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Father of 17 year old murdered by illegal alien in 2008 says Trump telling truth on immigration, it's made him 'happy for the first time'-KTLA. Mother of slain teen says 'Donald Trump is trying to do' something, and they're trying to shut him down'

7/10/15, "Slain Football Player Jamiel Shaw’s Father: Donald Trump ‘Is Telling the Truth’ on Immigration,", Melissa Pamer and Kareen Wynter

Jamiel Shaw Sr. with Trump

"The family of an L.A. high school football star who was killed by an undocumented immigrant expressed support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial views on Mexican immigrants, standing with Trump as he spoke about the issue in Beverly Hills Friday.

Relatives of Jamiel Shaw Jr. met with Trump at an undisclosed location Friday afternoon and later attended a news conference with him. Shaw died at age 17 in a 2008 shooting near his Arlington Heights home when gang member Pedro Espinoza mistook him for a rival gang member because of the victim’s red Spider-Man backpack.

Espinoza, who was in the country illegally, was in 2012 sentenced to death for the murder. He had jumped out of a vehicle, shot Shaw in the stomach and then fired a second execution-style shot in his head.

Jamiel Shaw in casket, 2008

Shaw was a running back at Los Angeles High School and had been named the Southern League’s most valuable player. He reportedly drew interest from Stanford and Rutgers universities.

The victim’s parents have recently come out in support of Trump, who has been in the spotlight more than usual since he referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” when announcing his candidacy on June 16 for the Republican presidential nomination.

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.…They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people,” Trump said.  “They’re sending us not the right people.”

Jamiel Shaw in High School

Since making those comments, Trump has seen his ties cut with NBC Universal, Univision, Macy’s and the PGA of America. Trump’s businesses’ alleged employment of undocumented Mexican workers has also come under scrutiny since he made the comments.

Meanwhile, he has vaulted to the top of a crowded field of Republican hopefuls, and many commentators have spoken up in support of the former reality television star.

Early Friday evening, speaking at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills, Trump complained that his comments were being cut down and oversimplified by news media. He said he had “great relationships” with Mexicans, but he faulted the country’s leaders.

“They’re sending people into our country that we don’t want, but we take, and that they don’t want,” Trump said of Mexico. “You know who they’re sending.”

Jamiel Shaw’s father stood behind Trump as he spoke, as did several other people who said their relatives had been killed by immigrants in the country illegally.

Jamiel Shaw’s mother, Anita Shaw, had drawn attention Wednesday when the Daily Mail’s West Coast correspondent published a story in which Shaw endorsed Trump.

Jamiel Shaw Jr.’s father told the same day that Trump’s comments about immigrants made him “happy for the first time.”

The family held an impromptu news conference in Arlington Heights Friday afternoon, before the event in Beverly Hills with Trump. Jamiel Shaw Sr.’s sister, Althea Shaw, said Trump’s office had reached out to the family though Fox News after Jamiel Shaw Sr. spoke to the network about his support for Trump.

“It’s a blessing,” she said.

We love Mr. Trump. We’re happy, because we know he spoke up and he said something,” Althea Shaw said later at the Beverly Hills news conference.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. compared his son’s death to that of 32-year-old Kate Steinle, who was shot to death on a pier in San Francisco this month, allegedly by an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. The suspect, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, admitted to a local TV news reporter that he shot Steinle.

“Put yourself in that same spot,” Jamiel Shaw Sr. said. “From grandfathers to babies have been victims of illegal aliens. So for people to act like it’s not happening because you didn’t say it the right way — that’s a cop out.”

Shaw Sr. said Trump’s statements about immigration resonated with him.

To me, he said it right. He was light on them. He just said ‘rape.’ Come on, I would have said ‘murder,'” Shaw Sr. said. “You don’t have to know how to say everything, you just have to have action.…He’s telling the truth.”

“The only difference between me and Donald Trump is that he is rich, so he’s able to withstand the onslaught to get his point across. That’s why he don’t care what people think,” Shaw said. “Me, on the other hand, I don’t have nothing.”

Trump was in the Los Angeles area Friday, reportedly for a meeting with a “secret” conservative group of Hollywood industry actors and executives called Friends of Abe, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Local immigrant rights group CHIRLA, or Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, planned to protest Trump’s visit outside the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, where the group said he was set to meet with Friends of Abe."

