Saturday, July 25, 2015

Trump lead widens in latest poll, double 2nd place finisher and higher approval among veterans than McCain-UK Daily Mail

7/24/15, "Trump pads his lead in latest poll, scoring support from 28 per cent of Republicans – and has higher approval numbers among veterans than former POW John McCain!" UK Daily Mail

Trump in Laredo, Tx, 7/23/15

"Real estate billionaire Donald Trump's recent showing in national polls looks less like a fluke with each passing day, and numbers from Friday's YouGov.Economist poll has him leading the pack with support from 28 per cent of Republican primary voters.

The survey, which is based on Internet interviews, ranked Trump twice at high as second-place finisher Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor who leads in the fundraising sweepstakes but will fall far short of competing with Trump's $10 billion personal wealth.

Bush is the first choice of 14 per cent of Republicans in the poll; Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is close behind him at 13 per cent.

Trump's unconventional media-driven campaign continues to gather steam despite widespread condemnation following his claim last Saturday that Vietnam War POW and current Arizona senator John McCain was not 'a war hero.' 

More military veterans in YouGov's sample of voters, in fact, said they have a favorable view of Trump than of McCain.

Trumps approve/disapprove numbers among vets are 53-42; McCain is 'under water' at 41-49, suggesting that nearly half of veterans may be displeased with his handling of America's crumbling veterans affairs infrastructure during his decades in Congress.

'Veterans are divided on whether Trump owes McCain an apology,' YouGov reported.

'I'm incredibly honored to have such great support from the Veterans, whom I love and respect,' Trump said in an emailed statement to 'My message continues to resonate with voters across the country.'

Earlier in the week an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Trump with 24 per cent in a survey of Republicans. Friday's YouGov poll marks the first time any GOP White House hopeful has drawn support from more than one-quarer of them.

Trump toured the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday with law enforcement officers and border patrol agents."...

Image caption: "Building: Trump, shown Thursday near the US-Mexico border in Laredo, Texas, is riding his stinging criticism of American immigration policy to a new plateu in early Republican primary polls," getty


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