Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obama's PARASITE boss SOROS says 'Global Warming' is biggest problem in world (which is a lie)


"“We have [another] big problem,” Soros says. “Global warming.
(Soros): "And that could be the motor of the world economy for years to come... instead of consuming, building an electricity grid, saving on energy, rewiring the houses, adjusting your lifestyle where energy has got to cost more until you introduce those new things.
  • not cook.”"
Right, not cook. The world has been cooling for years only media complicity with phony research has brainwashed the masses (including the author of the cited article). Clue: FOLLOW THE MONEY INVESTED IN GLOBAL WARMING SCAMS. THEY ALLOW POLLUTERS TO KEEP POLLUTING WHILE PAYING INTO SCAM FUNDS THAT HAVE NO OVERSIGHT OR FOLLOW-UP.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

George Soros suspected in Ukrainian currency manipulation, met with Prime Minister shortly before sharp decline began, 12/30/08 report

Soros's name is popping up more and more frequently in local media sources, which suspect the financial guru may have
Although comments at the moment barely amount to more than conspiracy theories, Igor Pukshin, a Deputy Head at the Presidential Secretariat, said Tymoshenko may have had
After the 1992 attack on the sterling, which allowed George Soros to earn an immense fortune, it is not surprising to see the speculator pictured as a prime suspect in any currency crisis." "Soros blamed for demise of Ukranian hryvna" 12/30/08

Monday, December 29, 2008

Map of the Breakup of the US

  • Massive illegal immigration, decline of common mores, and easy-as-pie economic collapse. All made possible by greedy, corrupt politicians. Which we provided from the top down. A Russian professor predicted a breakup of the US in the next year. from This has been predicted by Soros and others, and long planned by yet another foreign billionaire, Maurice Strong.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The 2 Americas--Hank Paulson on the monied Left

(Obama supporters won't be able to digest this so move along. It requires both a left and a right brain).
  • 2. Member of IMF Board of Governors.
In a July, 2008 article, The London Daily Telegraph reported that, "Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson
  • when he visited the country more than 70 times.""
  • 4. Chairman of influential trade group the Financial Services Forum.
"Along with (Al) Gore, the co-founder of GIM (a 'green' investment firm) Last September, Goldman Sachs bought 10% of CCX shares for $23 million. CCX owns half the ECX, so Goldman Sachs has a stake there as well....
CCX owes its existence in part to the Joyce Foundation, the Chicago-based liberal foundation ....On the CCX board of directors
  • is the ubiquitous Maurice Strong,
a Canadian industrialist and diplomat who, since the 1970s, has helped create an international policy agenda for the environmentalist movement. Strong has described himself as “a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology.”
  • “senior advisor” to World Bank President James Wolfensohn and
The 78-year-old Strong is very close to Gore."...

~from the book "Money Creators" by Gertrude M. Coogan (1935)"

  • P.S. Man-made global warming does not exist, of course. Even if it did, it could not be cured by a few countries buying and selling carbon scams while polluters continued to pollute. (sm)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Children parade for heroes Mao and Stalin, model for Obama

I recalled this event upon reading Nickelodeon the children's tv network, will cover the inauguration of Obama. This scene could easily happen in the US today with Obama banners. Earlier in my life, this would not have happened with US children. Picture of Chinese Children on parade with banners of their heroes Mao and Stalin, from all posters.
  • Santa Global Warming book cover propaganda for children via Newsbusters, Amazon

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The US has long dealt with 'Political Islam', knows Islam is much more than a religion

  • Oh, then Islam isn't just a religion?
Gulf News, 12/11/08: "For the past six weeks, since the election of Barack Obama as US president, analysts have been speculating about the policy the new administration would pursue towards
The spectrum of opinion ranges between retaining the status quo to a complete overhaul of the current antagonistic policy.
  • Regardless of their differences, however, most foreign policy experts in the US agree on one thing:

Political Islam has been at the heart of Middle Eastern politics since the late 1940s.

  • For a variety of reasons, it has constituted a source of political inspiration, legitimisation and popular mobilisation ever since. Throughout the past five decades the US made full use of this political phenomenon and its approach towards it differed widely, ranging from alliance to co-option to confrontation.

