Tuesday, September 29, 2009

After UN stunt, French see Obama weaker than ever

  • even the Elysee Palace thinks the United States has been transformed from a lion to a lamb in the face of mounting global threats.
As The Wall Street Journal reported this morning, French president Nicolas Sarkozy was less than impressed with Barack Obama’s performance last week in the face of the Iranian nuclear crisis.

According to the paper,

“President Sarkozy in particular pushed hard. He had been “frustrated” for months about Mr. Obama’s reluctance to confront Iran, a senior French government official told us, and saw an opportunity to change momentum.

  • But the Administration told the French that it didn’t want

and his homily calling for a world without nuclear weapons, according to the Paris daily Le Monde.

  • So the Iran bombshell was pushed back a day to Pittsburgh, where the G-20 were meeting to discuss economic policy.”

“Le Monde’s diplomatic correspondent, Natalie Nougayr├Ęde, reports that a draft of Mr. Sarkozy’s speech to the Security Council Thursday included a section on Iran’s latest deception. Forced to scrap that bit, the French President let his frustration show with undiplomatic gusto in his formal remarks, laying into what he called the “dream” of disarmament.”

  • Sarkozy was so annoyed with Obama’s weak-kneed approach that he reportedly told Le Monde that “we live in the real world, not in a virtual one”,
  • a cutting and mocking reference to the US president’s drive for a new arms control treaty. The WSJ quotes him as saying:

“President Obama himself has said that he dreams of a world without nuclear weapons. Before our very eyes, two countries are doing exactly the opposite at this very moment. Since 2005, Iran has violated five Security Council Resolutions . . . I support America’s ‘extended hand.’

  • But what have these proposals for dialogue produced for the international community? Nothing but more enriched uranium and more centrifuges. And last but not least, it has resulted in a statement by Iranian leaders calling for wiping off the map a Member of the United Nations. What are we to do? What conclusions are we to draw? At a certain moment hard facts will force us to make decisions.”

I cannot think of a more damning indictment of US global leadership than a French leader urging the president of the United States to show more backbone in confronting the world’s biggest state sponsor of international terrorism, a rogue nation about to acquire nuclear capability.

  • after the debacle over Washington’s appalling surrender to the Russians on missile defence.

Barack Obama’s weakness on the world stage will inevitably lead to the decline of America as a superpower. That’s not “smart power” - it’ is a policy of defeat."

(In Obama's eyes and those of his masters, US defeat equals success). framus

Monday, September 28, 2009

'Nightmare Presidency --a neophyte completely out of his depth'

  • Editorial, The Pioneer (India):
"He may not relish the comparison but it is now becoming increasingly obvious that Mr Barack Obama is the most hostile American President for India since Richard Nixon. In the eight months he has been in office, Mr Obama has snubbed India more than once. He has sent repeated signals that New Delhi is not integral to his Asian security architecture.
He headlined anti-trade legislation by saying it would punish those who created jobs in Bangalore rather than Buffalo,
In contrast, the tariff war against Chinese tires has not been posited in such stark bilateral terms.
  • This past week, the Obama team reversed a decade of American nuclear pragmatism and went back to an
  • outdated non-proliferation agenda that should have died, really, in the 1990s.
Once more, India has been asked to give up its nuclear weapons and sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • as a second-tier power.
Most alarmingly, Mr Obama has swung wildly on Afghanistan-Pakistan (AfPak). At various points his diplomats and Generals have said different things. Yet, in all this the overarching political message has been missing.
  • In the early months, it was easy to pretend he was making up his mind.
  • Now, it would seem he has no mind.
His confusion on AfPak and constant shifting of tactical milestones would suggest he has little understanding of the nature of the challenge there and,
If the Obama Administration’s most recent thoughts on AfPak are taken as final,
  • the American President is looking to cut and run.
He would want to begin bringing troops home by early 2012,
  • in time for his re-election.
This would mean delegating Afghanistan to the Pakistani Army, and asking it to control the Taliban. It would also activate a
This formidable combination of wealth, geography, religious appeal, unending foot-soldiers and nuclear weapons would create a monster power straddling south and west Asia. To some degree, it could be offset by a strong India and a stable Iran, which would flank AfPak. However, Mr Obama is determined that Teheran must not pursue its Bomb and India should be pressured to sign the NPT.
  • “sustained and expanded commitment”.
Given the intensely and admirably egalitarian nature of the United States presidential election process, it has always been a theoretical possibility that the country will send to the White House a person
Often this has not been the case, and incumbents have risen to the job. Sixty years ago, Harry S Truman had limited first-hand knowledge of great power bargaining but turned out to be farsighted enough to anticipate the Cold War. Mr Obama is the antithesis of this phenomenon.
  • India could have done without this neophyte."
"Nightmare Presidency," The Pioneer (India) Editorial, 9/28/09, via Lucianne.com. (I guess the continent of India is simply racist). (framus)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Children made to memorize and repeat alleged Obama health plan claims, teachers draw only from his speech; upset child shows Obama test to Mother

