Wednesday, July 22, 2015

George Will's wife works on campaign of GOP Establishment presidential candidate Scott Walker. In 2012 campaign, Will's wife worked for Republican Establishment candidate Rick Perry-Washington Examiner, June 2015

George Will is a Fox News contributor.

6/4/15, "George Will's wife working for Scott Walker," Washington Examiner, Eddie Scarry

"Washington Post conservative columnist George Will has a special connection to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who may seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Will disclosed that his wife works for Walker at the bottom of his Post column on Wednesday. Will's column is entirely about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but he still disclosed his connection to Walker.

"Disclosure: This columnist's wife, Mari Will, works for Scott Walker," read the tail of Will's column. It did not say in what capacity she works for the governor but a spokesperson for Walkers super PAC, Our American Revivla, told the Washington Examiner that she serves as an adviser.

In recent years, Will has written favorably of Walker in his Post column and has also lauded him in interviews. During a radio interview in February, Will compared Walker favorably to president Ronald Reagan, calling him "a pure Reaganite."

In another radio interview one month earlier, Will dubbed Walker "potentially the most potent candidate" out of the Republicans believed to run for president.

And in a 2013 column, Will praised Walker as Wisconsin's "action governor."

In 2011, Will's wife served as an adviser to then-Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, who announced Thursday that he is making a second bid for the White House."


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