Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Media loves Republicans who lose or are about to lose, that's why they liked McCain. GOP and McCain mistakenly thought media liked McCain for himself, McCain even assumed media was his base. Trump opens 2-1 lead in New Hampshire in new poll-Rush Limbaugh

7/28/15, "Drive-Bys Attempt to Smear Trump with More of the Usual Crap, Fail Miserably," Rush Limbaugh transcript

"RUSH:  While on the subject of Trump, the latest polling data from "Donald Trump's opened his biggest lead in the early voting state of New Hampshire. He holds a 2-to-1 lead over his nearest competitor, according to the Monmouth University poll. Nearly a quarter of likely voters prefer Trump." It's 24%, the actual number, "12% for Jeb Bush. John Kasich and Scott Walker each attracted 7%. Now, the Drive-Bys are touting Kasich today, claiming that he has the single biggest polling increase since his announcement, but he's at 7% with Scott Walker.  Rubio, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Chris Christie follow in the poll."

Now, Trump "maintains a double digital lead among voters who identify as very conservative, somewhat conservative, and with the Tea Party. Scott Walker is his nearest competitor in those three metrics -- very conservative, somewhat conservative, and Tea Party. Among those who listed a second-choice preference, Trump with 8% ties with Rubio and Christie, and they trail Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, who have 10% each. 

"An NBC poll over the weekend found Trump with 21% of potential Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, followed by Bush at 14, Walker at 12, and Kasich at seven. Take these two together," it says here at, "and Trump has seemingly weathered comments mocking Senator John McCain." He didn't weather...Let me tell you something.

You people in the media are gonna have to figure something out very quick. If you want to have the ghost chance of understanding what's happening here, and I don't think you care....

Trump did not "weather any controversy with McCain. Trump did not survive any controversy over his remarks about McCain. Trump rose in the polls because of his comments about McCain. And this is not a close difference.  It's a big difference, and you people in the Drive-Bys and in your respective polling units are gonna have to understand this. John McCain is not loved and adored in the conservative base....

The conservative base does not have the reverence for John McCain that you people in the media do....You see, you people in the Drive-Bys are very happy with Republicans who you know are going to lose presidential elections. Those are your favorite Republicans. 

You like the squishy, moderate, anti-Tea Party, anti-social issue Republicans, because you know they're gonna lose.  I mean, you loved McCain before he had a Democrat opponent....You guys love McCain so much that he thought you were his base! He thought, and the rest of the Republican Party thought, that McCain was gonna be the Republican to come along and have the support of the media, the first Republican ever to get the support of the media over a Democrat. 

Well, a problem occurred, and that is the Democrats nominated a candidate. But once that happened, the media threw McCain overboard, and all the love and the respect and admiration they had for McCain vanished. And it wouldn't have mattered if it was Hillary or Obama who won the Democrat nomination, the media was always gonna throw McCain overboard. The Republican Party missed that. McCain missed that. And so they're blindsided. But ever since then because McCain was their guy once, they're always gonna have reverence for McCain. 

The media loves Republicans who lose, folks. They are, for some reason, really attracted to Republicans that lose, or are going to lose. So, the media doesn't understand. Trump did not have to survive some sort of McCain controversy or weather any kind of a storm. He gained support because of what he said. And not just on McCain, but on other things, too. You people in the media, understand: The Republican base is not like you. The Republican base is tired of accords and associations with Republicans who are going to lose."



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