  • Smart Girl Politics: "The daughter of our member was so upset about what had occurred that she refused to finish the quiz and brought it home to her mother for review.
  • A copy of the quiz is provided below.

Some of these students were educated on the health care debate going on in the country, while others simply took the information as fact and filled out their quiz. For those students, President Obama’s speech was their education. Is that not considered indoctrination?

09-10-2009_04_08_28PM[1]" 9/23/09, "The President Speaks to our Children: Information or Indoctrination?" via Michelle Malkin, via Big Government

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Parasite George Soros slobbering with babes.

"In a discredit to himself, Bon Jovi has Soros and the Hollywood robots over to his yacht on St. Barts.
  • Photo via Wall St. Folly via NY Post...........(Reposted from earlier this year on this blog)

Very young children taught to praise Obama at wage slaves' expense

  • Why not put such exercises on video, have children bring them home and rehearse
  • with parents?
  • Why are parents allowing this crap in the first place? Because they're exhausted and broke. via Drudge Report.

Obama says no country is better than another, therefore


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Memo to Obama: 9/11 Hijackers trained in the US--not Afghanistan. Code Pink, where are you now?

  • This is great oratory? Or even anything different from what the evil George Bush said? So, you're in Iraq because...? The failure of US government employees to do their jobs allowed some hijackers to enter and remain in this country illegally.
  • But it would have been 'mean' to have enforced our laws that we die for every day...
BBC: "On yesterday's (9/20) round of TV interviews, Mr Obama made it clear that the reason for being in Afghanistan
  • on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon."...
  • Commenter to article:
"2. At 5:30pm on 21 Sep 2009, Simon21 wrote: "
They flew their aircraft into buildings - it required no brilliance or particular cunning.
  • People like this can get "trained" or "supported" anywhere from their backyard to the local gym.
It was this tendency to elevate the 9/11 attackers to some vast coordinated conspiracy a massive secret army waiting to take over the world which has led to the chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan."...
  • (What could possibly be Obama's reason for this so-called war? Money, of course. The same reason Bush was there). framus

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thousands in Milwaukee protest Washington DC culture of corruption

  • The adjoining article says something I've never heard before and can't possibly be true. It credits a group called American Prosperity for spearheading the national tea party groups using talk radio and other means. I listen to a lot of talk radio, have heard many tea partiers call in. No caller has ever mentioned this group nor has any talk show host that I've heard. I've read a lot about the protests and haven't seen this group mentioned before. The media wants to believe it's orchestrated and not independent. As such I've read of other groups they've claimed were 'inciting' or 'in charge' of transporting and ginning up these people. The media do not understand freedom.
  • Secondly, I've listened to Rush Limbaugh for 20 years and until last week would have said he was the leader of the conservative movement in America. (This is something entirely different than the Republican Party). However last week, I heard him say that the Tea Parties were strictly a phenomenon showing Republican anger at Democrat policies, "and don't let anyone tell you different."
  • Rush is of course wrong, surprisingly so, because he has up til now praised the beauty of the tea parties for being utterly without a leader, just many independent individuals scrapping their way on their own. In the attached article, Michelle Malkin is quoted saying the movement is also about sell-out Republicans. To me, that's every one holding elected office. "Event stirs up anti-spending fervor" Milwaukee JS, photo by B. Sieu

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama: Legalize illegals, then give them free doctors. But Obama, why can't we have the coverage you have?

"The Washington Times reported:
that's all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage.
He also staked out a position that anyone in the country legally should be covered - a major break with the 1996 welfare reform bill, which limited most federal public assistance programs only to citizens and longtime immigrants.

"Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don't simply believe we can simply ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken," Mr. Obama said Wednesday evening in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. "That's why I strongly support making sure

folks who are here legally have access to affordable, quality health insurance under this plan, just like everybody else. "...


