his bond at $10 million.

Razo has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a 40-year-old woman Monday afternoon as she walked with her two children along a bike path in Concord Township. She was shot in the arm. Just over an hour later, a man told park rangers he'd found his wife, 60-year-old Margaret Kostelnik, shot to death in their home near the bike path.

The Lake County coroner said Kostelnik was shot multiple times.

The manhunt for Razo began late Monday morning after a 14-year-old girl told police he had tried to rape her in another section of the park. The Lake County prosecutor said evidence in the slaying of Kostelnik and the attempted rape will be presented to a grand jury.

A public defender entered a not guilty plea for Razo on Tuesday."

Image caption: "This booking photo released Tuesday, July 28, 2015, by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department shows Juan Emmanuel Razo, 35, arrested after a shootout with deputies in Painesville Township, Ohio. (Lake County Sheriff's Department via AP)"


Media loves Republicans who lose or are about to lose, that's why they liked McCain. GOP and McCain mistakenly thought media liked McCain for himself, McCain even assumed media was his base. Trump opens 2-1 lead in New Hampshire in new poll-Rush Limbaugh

7/28/15, "Drive-Bys Attempt to Smear Trump with More of the Usual Crap, Fail Miserably," Rush Limbaugh transcript

"RUSH:  While on the subject of Trump, the latest polling data from "Donald Trump's opened his biggest lead in the early voting state of New Hampshire. He holds a 2-to-1 lead over his nearest competitor, according to the Monmouth University poll. Nearly a quarter of likely voters prefer Trump." It's 24%, the actual number, "12% for Jeb Bush. John Kasich and Scott Walker each attracted 7%. Now, the Drive-Bys are touting Kasich today, claiming that he has the single biggest polling increase since his announcement, but he's at 7% with Scott Walker.  Rubio, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Chris Christie follow in the poll."

Now, Trump "maintains a double digital lead among voters who identify as very conservative, somewhat conservative, and with the Tea Party. Scott Walker is his nearest competitor in those three metrics -- very conservative, somewhat conservative, and Tea Party. Among those who listed a second-choice preference, Trump with 8% ties with Rubio and Christie, and they trail Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, who have 10% each. 

"An NBC poll over the weekend found Trump with 21% of potential Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, followed by Bush at 14, Walker at 12, and Kasich at seven. Take these two together," it says here at, "and Trump has seemingly weathered comments mocking Senator John McCain." He didn't weather...Let me tell you something.

You people in the media are gonna have to figure something out very quick. If you want to have the ghost chance of understanding what's happening here, and I don't think you care....

Trump did not "weather any controversy with McCain. Trump did not survive any controversy over his remarks about McCain. Trump rose in the polls because of his comments about McCain. And this is not a close difference.  It's a big difference, and you people in the Drive-Bys and in your respective polling units are gonna have to understand this. John McCain is not loved and adored in the conservative base....

The conservative base does not have the reverence for John McCain that you people in the media do....You see, you people in the Drive-Bys are very happy with Republicans who you know are going to lose presidential elections. Those are your favorite Republicans. 

You like the squishy, moderate, anti-Tea Party, anti-social issue Republicans, because you know they're gonna lose.  I mean, you loved McCain before he had a Democrat opponent....You guys love McCain so much that he thought you were his base! He thought, and the rest of the Republican Party thought, that McCain was gonna be the Republican to come along and have the support of the media, the first Republican ever to get the support of the media over a Democrat. 

Well, a problem occurred, and that is the Democrats nominated a candidate. But once that happened, the media threw McCain overboard, and all the love and the respect and admiration they had for McCain vanished. And it wouldn't have mattered if it was Hillary or Obama who won the Democrat nomination, the media was always gonna throw McCain overboard. The Republican Party missed that. McCain missed that. And so they're blindsided. But ever since then because McCain was their guy once, they're always gonna have reverence for McCain. 

