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Donald Trump speaks in Arizona, the Silent Majority shows up, Fox News National ignores, CNN teased they'd carry it-then didn't-Conservative Treehouse

7/11/15, "Donald Trump Speaks In Arizona – The “Silent Majority” Show Up….," Conservative Treehouse

"~ The Silent Majority Is Waking Up Again ~

Fox News National ignored it, CNN teased they were going to carry it – then didn’t.  But there’s not doubt Donald Trump made a huge impression today.

Thousands, perhaps as many as 20,000 (inside and out) turned up today in Phoenix Arizona to hear Donald Trump saythe silent majority is back“, and “we’re going to make America great again“.

Trump in Phoenix, Az., 7/11/15

 Originally a small 500 person venue was booked at a local hotel. However, due to overwhelming response the Trump Campaign needed to move to a bigger venue, the grand ballroom at the Phoenix Convention Center.

By all accounts Team Trump could have moved to, and sold out, an even bigger venue – quite possibly an entire sports arena.  However, like all things within a massively growing movement, the growing scope of a thirsty audience exceeds the initial predictions.  This is merely the beginning.

Arriving slightly late, after another massive audience earlier in the day in Las Vegas, Trump was obviously impressed and overwhelmed when he initially walked into the Phoenix venue.

Trump in Las Vegas, 7/11/15

After the initial pictures, signatures, and handshakes for those closest to the stage, Trump delighted the Arizona audience with a full throated advocacy of middle America, main street populism at its best.

Yes, Trump was in typical form. However, even in the world of The Donald, where things are customarily bigger, grander, exceptionally flashier and, well, more brazenly American – even with that, there was a subtle humility evident as Trump recognized the firestorm of support he is witnessing amid a desperately yearning electorate.

Even Trump seemed overwhelmed.

But he didn’t disappoint. Perhaps by luck, doubtful by plan, but most certainly inspired, Trump began by discussing the issues against him as reflected in the national media.  He took the time to talk about NASCAR pulling out from an event in Miami, and ESPN pulling out of a golf course event in California. Pointing out how silly both instances were, and yet how both were played up by the media to be reflective of something they were not.

Trump then shared the backstory of the MACY’s conversation with the CEO calling him moments before he was to give a speech to an audience in New Hampshire.  Donald Trump using the story to reflect how insane it is to try and run for President when you are a successful businessman....

However, he didn’t need to dwell on the issue long before he talked about knowing the support of tens of thousands of Americans, “the silent majority”, who quietly cut up their Macy’s credit cards, and chose to take a stand with Trump.

On June 16th, when Trump announced, we were the first website to note the most important part of supporting a non-traditional candidate. More than money, and more important than infrastructure, a patriot leader needs to know they have the dignified and heart felt support of the people.

Thankfully, the growing scope of the crowds, the increased support on-line and through social media, are allowing Trump to see that he is not alone in his opinion that America needs to be proud again. America needs to be GREAT again, and he is willing to put his life, his fortune, his sacred honor, and yes, his ego, on the line to make that happen.

He is seeing the support. That is the single most important part of putting yourself out there for all the media and leftist piranhas to bite at. More than anything he needs to receive reinforcement that he is supported.

This weekend’s events are doing just that....

We are, as a nation, selecting the leader to make decisions. We are hiring a CEO for the entire country. Our first priority when interviewing candidates is to find out: a.) are they competent, then b.) can they address the problems we need them to face."...

[Ed. note: In his 6/29/15 Chicago Tribune editorial board interview posted on CT, Trump answered specific questions about ISIS (11:00) (its money comes from oil, so bomb its oil sites (despite views of CNN "analysts")); on Iran nuclear threat (23:20), before word one, the 3 or 4 American hostages in Iran must be released, we should be concerned with nuclear warming rather than "global warming;" on TPP (make deals with individual countries, not big groups all at once)]

(continuing): "Begin the process of interviewing the CEO applicants, with the restoration of the Republic in mind....

We want a candidate who loves our country. We want a candidate who wants to work for us – we the people. We want a candidate with quality of decision making, a proven record for success, and an unapologetic -even infectious- enthusiasm to work for us....

A guiding principle that when making decisions the determined direction will be chosen based on the love for our Republic above all other factors. This is called “Principle Centered Leadership”; that is what we should be seeking. If we know that essential principle exists, then we can trust them to make the right decision when those decision moments are reached.

Begin with the end in mind.

How do you eat an elephant? One Bite At A Time."

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