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Local US governments have long invited foreign interference in their elections. Illegal aliens have been invited to vote in school board elections in NY City and Chicago. Some Maryland towns welcome illegal alien voting in local elections-Election Law Society


7/20/18, “Posted by u/XR29005 11 hours ago 

“Tucker: “Why are the people mad about foreign influence in Americans elections (Russians) encouraging foreign influence in American elections (illegals given right to vote in San Francisco)“.”

7/19/18, “Non-citizens, illegal immigrants now may register to vote in San Francisco school board elections,” Fox News, Lukas Mikelionis 

“The city of San Francisco this week began allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to register to vote in the November election for the city school board. 

The effort follows the city’s passage of a 2016 ballot measure that gave the right to vote in school board elections to non-U.S. citizens over age 18 who live in San Francisco and have children under age 19, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The measure was approved by a majority of San Francisco’s eligible voters, but after the first two attempts failed…. 

A similar initiative of giving limited voting rights has also reportedly been approved in Chicago and multiple cities in Maryland and Massachusetts.”… 

Added: Illegal alien voting in the US has been in place for many years in New York City, Chicago, and some Maryland towns. NY City illegal aliens were allowed to vote in school board elections until 2002 when school boards were dissolved:

2/5/18, Back to School: Noncitizen Parents in San Francisco Able to Vote in School Board Elections,” William and Mary Law School, Joseph Montgomery 

Legislation allowing noncitizens to vote in limited circumstances has existed in the United States for some time.  Chicago grants all parents the right to vote in local school council elections, and several towns in Maryland allow noncitizens to take part in local voting. New York City allowed noncitizens to vote in local school board elections until their school boards were dissolved in 2002.”…  

As to the so-called “intelligence community,” Trump has been set up, framed and relentlessly persecuted by this “community” that features at least one admitted illegal hacker (Brennan), and two admitted liars (Brennan and Clapper)-Sidney Powell, Former Federal Prosecutor, 7/19/18

7/19/18, Trump Has Been Set Up, Framed And Relentlessly Persecuted By The American Intelligence Community,” Daily Caller, Sidney Powell, Former Federal Prosecutor 

“The frenzied furor and fomented outrage over President Donald Trump’s reluctance to express blind trust for our “intelligence community” defy reason and reality. In their choreographed cries of contempt for Mr. Trump, the “left’s” increasingly shrill proclamations of political apocalypse make “Chicken Little” look rational. At least we’ve moved on from the impending annihilation from the nuclear war with North Korea. 

Power is the only thing leftists worship, and they are unraveling in front of our eyes without it. They can’t control Mr. Trump. That alone drives them insane. They have no policies that work. Cities and states they control are criminal sanctuaries and bankrupt cesspools. Check out San Francisco, Portland and Chicago. 

Each of the president’s remarkable accomplishments — from unprecedented high employment, our booming economy and the tax cuts to his historic summit with Kim Jong-un"...

[Ed. note: Also, passing both House and Senate, Trump rolled back draconian rules imposed on small and commmunity banks by Dodd-Frank:: May 22, 2018, Congress Approves First Big Dodd-Frank Rollback,  NY Times, Alan Rappeport, Emily Flitter: “Congress agreed on Tuesday to free thousands of small and medium-sized banks from strict rules that had been enacted as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law to prevent another meltdown. In a rare demonstration of bipartisanship, the House voted 258-159 to approve a regulatory rollback that passed the Senate this year, handing a significant victory to President Trump, who has promised to “do a big number on Dodd-Frank.”"] 

(continuing): "— highlights their abject failures and serves to prick their narcissistic egos. The country is doing better without them every day. Even worse, they are desperate to keep their countless crimes and abuses covered up. 

We know that there are many honorable, dedicated and legitimate members of our multiple intelligence and law enforcement agencies who strive to protect us the right way every day. So, why might any of us not just declare blind trust for our “intelligence community” writ large? Let me count the ways. 

Aside from the fact that former CIA Director John Brennan does not even attempt to conceal his loathing of Trump, it was none other than Brennan who had the CIA spying on members of Congress—indeed the entire Senate Intelligence Committee. Surely, there were others in the Agency who helped him. [Yes-5 others] How many like Brennan are still there?”… 

[Ed. note: Five [CIA] agency employees–two lawyers and three computer specialists-surreptitiously searched Senate Intelligence Committee files and reviewed some committee staff members’ e-mail on computers that were supposed to be exclusively for congressional investigators, according to a summary of the CIA inspector general’s report.”…7/31/2014, Obama should fire John Brennan,Washington Post, James Downie, Digital Opinions Editor…And: 7/31/2014, The C.I.A.’s Reckless Breach of Trust,” NY Times Editorial Board:   “The Central Intelligence Agency admitted that it did, indeed, use a fake online identity to break into the Senate’s computers….The C.I.A. needs far more than a few quiet personnel changes, however. Its very core, and basic culture, needs a thorough overhaul.”] 

