Thursday, July 23, 2015

Text of remarks by Laredo Mayor and City Manager at press conference with Donald Trump after touring Laredo, Texas, 7/23/15


Thurs., 7/23/15: Transcript of remarks of two City of Laredo officials at press conference with Donald Trump after his tour of Laredo. Trump first introduced the Mayor of Laredo, Texas, Pete Saenz:

(:47) "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Pete Saenz, the Mayor of Laredo, Texas. We're excited to have Mr. Donald Trump here in Laredo, Texas. It's provided us an opportunity to present to Mr. Trump and his entourage what Laredo is all about. Laredo is the number one land port in the nation. We do, Laredo per se does over 40% of the Mexican trade. Laredo is known for obviously  transportation, you can see the big trucks behind us, and logistics. NAFTA has been very good to us, we're excited about that. We also have oil and gas production in our county, and it also provides a revenue to us. Mr. Trump has brought up certain issues, the immigration issue in particular. We, at least I, feel personally that immigration reform is required, is needed, we need protection in the border area, we need to secure the border, but we also need other elements, obviously under the immigration act or bill. So, with that in mind, it's a pleasure to have Mr. Trump, the excitement that he brings is also very up on the plus side for our city, and we appreciate all the attention, but we know that the attention comes primarily through this gentleman here. Thanks, Mr. Trump." (2:18)

Trump thanks Mayor Saenz, they shake hands. Trump spoke for a few minutes, then introduced Laredo City Manager, Jesus Olivares. City Manager Olivares remarks at 5:31 until 7:01:
"Thank-you Mr. Trump, and welcome everybody to the City of Laredo. You know this is one of the greatest cities on the border, and we're a vibrant city as Mr. Trump mentioned. You know the trade that we have here with Mexico, this is where the rubber meets the road. All of you can see it right behind us. This is where all the trade comes through that Mexico and the United States have in common, right here. And, not only that, this is where it goes to the rest of the world. And, I'll tell you what, we wouldn't be where we are if it wouldn't be for the support that Mayor and members of the City Council that are also here with us [mentions two City Council members by name]. We are very fortunate to have the support that they provide us in order for this city to be such a great city and the number one inland port in the country. Thank you very much."

Someone in the audience asked the City Manager his view of having a wall on the border. His response:

"That's a federal issue, and we have our comments on that. We don't think that's necessary at this time. I think there's other ways we can work with the federal government. I think right now we have a process that we work together with the border patrol and CBP and everybody to be able to get some of these things done. The relationship that the city of Laredo has with the federal government with all the law enforcement agencies is a tremendous one. Thank you." (7:01)

Trump resumed speaking until 9:45


7/23/15, "Donald Trump FULL Press Conference In Laredo, TX at U.S./Mexico Border"

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