Throughout the Cold War, the US regarded Islam as a bulwark against communist penetration into the Middle East. Washington supplied Afghanistan's fighters with arms and money to drive the Soviets out of the country, helped Iran in the early days of the war with Iraq and supported Islamic conservative regimes from Indonesia to Morocco.

After the Cold War, political Islam fell from grace, but retained a role in regional politics. Washington overlooked the activities of some Islamists and provided sanctuary to their leaders - the case of Shaikh Omar Abdul Rahman, leader of the Egyptian Al Jama'a Al Islamiyya is a case in point.

The logic behind this policy was to use Islamists as a leverage to extract concessions from Middle Eastern regimes and consolidate US hegemony in the region. In addition, and by way of applying pressure on Arab governments to secure an (Israeli) peace and also to prevent a repetition of the Iranian scenario, Washington recognised Islam as a major political force and did not hide its intentions to co-operate with Islamist regimes as long as they did not pose significant threat to its two intrinsic interests: oil and Israel.

The Bush administration came to power looking for an enemy to justify its aggressive foreign policy agenda and convince a wary public of major increases in military expenditures. In the early days of its tenure, China was the target, but 9/11 supplied the Bush administration with a more credible and much needed enemy to pursue its priorities. A new policy line was established and some US scholars volunteered to provide the logic for the long-awaited crusade. ...

  • Since 9/11, the US has declared a war disguised under the term "war on terrorism". By doing so, it ran the risk of bringing the fallacy of the clash of civilisations thesis into reality.

Should Barack Obama change this policy? I think he should. But would he?"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama on Blago: 'You betcha.'

(Jake Tapper blog): "On the Chicago TV show "Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz" on June 27, 2002, state Sen. Obama said, "Right now, my main focus is to make sure that we elect Rod Blagojevich as Governor, we..."

  • "You working hard for Rod?" interrupted Berkowitz.

  • "Hot Rod?" asked the host.

  • "That's exactly right," Obama said.

In 2004, then-Gov. Blagojevich enthusiastically endorsed Obama for the Senate seat after he won the nomination, and Obama endorsed Blagojevich for his 2006 re-election race in early 2005.

  • In the Summer of 2006, then-U.S. Sen. Obama backed Blagojevich even though there were serious questions at the time about Blago's hiring practices.

At the time, numerous state agencies had had records subpoenaed, with U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald telling authorities he was looking into "very serious allegations of endemic hiring fraud" with a "number of credible witnesses.""...

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Yorker Magazine cover after Obama election


Cover of New Yorker Magazine after Obama's election. More Halos., equally breathless, notes about the cover:


About your Nobel Peace Laureate:

7/18/11, "The War on Terror, now starring Yemen and Somalia," Glenn Greenwald,

"There is a concerted campaign underway to ensure that the War on Terror bonanza continues unimpeded in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death, and even despite Leon Panetta's acknowledgment that Al Qaeda has a grand total of "fewer than two dozen key operatives" on the entire planet. That effort relies primarily on touting a growing villainous alliance -- the scariest since Marvel Comic's Masters of Evil -- between Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (mostly in Yemen) and the al Shabab group in Somalia. To accomplish this, all the standard fear-mongering propaganda is being trotted out, and the War on Terror apparatus is simply being re-directed to those nations. Most notably,

  • the establishment media is being used to disseminate these messages,
using its familiar journalistically bankrupt practices to serve this agenda. In recent months, government officials have been insisting that the greatest Terrorist threat now resides in Yemen. Almost before the Al Qaeda leader's body hit the ocean floor, U.S. citizen Anwar Awlaki, in Yemen, assumed his (fabricated) role in American government and media depictions as The Next Osama bin Laden.

The Obama administration has escalated the existing drone program and begun a new CIA drone campaign in Yemen (one that just killed numerous people over the weekend); it also, contrary to public denials, provided the arms to Saudi Arabia to attack a rebel group in Northern Yemen. Yemen is also the justification for Obama's attempt to institutionalize a
The administration just commenced a separate drone campaign in Somalia. And, as Jeremy Scahill revealed last week, the U.S. is relying upon interrogations conducted in a secret prison in Mogadishu, filled with people from that country and those rendered at the behest of the U.S. from other African nations.

