Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump spoke against amnesty at CPAC, but CPAC is now just a meeting of the US Chamber of Commerce

7/16/15, "A Special Evening with Ann Coulter," At meeting of the Ronald Reagan Foundation

In following excerpt Ann praises Donald Trump, notes he spoke at CPAC against amnesty, that many people may not know this about Trump. Some of Ann's other views on politicians are impossible to reconcile, as commenters have noted. This is exemplified when Ann says at the end of the interview (about an hour) she believes Mitt Romney whom she likes very much will be the 2016 GOP candidate. She doesn't like Rubio, Bush, or Cruz (she claims he's ineligible by birth):

47:30, Larry Elder asks Ann for quick reaction to names. First, Trump:

47:38, Ann: "Magnificent." 

Larry asks Ann if she would've said that six months ago:

47:18, "He's actually been good on immigration longer than many of you may think. We [Trump and Ann] were the only two anti-immigration speakers 3 CPACs back. CPAC used to be a big, conservative meeting in Washington, now it's just a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. But they had panels on immigration. Every single speaker was pro-mass amnesty and mass immigration, every single one. The only two speakers who spoke against amnesty were Donald Trump and me because we had standalone speeches." (48:21)


via, 7/19/15, "Ann Coulter Discusses Immigration, Gaslighting and Presidental Candidates…," Conservative Treehouse, Sundance

"Great interview with Ann Coulter and Larry Elder. While the primary topic is immigration and all of the ramifications from illegal aliens and legal aliens, much of the conversation is also discussing presidential politics."


3 among comments at Conservative Treehouse:

"joanfoster says: July 19, 2015 at 6:33 pm 

Ann is a flame thrower. She isn’t interested in anything positive for the country, just interested in getting on the next talk show and throwing out her one liners. In the final analysis, she is an advocate for the moderates in the party who long ago sold out Reagan’s vision of America. We call them here on this site Decepticons. I consider Ann a leader of the parade of Decepticons.

Anyone who could have considered Christy a viable candidate for President is not a friend of conservatives. 

I believe Trump said it correctly that this will be an election about competence. We have seen so much incompetence in the last 6.5 years that even among Democrats, competence is becoming an important issue in this election. I can only wish that a conservative candidate catches fire, but I am truly not hopeful. As of the moment, Trump is the only candidate speaking my language and until other candidates find a backbone, I am staying with him. 

tyrannocankles says: July 19, 2015 at 7:06 pm

In many ways, this election actually is ABOUT language. We want the language of Truth back. We want to cast the language of Orwellian lies, and those who speak it, into the dustbin of history. 

Steve Jacobs (@BigfootSteve) says July 19, 2015 at 7:03 pm

Ann is right about immigration, but nuts when it comes to Romney."...


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