The media loves Republicans who lose, folks. They are, for some reason, really attracted to Republicans that lose, or are going to lose. So, the media doesn't understand. Trump did not have to survive some sort of McCain controversy or weather any kind of a storm. He gained support because of what he said. And not just on McCain, but on other things, too. You people in the media, understand: The Republican base is not like you. The Republican base is tired of accords and associations with Republicans who are going to lose."



Rush, "Related Links

Mark Cuban says Donald Trump is probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time, more important than anything any candidate has done in years-CNBC

7/28/15, "Mark Cuban says Donald Trump has 'changed the game' of politics," CNBC, Eli Langer

"Donald Trump appears to have Mark Cuban's vote, at least in terms of how the billionaire real estate mogul is conducting his political campaign. 

Cuban took to his Cyber Dust messaging app this week to congratulate Trump, referring to the Republican presidential candidate as "probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time.

"I don't care what his actual positions are," Cuban wrote. "I don't care if he says the wrong thing. He says what's on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. 

This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years.

Cuban opined that politics in its current state is broken. 

"Up until Trump announced his candidacy the conventional wisdom was that you had to be a professional politician in order to run," Cuban wrote. "You had to have a background that was politically scrubbed. In other words smart people who didn't live perfect lives could never run. Smart people who didn't want their familiar put under the media spotlight wouldn't run." 

The Dallas Mavericks owner credited Trump with "changing the game" of politics, adding that Trump "deserves a lot of credit." 

Trump issued a tweet to his more than 3 million Twitter followers, thanking Cuban for the "nice words." Trump added that he was rapidly becoming a Dallas Mavericks fan. 

"I think people are tired of politics as usual," Cuban told ESPN Radio last week. "We're tired of everything being scripted, we're tired of every comment being politically correct.

And, you know, even though Donald has to spend a lot of time pulling not just his foot but the toenails and the stuff that falls off his cuticles out of his mouth, at least it's refreshing to have somebody who is just gonna say what's on their mind and give an honest, if not insensitive, response to a question. To me, it's great." 

So would Cuban vote for Trump? 

"No, but I don't know that I'd vote for any of the other 14 candidates and I don't know that I'd vote for the Democratic candidates right now either," Cuban said.

This wasn't the first time Cuban wrote about Trump on Cyber Dust. Just a week ago, Cuban questioned how much Trump is actually worth shortly after Trump put out a press release stating his net worth exceeded $10 billion. At the time, Cuban told CNBC that he likes Trump and has met him in person." via Drudge


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Donald Trump opens double digit lead in New Hampshire over nearest competitor, new Monmouth University poll, July 23-26, including clear lead among younger voters

Monmouth University poll, 7/23-26:

7/28/15, "Trump holds sizable lead in New Hampshire, poll finds," CNN, Tom LoBianco

"A new poll has Donald Trump riding high in New Hampshire -- with more than double the support of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush -- while stripping away supporters from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. 

Almost one quarter of likely Republican primary voters, 24%, said they would pick Trump. 

That's double the 12% who picked Bush and well above Walker, Christie, Cruz and others who all came in with single-digit support.

"The controversy over comments about John McCain's war service do not appear to have slowed the Trump steamroller," Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said in a statement.

The poll of 457 likely voters was taken between July 23 and July 26 and carries a 4.5 percent margin of error. 

Trump performed well among tea partiers, conservatives and younger voters [p. 2], according to the poll. The bad news in the Trump run comes for Walker, Christie and Cruz, who most Trump supporters said would be their second pick if the reality TV star was not running.

A national CNN/ORC poll of 1,017 likely Republican voters, conducted July 22-25, found Trump leading the pack with 18% support, followed by Bush at 14% and Walker at 12%."....


7/28/15, "Poll: Trump holds double-digit lead in NH," The Hill, Jesse Byrnes
"Businessman Donald Trump has opened his biggest lead in the early voting state of New Hampshire, holding a two-to-one lead over his nearest 2016 GOP White House competitor, according to a new Monmouth University poll."...