(continuing): “Ironically, while Brennan is coming apart at the seams over Trump’s progress in a diplomatic relationship with Putin, it is Brennan who supported a communist—voting for Gus Hall as none-other than president of the United States. 

Then there’s Director of National Intelligence [DNI] James Clapper—the second Trump-loather only recently departed from the top of the “IC.” Mr. Clapper is the guy who had the NSA collecting all possible data on all Americans and then lied to Congress about it. 

Even more important, according to Mr. Comey’s own memos leaked to the New York Times, combined with Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s “note to self” within minutes of Trump’s inauguration, we know that Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Comey, Rice, counter-terrorism advisor Lisa Monaco, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and Vice President Biden, met in the Oval Office just before Comey went to brief the president-elect. 

Not only did they decide to limit information about Russia to be shared with the incoming team, they dispatched Comey to set up Mr. Trump for the media explosion of the entire false narrative and Steele dossier. 

On January 6, 2017, on instructions from Clapper, Comey met one-on-one with Mr. Trump in Trump Tower. Comey “executed the session just as [he] had planned.” He dropped the bombshell of only the “salacious” details of the Steele dossier.

He ran to his car to write down the details of the conversation, then he reported to Clapper and possibly Brennan, one of whom leaked it to CNN. Comey’s briefing provided the very “news hook” they all knew the media wanted to run with the existence of the unverified, Clinton-bought-and-paid-for dossier. 

That remarkable setup, by the highest members of our “intelligence community” and Obama himself, sparked the media firestorm of the Trump-Russia-collusion lie that has besieged the Trump presidency to this day. Indeed, that was its purpose—if not impeachment. 

Don’t forget Peter Strzok — the FBI’s lead investigator for the “intelligence community”— hardly the epitome of trustworthiness. Strzok is the self-avowed despiser of Trump and any possible Trump supporter. Strzok is the epicenter of the Clinton email “investigation,” the Russia narrative, and the Mueller team until last July. Discoveries of his innumerable venomous expressions of hatred for the president “clouded” the Clinton email investigation and compelled his removal from the Special counsel team. Even more egregious conduct compelled his physical removal form the FBI. 

I almost forgot. Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Yates, aided by others in the “intelligence community” more recently including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, obtained multiple FISA warrants to spy on members of the Trump team. All those applications were based primarily on the Clinton-bought-and-paid-for Steele dossier of lies. 

We wouldn’t want to omit Susan Rice, Obama’s national security advisor, who tripled the unmaskings of Americans during 2016 — grossly abusing the government’s surveillance apparatus to target the political opposition. 

Sally Yates, of course, used those unmaskings to set up General Michael Flynn who was simply doing his job. She got him fired from his new position as President Trump’s national security advisor, had FBI Agent Strzok ambush Flynn in an interview, and McCabe may have helped tee him up with false allegations for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

And there’s more. As the chief judge of the super-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court found in an opinion heavily redacted but unclassified last year, the Obama/Comey/FBI’s rank abuses of raw surveillance data of Americans extend back to 2015 (when Trump announced—if not further).

The court found egregious Fourth Amendment violations by the FBI and that it had given private contractors (probably Fusion GPS—Steele dossier creators—and Clinton-connected CrowdStrike) wrongful unlimited and unsupervised access to that data. The court so distrusted the FBI itself that it took access away from it, and NSA Director Admiral Rogers proceeded to eliminate the use of “about queries” completely. 

What was it Senator Schumer said? Cross our intelligence community and they have six ways from Sunday to pay you back? That’s not an endorsement of trust, but rather of fear. Now we know how the-man-behind-the-curtain keeps Schumer in line. 

Trump must be close to pulling back that curtain and exposing the “petty men” who “peep about to find [themselves] dishonorable graves.” 

At that moment in Helsinki, for Mr. Trump, the question of choosing between Vladimir Putin (ex-KGB despot) and Mr. Trump’s own experience of being set up, framed and relentlessly persecuted by the American “intelligence community” to this day, must have felt like the choice between Scylla and Charybdis. Either would destroy him, and no matter what he said, the Left would shriek the sky is falling yet again. 

Indeed, one must wonder if our president really feels there is anyone he can trust.”
Among comments at Free Republic

“We know that there are many honorable, dedicated and legitimate members of our multiple intelligence and law enforcement agencies" 

Do we really know this? I’m not seeing much evidence to back up this worn out trope. The only person to blow the whistle on the IC shenanigans is Bill Binney. That’s it, one person. If these “honorable” Fedzilla workers were truly that, they would not allow themselves to be sucked into the Deep State BS. I think their only concern is their pensions – they could care less about this country. 

