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We need a persona like Donald Trump to fix this mess. His attackers are everyone except the common man and woman. The question is: can Trump withstand the attacks specifically intended to destroy him?-Conservative Treehouse

7/4/15, "Donald Trump and 2015 / 2016 Considerations…," Conservative Treehouse, Sundance

"Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump can win the GOP nomination and the White House in 2016 – But it will take a herculean amount of support from ordinary Americans to do it.

Like many others, I initially found myself doubtful that Donald Trump was going to actually mount a campaign. Now however, I’m increasingly and cautiously -even happily- optimistic he does actually intend to win the nomination. However, it’s going to take a huge amount of support from the body electorate to help Trump withstand what is in front of him.

Trump is the absolute nightmare of modern liberalism. In many ways his unabashed and unapologetic free market capitalism is the antithesis of everything progressives hate, and we do mean HATE.

However, in addition to the easily predictable supernova of hatred from the left, Trump will bring out a similar level of never before seen hatred from the professional political class within the Establishment Republican party, the GOP.

For those who have chosen to ignore years of indicators of such a strain of anger, bitterness and spite within the GOP, you are going to see it like never before.

While many within the Republican party generally present themselves with a friendly outward demeanor, there lies a deep seated spitefulness within the GOP that is every bit as vitriolic and hateful as identified within the Occupy-movement Democrats surrounding all their candidates. The acceptance of the GOP hate strain is what brought us to coin the term “Decepticons”.

Try, just try, to push one of their protected political class candidates away from the trough, and you’ll soon see just how false is the construct of humility; and how mean-spirited, hateful, and bitter their self-serving approach will be.

Reference Chris McDaniel and Decepticon Thad Cochran’s 2014 race in Mississippi for a mild example – Remember, Cochran lost – yet that didn’t stop the GOP machine from forcing another primary election until they got the results they desired.

Oh yes, most assuredly the Bush campaign, and the Bush family, will wage a very public tear-down campaign against Team Trump. The former group openly visible, the latter with more subtlety but by no means less vitriolic.

The Chamber of Commerce has already constructed the ground rules for their chosen GOP candidate. Again, it is known to those who pay attention, and the entire nomination race is in large part a total farce while they maneuver toward their goals – Outlined Here.

You really don’t think that Marco Rubio would give up his Senate seat, and mount a campaign without an exit strategy (ie. Golden Parachute), do you?  Team CoC, aka Team Bush, aka Tom Donohue, aka The GOP, are the ones financing that aspect of the ruse.

So along comes Trump, who the GOP, like us, never actually thought would do it.

As the campaign of Trump now comes complete with ever increasing polling support, the industrial media complex has activated their Defcon 5 level campaign to tear him down. When you get beyond Defcon 3, otherwise known as the Todd Akin threshold, Republicans are utilized to amplify the marginalization. Remember the approach has three distinct goals:

Isolate – Ricidule – Marginalize.

The attackers are three fold. ♦ The GOP professional political class; ♦ the Democrat professional political class; ♦ and the ever present liberal Main Street Media. In essence, EVERYONE. Everyone, that is, except middle America
– the common man/woman; or what punditry call the “broader” electorate.

They’ll seek destruction with attacks on several fronts. They’ll attack his financial empire, seeking to destroy his wealth and businesses (just like they attacked the Oregon Christian Bakery who refused to participate in a gay wedding). They’ll attack his family, friends and supporters. And they’ll attack him personally and relentlessly.

The bigger question is: can Trump withstand the attacks specifically intended to destroy him? Can a man, even a man as confident, cocky and filled with moxy like ‘The Donald’, withstand the firestorm which will lay afore him like a flea looking into a furnace.

Will Trump remain a successful, unapologetic, free-market capitalist; or, will the potential for complete financial destruction be too much for even Donald Trump to carry? Is it possible to stand up against decades of creeping cultural Marxism, advancing liberalism and massive left-wing influences in both the body politic and pop culture?

All of these aforementioned challenges are what’s brought so many people to the place where you continually hear things like: “we’ve passed the point of no return” etc.

Here’s my shortened retort.

If Donald Trump can’t do it, NO-ONE can.

Right now he has my full support. Not because I specifically appreciate the persona that is Donald Trump; rather it’s because, unfortunately I’ll admit, we need a persona like Donald Trump to fix this mess.

Beyond all other things I would customarily and historically disagree with him on (and there are many), I hold no reservations that Trump could actually be the guy to polish the beacon and make it blaze again.

But even a guy with the self confidence of Donald Trump needs to know they have support; that’s actually the point of writing this.

Whether or not you like Donald Trump – if you don’t want to see Jeb -V- Hillary, perhaps you should consider sending Trump a message to let him know you support him….

Trump’s website is HERE." via Free Republic


Comment: Everyone knows it's likely Mr. Trump will eventually drop out. It's too good to be true that we'd have a candidate promising to build a big wall on the southern border. His sad backtracking and saying Jeb Bush was a "nice" person (even if it was his wife who convinced him) was a sign that he could break at any moment. His criticism of Pamela Geller was unacceptable and not compatible with believing in secure borders. The top 3 issues as I see them are, 1) close the border, 2) stop all spending related to imaginary, human CO2 caused global warming, and 3) end all US relations with the UN.

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