Donald Trump has shown how easily this regime may be threatened just by refusing to be intimidated-Angelo Codevilla

7/27/15, "Does Trump Trump?" by Angelo M. Codevilla, via Steven Hayward, Powerline

"Donald Trump leapt atop other contenders for the Republican presidential nomination when he acted on the primordial fact in American public life today, from which most of the others hide their eyes, namely: most Americans distrust, fear, are sick and tired of, the elected, appointed, and bureaucratic officials who rule over us, as well as their cronies in the corporate, media, and academic world. Trump’s attraction lies less in his words’ grace or even precision than in the extent to which Americans are searching for someone, anyone, to lead against this ruling class, that is making America less prosperous, less free, and more dangerous....

The point here is simple: our ruling class has succeeded in ruling not by reason or persuasion, never mind integrity, but by occupying society’s commanding heights, by imposing itself and its ever-changing appetites on the rest of us. It has coopted or intimidated potential opponents by denying the legitimacy of opposition. Donald Trump, haplessness and clownishness notwithstanding, has shown how easily this regime may be threatened just by refusing to be intimidated.

Having failed to destroy Trump, Republicans and Democrats are left to hope that he will self-destruct as Perot did. Indeed, Trump has hardly scratched the surface and may not be able to do more than that. Yet our rulers know the list of things divide them from the American people is long. They want to avoid like the plague any and all arguments on the substance of those things. They fear the rise of an un-intimidated leader more graceful and precise than Trump, someone whose vision is fuller but who is even more passionate in championing the many resentments the voicing of just a few channeled so much support to Trump....

Habitually, our ruling class tries to intimidate its opponents by calling them “haters” (“racists,” etc. is part of the all too familiar litany.) A statesman worthy of the title would respond that calling people such names is the very opposite of civility, never mind love. Such a leader would trump our rulers.

Donald Trump is not such a person." 


Added: Rush Limbaugh is a Codevilla fan and read part of Codevilla's Trump piece on the air Monday, July 27, 2015. For the record, as to Dr. Codevilla's conclusion that Mr. Trump is not the person who will ultimately "trump" our ruling class, Limbaugh says, "That's debatable:"

7/27/15, "Angelo Codevilla's Take on Trump," Rush Limbaugh

"RUSH:  Now, I should mention here that at the end of the piece, Angelo Codevilla concludes this way.  "Habitually, our ruling class tries to intimidate its opponents by calling them 'haters' ('racists,' etc. ...) A statesman worthy of the title would respond that calling people such names is the very opposite of civility, never mind love. Such a leader would Trump our rulers." Codevilla says, "Donald Trump is not such a person." Trump is not the person that we needed to pull this off.

That's his bottom line conclusion. He believes that Trump represents a vessel...but he's not convinced that Trump's actually the guy. That's debatable

 What is obviously clear is that the Trump campaign has unnerved whatever you call it, the ruling class, the establishment, and they really expected that he would implode by now....Now they're panicking. None of the rules seem to work here, none of the old techniques. They can't buy Trump. They can't buy him off meaning they can't promise him something big if he toes the line....

Obama, when he was a state senator, somehow benefits from private divorce records of his opponent being released, and his opponent had to quit. That's happened a couple times with Obama. Obama's operating strategy, modus operandi, is no opposition. Not defeating the opposition, but just getting rid of any. It's apparent that the ruling class 
doesn't know what to do with Trump. They're waiting for him to implode." 


From Powerline: "“The 2016 election is simple; the person who runs on the platform ‘Who do they think they are?’ will win.”"

"Angelo Codevilla is a former staff member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University, and the author of more than a dozen fine books on politics, arms control, and intelligence (if I had to pick a favorite it might be The Character of Nations), including a fine translation of Machiavelli’s Prince published by Yale University Press. Most recently his essay-turned-book The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh and many others. It argues that our fundamental political problem is not “big government,” but the creation of a ruling class, inhabiting both parties, that is steadily increasing its authoritarian control over the nation. In a conversation a few months ago Angelo remarked, “The 2016 election is simple; the person who runs on the platform ‘Who do they think they are?’ will win.”"