11 posted on 7/19/2018, 10:19:10 PM by Major Matt Mason (The U.S. Senate – where American freedom goes to die.)”

And the leadership of those agencies are his appointees. And he can’t say he supports the rank and file as they are the people bringing the information to his political appointees. 

9 posted on 7/19/2018, 10:05:04 PM by joesbucks”

“Sidney Powell is the best writing force on the scene today. Her book “Licensed to Lie” is the rallying cry against the existence and depredations of the Deep State. Pay the 7 bucks, get the book, sharpen the pitchfork and marvel how she gives chapter and verse to the sheer evil and viciousness of Muellers prosecutors.

They lie to federal judges, they withhold evidence, the torture witnesses in solitary confinement and then suborn perjury.

They threaten witnesses and threaten their families. After the book, it is amazing how Weissmann and the Mueller crew are not imprisoned. You will hate the government because it is evil. They are worse than the criminals. 

Judge Emmett Sullivan is a hero of the book and was on the Senator Ted Stevens case. The Deep State was able to get Ted Stevens out of office, a Democrat was put in and the Obamacare plan was passed. While the travesty of justice was happening, FBI agent Chad Joy, probably one of the bravest men in Christendom, stood up and said, Your Honor, the government is lying to you, and here is the evidence. It was one man with a conscience that changed the outcome. Emmett Sullivan dressed the government down for hours, and was furious about their unethical if not illegal behavior. He has now been on the Flynn case and he takes huge precautions when dealing with US attorneys, he does not trust them, I don’t think he ever will. 

Sidney Powell is the appellate lawyer and she is the champion. A strong mind and a stern pen makes you glad that she is fighting on our side. 

12 posted on 7/19/2018, 10:23:46 PM by Titus-Maximus”

“Do we really know this?”

We know this because they constantly tell anyone within the range of their voices that they are great patriots and strive to do their work with honor. 

It was probably too late to do anything about the alphabet agencies 50+ years ago. FBI alone has 35,000 employees and a budget of almost 9 billion they deign to tell us about. NSA’s open budget is around 10 billion. Snowden said it was around 50 billion off the books per year for surveillance and data collection in 2012, if I recall. They can’t even tell us how many work for the NSA, it is estimated between 30,000 and 40,000. The NSA is the largest employer in Maryland. 


13 posted on 7/19/2018, 10:27:37 PM by Ransomed”

“Great article, but sad. Pray for president Trump, his family, and everyone trying to bring light to the darkness in our government.As for what is really going on, I have a question: Who are our overlords? I originally thought the unelected Supreme court ruled us, but now it looks like the unelected Intelligence agencies have ultimate control?

And as a final side note about all the “Russia, Russia, Russia,” BS: They just finished hosting the World Cup of Soccer. While it is not as popular here, it was widely viewed around the world, and they ‘Russians/Putin’ do not look like the scary people the hysterical left is trying to make them out to be. But of course this won’t stop them from trying. 

16 posted on 7/19/2018, 11:08:20 PM by Pajamajan”

“Gen. Paul Nakasone – NSA director appointed by DJT and confirmed on May 4, 2018
Christopher Wray – FBI Director appointed by DJT and confirmed August 2, 2017
Gina Haspel – CIA director appointed by DJT and confirmed May 21, 2018
Dan Coats – Director of National Intelligence appointed by DJT and confirmed March 16, 2017 

What happened to picking good talent? 

18 posted on 7/19/2018, 11:28:58 PM by semimojo”

“Excellent article and excellent response in the comment section:Doug Dannger Old Hickory • 8 hours ago– Interesting how the intel community won’t pledge loyalty to President Trump but everyone in the alphabet agencies demand the President bow in submission to them.

19 posted on 7/20/2018, 1:01:11 AM by CaptainK (“no collusion, no obstruction, he’s a leaker”)”

Thursday, July 19, 2018

At 80% Republicans overwhelmingly back President Trump’s performance at Helsinki summit with Putin. Additionally, 91% of Republicans approve of Trump presidency so far-Axios Survey Monkey poll, July 16 and 17, 2018

July 16-17, 2018, 2100 US adults, Axios SurveyMonkey online pollerror margin +/-3

7/19/18, Poll: Huge GOP majority backs Trump’s Putin performance,” Axios, Mike Allen

Axios SurveyMonkey Russia poll question:

Independents (no lean)-Total approve 34%

Democrats including lean-Total approve 8%

Total Approve: 40%, total disapprove: 56%

“Data: SurveyMonkey online poll conducted July 16-17, 2018 among a total sample of 2,100 adults living in the United States. Margin of error of ±3 percentage points; Poll methodology; Chart: Lazaro Gamio/Axios” 