Just like The Communist was seamlessly replaced by the Terrorist when

  • a new enemy was needed,
the death of Osama bin Laden and the virtual non-existence of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan means that
  • Yemen and Somalia are the New War on Terror Battlegrounds.
Typifying the subservient role played by the establishment media in propagating this narrative is this new article in The Los Angeles Times by Brian Bennett. Headlined
  • "Al Qaeda's Yemen branch has aided Somalia militants, U.S. says,"
the article grants anonymity to "U.S. counter-terrorism officials" to do nothing more than echo the official administration line: that we now face "a widening alliance of terrorist groups."...

In December, 2009, U.S. cruise missile carrying cluster bombs were dropped in Yemen, killing 41 people, including 14 women and 21 children. Cables released by WikiLeaks subsequently revealed that the Obama administration perpetrated that attack, as well as a second air strike that same month (which targeted Awlaki). In May, 2010, the Obama administration launched another attack in that country, one that

  • "killed the province's deputy governor, a respected local leader who Yemeni officials said had been trying to talk Qaeda members into giving up their fight,"
which was "at least the fourth such assault" in Yemen since December, 2009....

Those 2009 and 2010 attacks...are playing a very significant role in why there is a Terrorism problem in Yemen in the first place. As The Christian Science Monitor explained when reporting on the 2009 American cluster bomb attack in Yemen:

Just as high civilian casualties in US attacks on militants have fed extremism in Iraq and Afghanistan, the same phenomenon is now playing out in Yemen, says Yemen specialist Gregory Johnsen....

If you drop cluster bombs in a country and slaughter dozens of women and children with drones and then kill a popular governor, you're going to spawn pervasive amounts of anger and hostility towards the responsible foreign country and also embolden the message of extremists that they are under attack from the U.S and jihad is thus warranted: a shocking observation, I know -- but readers of the LA Times, or at least this article on the supposed emerging threat, would have no idea that the U.S. has even been doing that in Yemen. That the U.S. is creating the very Terrorism problem it claims to be combating is one of the most crucial points in discussions of American Terrorism policy -- it was one explicitly recognized even by a Rumsfeld-created Terrorism task force back in 2004 -- but it barely is heard in American political discourse....

American media reports such as the one appearing this weekend in the LA Times reflexively depict escalating American military attacks as a response to the growing Terrorist threat rather than as what they are: a leading cause of that threat. One might also take cognizance of the obvious connection between these escalating attacks under Obama and the


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The North American map as drawn by George Soros and Maurice Strong

"North America as we know it has changed dramatically since November 4, 2008.
  • First came the election of an unknown; a man only
Less than one month later, the proud Dominion of Canada is being laid siege to by an opposition-led coalition of the left. ...
  • Were it not for this drastic change in power for which nobody voted, it would have been laughable that New Democrat Leader Jack Layton,
the man called “the Barack Obama of Canada” by colleagues,
  • had tried unsuccessfully to horn in for his “cut of the television air time pie”. (, Dec. 3, 2008).
History is being rewritten before our very eyes by the Socialists of two nations.
  • Long after we’re all gone, what has happened in a short time-span before Christmas 2008 will surely give pause to the historians.
In more temperate times, the historians would be forgiven for mistaking the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace detailing the work But only in the movies and not in real life do dramatic things happen overnight.
Gradually over time, we elected politicians who cared not for the ecosystem of country Constitutions in comparison to their power lust. Somehow we didn’t seem to notice when government no longer worked for us, but us for them. Politicians elected each term, by and large, got worse and worse until we reached a stage where they came not with altruism and leadership guiding their moral compass, but with teams of lawyers who could trash constitutions no matter how noble or time-honoured.
  • Along the way, we one day reached the level where civic politicians got to be very high handed. Instead of us being able to tell them to return from federal and international issues to take out the garbage, they told us to take out the garbage, and to put it in an increasing assembly of recycling bins.
The only real “change” politicians made manifest is the one where they no longer choose to hide their true intentions.
  • The rats in the farmers’ barns no longer dive for cover in the loft when the farmer comes in.
One long ago day, Government went out and began funding environmentalists, Governments caved into environmentalist demands on eminent domain issues that confiscated land on the glib alibi it was to protect endangered species, Government catered more and more to the environmentalists and the unions that cheered them on until the car industry could no longer manufacture “gas-guzzling SUVs” and was driven along the road to the dead end of bankruptcy.
  • Meanwhile, our politicians skipped off into a safe zone where they are no longer held accountable, morphing us into a global economy where decisions are made globally. “Think globally, act locally” became the mantra of the moment decades ago.
That “safe area” they ran to includes the model of the European Union, whose administrators choose to keep going when members ask them to slow down because they don’t understand what they are even voting on. ...
  • The debut of Barack Obama has nothing to do with the colour of his skin, or even the station in his life. The world is not kind enough to produce political miracles.
“Canada’s Barack Obama” Jack Layton offers no true change for Canadians, his long record as a self-serving career politicians proves it. Beyond both these arrogant activists, we all find out too late that the North American Union is Socialism, advocated by both Obama and Layton,
  • but that’s the road North America is now careening down.
Heaven help the people of both betrayed nations." From Canada Free Press by Judi McLeod
  • via