Image caption #1: "Jamiel Shaw Sr. stands behind Donald Trump at a press conference on July 10, 2015, in Beverly Hills. (Credit: CNN)"

Image caption #2: "Anita Shaw prays as her husband Jamiel Shaw Sr., kneels at the casket of their son Jamiel Shaw Jr. in March 2008. (Credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times)"

Mother of son murdered by illegal alien says:

"It makes me angry. Donald Trump, he's trying to do something, and they're trying to shut him down.'...

Mother says when her son was murdered in 2008 people tried to downplay the illegal alien status of the killer:

"When I found out he was an illegal alien, I felt everyone was trying to keep it quiet, I felt like because he was an illegal alien it was alright that he killed my son.

7/7/15, "EXCLUSIVE: 'My son was murdered by a Mexican illegal immigrant, just like Kathryn Steinle - it's time people listened to Trump,' says mother of gunned-down teenage football star," UK Daily Mail, Ryan Parry, West Coast correspondent
"Jamiel Shaw was murdered in 2008 in Los Angeles by a gang member who should not have been in the country 

*Brilliant high school footballer was shot twice by Pedro Espinoza because he thought 17-year-old's red backpack was sign he was in rival gang  

*Espinoza was freed from four-month sentence day before murder even though he was wanted for deportation...

*She tells Daily Mail Online: 'It makes me angry. Donald Trump, he's trying to do something, and they're trying to shut him down.'" 

Jamiel, left, age 17
"The mother of a teenage boy gunned down by an illegal Mexican immigrant in strikingly similar circumstances to how Kathryn Steinle died, has backed Presidential hopeful Donald Trump to 'close our borders'.

Anita Shaw, whose 17-year-old boy Jamiel Jr was murdered by gang member Pedro Espinoza in Los Angeles in 2008, says she is 'angry' at the current immigration policy.

She told Daily Mail Online: 'It makes me sad, it makes me angry, it makes me frustrated.

'And this guy who is running for President, Donald Trump, he's trying to do something and they're trying to shut him down.

'I believe in what he's saying, he's trying to fix the borders and do all the things people should have done a long time ago.'

Los Angeles High School football standout Jamiel was shot twice, once in the stomach and once in the head, near his Arlington Heights home in March, 2008.

He was targeted by Espinoza simply because he was carrying a red Spider-Man backpack and was mistaken for a rival gang member.

The killer, who was aged 19, had been released the day before he killed Jamiel having served four months of an eight month sentence for assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a police officer.

He had lied about his immigration status - which if it had been properly checked would have made clear he was wanted for deportation....

Anita, 50, who was serving with the U.S. Army in Iraq when she was told of her eldest son's death, said: 'I still don't understand why it happened, just like what happened in San Francisco, why wasn't this guy deported after he was released from prison. 'Sanctuary City', that's crazy.

'When I heard about the girl in San Francisco, I said, 'oh no, not again', she was so pretty and so young and to be with her father and her brother when it happened, just enjoying her day, and then all of a sudden no more.'

For Army Sgt Anita, who is currently based in Fort Hood, Texas where she works as a supply specialist, the death only brought memories of Jamiel's death flooding back.

'I remember crying a lot when I was told about Jamiel because I was still in Iraq,' she said. 'I was screaming and crying, I wanted to help find the guy, but I felt completely helpless.

'And then when I found out he was an illegal alien, I felt everyone was trying to keep it quiet, I felt like because he was an illegal alien it was alright that he killed my son.

Los Angeles police officials described the killing as random and senseless - Jamiel was unarmed and had no gang ties.

Espinoza had killed a youth who had been doing everything right in his life - from studying hard to never missing church.

He was also a talented football player inspiring the Los Angeles High Romans to the 2007 Southern League title.

And Mom Anita, who has separated from Jamiel's dad Jamiel Snr and has another son Thomas, aged 16, says she had 'high expectations' of her 'wonderful' son Jamiel.

'A few colleges had been looking at Jamiel for a scholarship. Stanford University had called about him the week before he died and Rutgers University also called,' she said.

'It makes me sad every day and my thoughts and prayers are with the family of her girl in San Francisco.' L.A. Superior Court Judge Ronald Rose sentenced Pedro Espinoza to death in 2012."

Image caption: "Murdered: Jamiel Shaw, 17, with his father Jamiel snr. He was a complete innocent when he was shot twice in the head by illegal immigrant Pedro Espinoza in March 2008 in Los Angeles," Family Photo via UK Daily Mail



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