Added from Axios poll on Trump Helsinki performance:

Republican-Conservatives: Total approve: 83% (48% strongly, 35% somewhat)

Republican-Moderate/Liberal: Total approve: 69% (28% strongly, 41% somewhat)

Added: Washington Examiner article on above Axios poll with 80% Republican approved of Trump performance at Helsinki press conference with Putin. In addition, “in this Axios poll conducted July 16-17 and released Thursday, 91 percent of Republicans said they approved of Trump’s presidency so far.”
Axios Survey Monkey Russia Poll,” M-T, July 16 and 17, 2018

July 19, 2018, Republicans overwhelmingly back Trump’s performance at Putin summit: Poll,” Washington Examiner, Katelyn Caralle

“The vast majority of Republicans support the way President Trump handled his first summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, according to a new Axios poll.

The poll said 80 percent of Republicans approved of Trump’s performance, while only 8 percent of Democrats feel the same way….

In this Axios poll conducted July 16-17 and released Thursday, 91 percent of Republicans said they approved of Trump’s presidency so far, and 64 percent of Democrats say they disapprove of Trump….

The partisan split could be seen in other things the poll measured. For example, 85 percent of Republicans think the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections is “more of a distraction,” while on the other side, 85 percent of Democrats feel that the possibility of coordination between the two entities is a “serious issue.””…

Added: Following was Mike Allen’s commentary on his Axios poll results. I wasn’t going to post it, but, for the record, in Mike’s world, the poll results “foreshadow national drama.” To me, these are just some poll results:

“Be smart: This poll foreshadows the coming national drama. Every piece of data, and virtually every public action of elected Republican officials, shows Trump will have overwhelming and probably unbreakable party support, regardless of what Robert Mueller finds with his Russia probe.”

Also, in two instances, poll numbers Mike includes in his narrative and graph (below) are slightly different (to his advantage) than those on the Axios poll to which he linked. The poll says 80% Republican support (43 +37), whereas Mike and his graph say 79%. On “Total disapprove,” the poll says 56%, Mike says 58%:


Hamilton 68 neocon hate group funded in part by US taxpayers and NATO ostensibly seeks to violently remove Putin but it’s real purpose is to once and for all silence US taxpayers and render them slaves of the Endless Unwinnable War Industry. Hamilton 68 is part of German Marshall Fund of the US-zero hedge

7/18/18, “CNN Uses Discredited “Hamilton 68” Website To Claim #WalkAway Campaign Hijacked By Russian Bots,” Zero Hedge, Durden 

“A viral movement featuring Democrats who have left their party under the hashtag #WalkAway was just relegated to Russian Bot status by CNN, which published op-ed by David A. Love on Tuesday uncritically citing propaganda website “Hamilton 88” as evidence that Russia – not an organic movement – is fueling the hashtag’s popularity.

#WalkAway has also now been connected to Kremlin-linked Russian bots, and it is now the seventh most popular Russia-influenced hashtag as of this writing, according to the website Hamilton 68, which tracks Russian influence on Twitter –CNN
The Walk Away campaign was launched by New York hairstylist Brandon Straka in late May, who created a Facebook page and posted a video explaining what the movement is about.
It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country- which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive leftbut also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America. It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth.
The Democratic Party has taken for granted that it owns racial, sexual, and religious minorities in America. It has encouraged groupthink, hypocrisy, division, stereotyping, resentment, and the acceptance of victimhood mentality. And all the while, they have discouraged minorities from having independent thought, open dialogue, measured and informed opinion, and a motivation to succeed….
“Walk Away” Video 

Hamilton 68... 

[“Hamilton 68” is run by The Alliance for Securing Democracy which is housed with a larger group promoting US influence in Eastern Europe funded in part by US taxpayers and NATO, “The German Marshall Fund of the United States”: “About us:” The Alliance for Securing Democracy is currently funded by a group of American private individuals and small family foundations from across the political spectrum and housed at The German Marshall Fund of the United States.This is the last sentence on “About us” page of “Alliance for Securing Democracy.” Recent changes at The German Marshall Fund of the US: “However, in the past 12 months, it’s taken a very strange turn. Following the election of US President Donald Trump (ironically a German-American), the lobby group launched the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) project. Its centerpiece is the ‘Hamilton 68 Dashboard’, which seems to classify social media users which reject the US liberal elite’s consensus as “Russian trolls.””] 

