Friday, July 10, 2015

Donald Trump one hour interview with Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, 6/29/15, video

"Published on Jun 29, 2015. Donald Trump visits the Chicago Tribune's editorial board to discuss his U.S. Presidential campaign," text from You Tube site

7/10/15, "Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Interview With Donald Trump – Excellent Hour Long Interview…," The Conservative Treehouse

"This is a good video to see a more relaxed candidate Trump without the confrontational tone generally inherent in national punditry broadcast. Trump covers a lot of material within the questions, and you can see how he is able to communicate comfortably.

One of the aspects I took away from watching this was a stronger belief he really is in this race to win. This is not Trump promoting Trump; this is Trump conveying he really does want to do this specifically to make America Great Again." via Lucianne commenter


Comment: I'm looking for a transcript of the 6/29/15 meeting. I let it run in the background as I was typing and enjoyed it. At around 11 minutes he gets into ISIS and the Middle East. The Board asked him what he would do about ISIS, and he said I'd bomb their oil holdings, ISIS is very rich, that's where they get most of their money. He said the sites could be rebuilt by other oil companies. The board ask him about the Iran nuclear deal. At around 23:20, topic of Iran nuclear deal, Trump says, "Global warming? The warming we have to worry about is nuclear warming. Before even discussing the subject, he said the US should be getting the three or four hostages back from Iran. On TPP, he said several things, one of which was that we should do deals with individual countries, not massive groups all at once.


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