Wash. Times: "Mr. Obama added, "If anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform and resolving the issue of 12 million undocumented people living and working in this country once and for all."" via Gateway Pundit

***I understand he doesn't say give coverage to illegals today. What he says is illegals must be made legal ("resolving the issue"). Legals get free doctors per Obama. If one is a speechwriter one can laugh, boy oh boy we really got those right wingers going nuts now. Yes, if you're a speechwriter prone to such self congratulations, you'll be a great has-been far left speech writer like David Frum, who thinks his 13 month career writing speeches for Bush gives him any kind of cred. With the failure Bush became, temp speechwriters like Frum should leave the public stage in shame.

Putin to meet with GE--what a surprise

"Reuters reports an interesting" aspect " in the wake of President Barack Obama's decision to grant Vladimir Putin his wish and kill the Eastern European missile shield:

Shortly after the pullback on the shield programme was announced, Russia's government said Prime Minister Vladimir

Putin would meet several U.S. executives on Friday from firms including

General Electric, Morgan Stanley as well as TPG, one of the world's largest private equity firms

General Electric may be the company with the closest ties to the Obama administration

  • (if not, GE is second only to Goldman Sachs), and here we see the company benefiting from an
  • abrupt foreign policy change made by President Obama. But GE isn't the only company benefiting. Reuters paints the broader picture:

"U.S. companies have arguably lost out to some European companies in joint ventures, and better diplomacy will likely improve the chances for investors in the strategic sectors of the Russian economy," said Carlo Gallo, senior Russia analyst at London-based consultancy Control Risks.

GE CEO Jeff Immelt sits on Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and GE owns MSNBC, the network famously friendly to Obama." "Obama Helps Strengthen General Electric-Putin Ties," 9/17/09, Washington Examiner, by Timothy P. Carney

  • It's not so much to do with Obama. It's about those who put him in power--that's how politics works. Being against Obama's policies is really about being against Immelt and Soros. And Goldman Sachs. For those who like to talk about Bush, I'd say his policies were more about pleasing Saudi Arabia, Goldman Sachs, Communist China, and certain companies who have robbed us blind and continue to rob us blind doing business in Iraq and Afghanistan. While we're focused on Obama making the US into a third world nation, he's busy giving what's left of it to the greedy money changers who put him in power.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Change- Silent Majority no longer Silent, 9/12 in DC

photos by Dan Perrin, RedState.com 9/12/09 in Washington, DC. (All this due
to the utter and complete failure of every elected Republican going
back to George Bush the first).
  • Joe Wilson DID NOT LIE. White House confirms 9/11, illegals will still
  • be able to get free health care at emergency rooms
  • as they do today. (from MSNBC.com): "There would be no change in the law that requires emergency rooms to treat people who need emergency care,
  • including undocumented immigrants.
  • There is already a federal grant program that compensates states for emergency room costs associated with treatment of undocumented immigrants, a provision sponsored by a Republican lawmaker." via MichaelSavage.com

Friday, September 4, 2009

NAZIs said indoctrinating children and youth was key to victory. Obama has school children chanting his policies, as Nazis did

THIS VIDEO WAS MADE IN 2008, most likely around May and appeared on the internet a few months later, BEFORE OBAMA WAS ELECTED. It was made during school hours WITH TAXPAYER MONEY.

  • "This was taken at the Urban Community Leadership Academy, a charter school for students in fifth through ninth g.."

poster above from exurbanleague.com

"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future!

  • -- Adolf Hitler, speech at the Reichsparteitag, 1935
The Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth), the NAZI party's youth movement, indoctrinated German youth to perpetuate the "1,000 year Reich." The Hitler Youth movement emphasized activism, physical training, NAZI ideology, especially nationalism and racial concepts, and
  • absolute obedience to Hitler" (as in related video preached kids to be "servant to Obama")
"and the NAZI Party.
Once Hitler assumed control over the German state, he used the Goverment to make the Hitler Youth the country's all encompasing youth movement.
In the same year that they took power, the NAZIs organized German youth organizations into two branches of the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugen), one branch for boys and one for girls. Membership was eventually made compulsory and all boys had to report to a neigborhood office to have his racial background checked and be registered for membership. There was then a typically elaborate introduction ceremony on the F├╝herer's birthday"...


Celebrities in ad played in Utah public, taxpayer funded school. The celebs in the ad for Obama tell children they seek an end to 200 years of slavery. Ask everyone to pledge service to Obama. Isn't Obama supposed to be of service to US citizens who pay his salary? Obama's Aunt Zeituni still lives in the slums of Boston on the backs of Massachusetts taxpayers. Obama is a millionaire yet he won't help his own relative.
  • Judge a person first by his actions. Not his pre-programmed speeches.