(continuing): “Hamilton 68, meanwhile, is run by The Alliance for Securing Democracy….[and is housed at The German Marshall Fund of the United States,” whose major donors include US taxpayers via NATO, USAID, the EU, George Soros (via Open Society), Facebook, Raytheon, and David Ignatius.] It claims to track Russian botshowever it’s impossible to verify their claims, as the group does not disclose their methodology – yet anti-Trump politicians and pundits alike repeat its claims uncritically. On their advisory council are NeverTrumpers Bill Kristol and David Kramer – the guy John McCain sent to London to meet with Christopher Steele and bring back the discredited Trump-Russia dossier. 

“US media outlets love to accuse other countries of being easily propagandized. They should look at who created “Hamilton68,” the full secrecy behind it, and how mindlessly US media treats its decrees as truth. It’s an amazing propaganda success 

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) February 19, 2018″ 

As we concluded when we initially profiled the platform and the organization behind it, the online tool is lacking in any semblance of scientific data-driven analysis, and its conclusions are thus meaningless. It exists to give gullible audiences the illusion that a data analysis driven tech tool produced via a “bipartisan” think tank has meticulously and objectively proven the “there’s a Russia connection lurking behind every corner” conspiracy theory.

“Unless I am reading this wrong, it shows Russians bought ads to try and help Democrat causes? 

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) September 27, 2017″ 

The dashboard more often targets hugely popular independent news sites like Robert Parry’s Consortium News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and WikiLeaks. As The New York Times noted in September [2017], “Of 80 news stories promoted last week by those accounts, more than 25 percent ‘had a primary theme of anti-Americanism'”. 

Of course, it’s impossible to know what, according to the site’s designers, “anti-Americanism” means, but it no doubt involves articles which are critical of US foreign policy. This means that if a Washington Post or Reuters article, for example, highlights “staggering” Iraqi civilian deaths under US coalition bombings, that article would likely register as “anti-American” by the platform and its creators. By such methods, the Washington Post, Reuters, and numerous independent sites are brought under suspicion alongside RT News and Sputnik. But “anti-American” could also simply mean any article produced by a site that Hamilton 68’s creators don’t like. Again, the data is meaningless. 

With virtually every recent controversial topic which has made headlines pitting conservatives against leftists, Hamilton 68 will claim – absent any evidence, that “Russia” is pushing the conservative side of the argument.

Earlier this year, Hamilton 68 was behind claims by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) that Russian bots were behind a campaign to release a memo created by the House Intel Committee GOP majority:

“On January 23, public interest in the memo from the majority of the intelligence committee had been high, as evidenced by the demand to #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. When the hashtag went viral, Schiff had a theory that it wasn’t the American public that was interested in abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Nope, it was Russians! Secret Russian bots were trying to make it look like Americans were interested in FISA abuse against a Trump campaign affiliate. 

When Schiff advanced his theory that it was Russian bots — not Americans — who cared about FISA abuse, he received typical friendly media coverage. But when Twitter and Facebook refuted the claim, media outlets either downplayed it or pretended it didn’t matter. 

Hamilton 68’s claim — later refuted by Twitter and Facebook — formed the entire basis of Schiff’s theory that it was Russian bots, not real Americans, who wanted to learn about FISA abuse by the FBI. Asked to respond to Hamilton 68’s claim, Twitter responded, “Because the Hamilton Dashboard’s account list is not available to the public, we are unable to offer any specific context on the accounts it includes.” They added, “We have offered to review the list of accounts contained in the Dashboard and this offer remains open.”” The Federalist 

Even BuzzFeed noted the link: The thing is, nearly every time you see a story blaming Russian bots for something, you can be pretty sure that the story can be traced back to a single source: the Hamilton 68 dashboard. 

“But even some of the people who popularized that metric now acknowledge it’s become totally overblown.

“I’m not convinced on this bot thing,” said Watts, the cofounder of a project that is widely cited as the main, if not only, source of information on Russian bots. He also called the narrative “overdone.”” 

Sorry disillusioned Democrats, your story is now part of a Russian meddling effort thanks to a highly cited and completely unverifiable propaganda website.

“Raise your hand if you’re #NotABot@usminority did you see this?#WalkAway 

— ALX  (@TheALX) July 18, 2018″ 

“As long as Russia exists the Democrats will never have another political victory 

— GreekFire23 (@GreekFire23) July 18, 2018″

More on “German Marshall Fund of the United States:” 

2/7/18, Your Guide To Top Anti-Russia Think Tanks In US and Who Funds Them, zero hedge Authored by Bryan Macdonald via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity,” 

Countering Russia has become a lucrative industry in Washington. In recent years, the think tank business has exploded. But who funds these organizations, who works for them and what are the real agendas at play? 

“Founded: 1972 

What is it? Don’t be fooled by the name, the German Marshall Fund (GMF) is a very American body these days with little input from Berlin. It was founded by a donation from Willy Brandt’s Bonn-government to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. Ironically, Brandt is today best remembered as the father of “Ostpolitik,” which sought a rapprochement between Germany and Russia. 

