Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Washington Establishment and media are accustomed to deciding who remains on the public stage and who doesn't. Donald Trump doesn't let them call the shots-Rush Limbaugh

Donald Trump has so far not surrendered to the demands of self-appointed ruling class Washington Establishment and media. Americans rarely see this happen:

7/21/15, "The Drive-Bys Missed My Point on Trump," Rush Limbaugh transcript

"My point yesterday was not to come to Trump's defense. My point yesterday was to illustrate a teachable moment for the American people with a chance to see something they don't often see,
haven't seen in a long time....I want to set the record straight on what happened on the program yesterday.

The conventional wisdom in circumstances like this goes this way: You have a Republican public figure who says something that constitutes stepping in it. In this case, it's Trump's supposed comments about McCain, but even those were distorted. And whatever the perp (always a Republican, never a Democrat) says is something so bad, so beyond the pale that the entire media establishment and the Washington establishment immediately demand that the perp apologize

And usually the perp does.

The conventional wisdom is, "The perp apologizes, begs forgiveness, says (sobbing), 'That wasn't me! I don't know who that was, but that's not what I really think. I really didn't mean it,' and  

they apologize, and they slink away, 

never to be heard from again." 

And the key point... This was not talked about all night and even today on CNN. The key point that was not mentioned that makes all of this come together, as far as I'm concerned, is the element of all of this conventional wisdom is an assumption that the outrage expressed by the media and the Washington establishment echoes national outrage."...


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