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why is the left so intimidated by Ziegler/Zogby poll and why was Zogby so shy?

Resources for a second poll were gathered but no firm wanted to take on the job. Why?
  • The new Joe McCarthy era, much worse than the original one. Today's is the mob on the left which is filled with hatred and negativity for those who don't conform to their views.
They seek tolerance but have none themselves. Finally a polling firm was found for a second poll.

Here are just some of the “highlights” of the Wilson Research Strategies poll of 1,000 voters whose demographic breakdown was an exact replica of the total voting population and whose results totally vindicate the controversial Zogby poll:

  • 35 % of McCain voters got 10 or more of 13 multiple choice questions correct.
  • 18% of Obama voters got 10 or more of 13 questions correct.
  • McCain voters knew which party controls congress by a 63-27 margin.
    Obama voters got the “congressional control” question wrong by 43-41.
  • Those that got “congressional control” correct voted 56-43 for McCain.
  • Those that got “congressional control” wrong voted 65-35 for Obama.
  • Those “exposed” to FOX News got “congressional control” correct 64-25 (+39)
  • Those ‘exposed” to CNN got “Congressional control” correct 48-38 (+10)
  • Those “exposed” to network news got “Congressional control” correct 48-39 (+9)
  • Those “exposed” to print media got “Congressional control” correct 52-37 (+15)
  • Those “exposed” to MSNBC got “Congressional control” correct 55-35 (+20)
  • Those “exposed” to talk radio got “Congressional control” correct 61-29 (+32)
  • Voters in the South had the best response rate on “Congressional control” (+22)
  • Voters in the Northeast had the worst response rate on “Congressional control” (+9)
  • Those “exposed” to FOX News voted 70-29 for McCain.
  • Those “exposed” to CNN voted 63-37 for Obama.
  • Those “exposed” to MSNBC voted 73-26 for Obama.
  • Those “exposed” to network newscasts voted 62-37 for Obama.
  • Those “exposed” to national newspapers voted 64-36 for Obama
  • Those “exposed” to talk radio voted 61-38 for McCain.
  • Those that could associate Bill Ayers’ name/story with Obama voted 52-48 for McCain.
  • Those that knew Obama had made negative comments about “coal power plants” voted 76-24 for McCain.
  • Those that knew Obama had his opponents knocked off the ballot in his first campaign voted 66-34 for McCain.
  • McCain voters did poorly (only 42% correct) on the Keating question and, in general, the voters did universally worse on questions where the negative information was about their candidate.
  • Women under 55 did worse than they might have by guessing on four of the thirteen questions yet 95% of them knew that Palin was the candidate with a pregnant teenage daughter. — Even 95% of those in this demographic group who didn’t know “Congressional control” got this question correct.
  • Those “exposed” to MSNBC scored 90% correct on the three Palin questions (including an incredible 98% on the pregnant teenage daughter question), while those not exposed to MSNBC averaged 84% correct on those three questions."

Georgia a microcosm of the United States electorate

  • Democrat voters concentrated in urban areas. It doesn't mean they're smarter--I used to think that. It only means they are less informed. Not that any politician is necessarily a good choice for anything. Map above from following Chambliss-Martin runoff election, 12/03/08.

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