What does it do? After the fall of the Soviet Union, the GMF transformed into a vehicle promoting US influence in Eastern Europe, with outreaches in Warsaw, Belgrade and Bucharest.

However, in the past 12 months, it’s taken a very strange turn. Following the election of US President Donald Trump (ironically a German-American), the lobby group launched the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) project. Its centerpiece is the ‘Hamilton 68 Dashboard’, which seems to classify social media users which reject the US liberal elite’s consensus as “Russian trolls.” The reaction has been highly critical, with even the secretly-funded Russian opposition website Meduza asking “how do you identify ‘pro-Russian amplifiers’ if…themes dovetail with alternative American political views?” 

Who are its people? The GMF, especially through its new ASD plaything, has a high-profile bunch of lobbyists.

They include Toomas Ilves, an American-raised son of Estonian emigrants who once headed the Estonian desk at erstwhile CIA cut-out Radio Free Europe and eventually became president of Estonia. Also on board is Bill Kristol, known as the ‘architect of the Iraq War’ and former CIA Director Michael Morrell. Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who recently announced he was partially abandoning his Russian scholarship and has “lost interest in maintaining my (sic) ability to speak/write Russian is another team member. 

After serving on Obama’s team, McFaul has re-invented himself as a network TV personality since 2016 with 280,000 Twitter followers, 106,000 of which are fake, according to Twitter audit. 

Who pays for it? USAID [US taxpayers] are big backers, throwing in a seven-figure annual sum. This, of course, raises some questions about US taxpayers essentially funding the Hamilton 68 dashboard, which may be smearing Americans who don’t agree with their government’s policies as Russian agents. The State Department [US taxpayers] also ponies up capital, as does NATO and Latvia’s Defense Ministry. Other interesting paymasters are George Soros, Airbus and Google. While Boeing and the ubiquitous Raytheon are also involved.”


Among comments to zero hedge article: 


“totally. completely. legit.” 

SafelyGraze powow Wed, 07/18/2018 – 22:11 Permalink
hamilton68 is totally legit

“Its daily operations are led by Laura Rosenberger”

“Members include Michael Chertoff” 

and commentator William Kristol” 

totally. completely. legit. 

and “Susan Glasser praised the group for its bipartisan approach to tracking Russian propaganda””


US has unqualified right to "meddle" in and destabilize at least 90 other countries via unlimited US taxpayer cash. But no one is allowed to “meddle” in US-Daniel Lazare, Consortium News, 3/8/18…(US taxpayers are born into slavery of blood-drenched, neocon “strongmen” like Carl Gershman. Bored after Viet Nam, neocons dreamed up Cold War with Soviet Union)


So-called National Endowment for Democracy is a largely US taxpayer funded group that proudly meddles in 90 countries. 

3/8/18,The National Endowment for (Meddling in) Democracy,Daniel Lazare, Consortium News 

The unwritten rule governing the NED’s [National Endowment for Democracy] activities is that the U.S. has an unqualified right to do unto others what others may not do unto the U.S., explains Daniel Lazare.”

“They’re meddling in our politics!” That’s the war cry of outraged Clintonites and neocons, who seem to think election interference is something that Russians do to us and we never, ever do to them….

Today, an alphabet soup of U.S. agencies engage in political interference virtually around the clock, everyone from USAID to the VOA, RFE/RL to the DHS—respectively the U.S. Agency for International Development, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and the Department of Homeland Security. The last [DHS] maintains some 2,000 U.S. employees in 70 countries to ensure that no one even thinks of doing anything bad to anyone over here.

Then there is the National Endowment for Democracy, a $180-million-a-year government-funded outfit that is a byword for American intrusiveness. The NED is an example of what might be called “speckism,” the tendency to go on about the speck in your neighbor’s eye without ever considering the plank in your own (see Matthew 7 for further details). 

Prohibited by law from interfering in domestic politics, the endowment devotes endless energy to the democratic shortcomings of other countries, especially when they threaten American interests.

A year later, it gave $400,000 to the anti-Sandinista opposition in Nicaragua and then another $2 million in 1988. It used its financial muscle in the mid-1990s to persuade a right-wing party to draw up a “Contract with Slovakia” modeled on Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America; persuaded free marketeers to do the same in Mongolia; gave nearly $1 million to Venezuelan rightists who went on to mount a short-lived putsch against populist leader Hugo Chavez in 2002; and then funded anti-Russian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko in Ukraine in 2005 [via George W. Bush], and the later anti-Russian coup there in 2014 [under Obama].

What all this had to do with democracy is unclear, although the NED’s role in advancing U.S. imperial interests is beyond doubt. Rather than “my country right or wrong,” its operating assumption is “my country right, full stop.” If Washington [What is definition of “Washington?”] says Leader X is out of line, then the endowment will snap to attention and fund his opponents…. 

It doesn’t matter if, like Putin, the alleged dictator swept the last election with 63.6 percent of the vote and was declared the “clear” winner by the European Union and the U.S. State Department. If he’s “expanding [Russia’s] influence in the Middle East,” as NED President Carl Gershman puts it, then he’s a “strongman” and an “autocrat” and must go. 

America’s own shortcomings meanwhile go unnoticed. Meanwhile, the NED, as it nears the quarter-century mark, is a bundle of contradictions: a group that claims to be private even though it is almost entirely publicly funded, a group that says democracymust be indigenous” even though it backs U.S.-imposed regime change, a group that claims to be “bipartisan” but whose board is packed with ideologically homogeneous hawks like Elliott Abrams, Anne Applebaum, and Victoria Nuland, the latter of whom served as assistant secretary of state during the coup in Ukraine. 

Historically speaking, the NED feels straight out of the early 1980s, when Washington was struggling to overcome “Vietnam Syndrome” in order to rev up the Cold WarThe recovery process began with Ronald Reagan declaring at his first inaugural, “The crisis that we are facing today [requires] our best effort, and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds, to believe that together with God’s help we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us…. 

Additional input for the new NED in 1983 came from spymaster William Casey, CIA director from 1981 to 1987, who, after the intelligence scandals of the 70s, had swung around to the view that certain covert operations were better spun off into what the British call a “quango,” a quasi-non-government organization.

“Obviously we here should not get out in front in the development of such an organization,” he cautioned, “nor do we wish to appear to be a sponsor or advocate.” It was a case of covert backing for an overt turn. 

Others who helped lay the groundwork were:

*Neoconservative ideologue Jeane Kirkpatrick, Reagan’s ambassador to the UN, famous for her argument that “traditional authoritarian governments” should be supported against “revolutionary autocracies” because they are “less repressive” and whose UN aide  *Carl Gershman would become NED president and serves to this day *Human rights Democrats who believe that America’s [taxpayers’] job is to enforce democratic standards throughout the world, however idiosyncratic and self-serving they may be *Old-fashioned pluralists who maintained that the power to succeed existed in different groups’ working separately toward a common goal, in this case, spreading democracy abroad. 

The result was an ideologically lethal package that assumed whatever Americans did was democratic because God is on our side, that old-fashioned CIA skullduggery was passé, and that the time had come to switch to more open means. “We should not have to do this kind of work covertly,” Gershman later explained. “We saw that in the 60s, and that’s why it has been discontinued. We have not had the capability of doing this, and that’s why the endowment was created.” 

In the interests of pluralism, the NED adopted a quadripartite structure with separate wings for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO, the GOP, and the Democrats, each working separately yet somehow together. 

Pluralism helped tamp down debate and also shore up support on Capitol Hill. Liberal Democrats were initially skeptical due to the NED’s neocon tilt. Michigan Congressman John Conyers Jr. tried to kill it in 1985, and The Nation magazine complained a few years later that the group served as little more than “a pork barrel for a small circle of Republican and Democratic party activists, conservative trade unionists, and free marketeers who use endowment money to run their own mini State Department.” 

But when the House voted unexpectedly to defund the agency in 1993, beneficiaries sprang to its defense. Major-league pundits like George Will, David Broder, and Abe Rosenthal “went into overdrive,” according to The Nation, as did the heavy hitters of the Washington Post editorial page. Vice President Walter Mondale, a member of the NED board of directors, worked the phones along with Lane Kirkland, George Meany’s successor as head of the AFL-CIO. 

Ronald Reagan wrote a letter, while Senators Richard Lugar, Orrin Hatch, and John McCain pitched in as well. So did prominent liberals like Paul Wellstone, John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Ted Kennedy, and Carol Moseley-Braun. These people normally couldn’t bear to be in the same with one another, but they were of one mind when it came to America’s divine right to intervene in other nations’ affairs. 

The anti-NED forces didn’t stand a chance. Twenty-five years later, the endowment is again under attack, although this time from the right. Gershman started the ball rolling when, in October 2016, he interrupted his busy pro-democracy schedule to dash off a column in the Washington Post accusing Russia of using “email hackers, information trolls and open funding of political parties to sow discord” and of “even intervening in the U.S. presidential election.”

Since there was no question whom Russia was [allegedly] intervening for, there was no doubt what the article amounted to: a thinly veiled swipe at a certain orange-haired candidate. Never one to forget a slight, Trump got his revenge last month [Feb. 2018] by proposing to slash the NED budget by 60 percent. [Please remember slashing budgets of neocon groups like NED is exactly why Trump was elected. Voters want a drastic cutback in US sabotage of other governments]. The response was the same as in 1993, only more so. Uber-hawk Senator Lindsey Graham pronounced the cut “dead on arrival,” adding: “This budget destroys soft power, it puts our diplomats at risk, and it’s going nowhere.” 

Gershman said it would mean “sending a signal far and wide that the United States is turning its back on supporting brave people who share our values,” 

[Exactly what “values” are these? Why do you, Gershman, a parasite, get to decide what US “values” are? Who says your so-called “values” are shared by most or all Americans? Why are you subverting governments in 90 countries? Have you invited the 90 countries to meddle in the US? There are plenty of “brave” people in the US who need and deserve the tax dollars parasites like you take out of the US Treasury.] 

(continuing): “while Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin moaned [3/4/18] that the administration was guilty of an “assault on democracy promotion.” The ever-voluble Democratic Congresswoman Nita Lowey accused the administration of “dismantling an agency that advances critical goals.” 

“The work our government does [enabled only by unlimited access to US taxpayer cash] to promote democratic values [regime change and bloodshed] abroad is at the heart of who we are as a country,” added Senator John McCain. America is democracy, democracy is America, and, as history’s first global empire, the U.S. has an unqualified right to do unto others what others may not do unto the U.S. Only a “Siberian candidate,” “a traitor,” or “a Russian stoogecould possibly disagree.” 

[OK, “the heart” of Mexico, Central America, and Wall St. is to erase the US border and enslave US taxpayers. That’s “who they are.” So they can do it?] 

Added: Further on links author provides above: Siberian candidate: 7/22/2016, “Donald Trump, the Siberian Candidate,” NY Times, Paul Krugman, opinion. Mr. Krugman mainly wants US taxpayers to remain slaves of an unelected, unaccountable world order imagined after World War II, funded in perpetuity by US taxpayers and which includes permanent so-called “allies” as if such imaginings are or should be permanent and not subject to review by US taxpayers and voters. 

Added: “A traitor:2/16/2018, “Is Donald Trump a Traitor?” James Risen, The Intercept. Mr. Risen chooses to avoid the immediate US problem, that the greatest enemy of the American people is within its borders (such as they are). Time wasted focusing on Russia is precious time not addressing larger, life and death problems of the US. For example, US voters are no longer allowed to decide presidential elections. If the voters' choice isn't approved by the Endless Unwinnable War Industry, his presidential powers will be effectively nullified. US taxpayers are born into bondage of the Endless Unwinnable War Industry.

Added: A Russian stooge,” 7/25/2016, Is Trump a Russian Stooge? Foreign Policy, Julia Ioffe 

“It seems almost indisputable that this is what happened: The Russian government hacked the DNC’s computers, then passed the embarrassing info to WikiLeaks so they could cheer a leftist hero and take down Hillary Clinton, whom the Kremlin doesn’t want to see in the White House.”] 

“Daniel Lazare is the author of The Frozen Republic: How the Constitution Is Paralyzing Democracy (Harcourt Brace, 1996) and other books about American politics. He has written for a wide variety of publications from The Nation to Le Monde Diplomatique, and his articles about the Middle East, terrorism, Eastern Europe, and other topics appear regularly on such websites as Jacobin and The American Conservative. [This article originally appeared on The American Conservative. Republished with permission.]” 

Top image from, 2/27/16, “State Department’s Mission: Coup d’etat   

Added: “Democracy” is for Fat Cats: “NED’s [National Endowment for Democracy] board of directors represents Fortune 500 corporations, insidious corporate-financier funded policy think-tanks, and a wide variety of other obvious conflicts of interest:” 

6/24/2016, “The National Endowment for Democracy: Not National and Not for Democracy,” New Eastern Outlook,, Tony Cartalucci 

“Quite literally, each and every member of the NED’s board of directors represents Fortune 500 corporations, insidious corporate-financier funded policy think-tanks, and a wide variety of other obvious conflicts of interest unbecoming of an organization truly interested in, “the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world.”

Added: US oligarchs Bill Clinton, Harvard cronies, George Soros, and Harvard Institute for International Development plundered Russia’s wealth and destroyed its middle class. Hundreds of millions of US tax dollars were also lost through lavish USAID grants-May 14, 1998, “The Harvard Boys Do Russia, The Nation, Janine R. Wedel

The [GAO] audit team concluded, for example, that the U.S. government exercised “favoritism” toward Harvard, but this conclusion and the supporting documentation were removed from the final report....The very people who were supposed to be the trustees of the system not only undercut the aid program’s stated goal of building independent institutions but replicated the Soviet practice of skimming assets to benefit the nomenklatura.” 


Added: US manufactures dissentagainst governments it dislikes. US taxpayers are forced to fund the undermining of Latin American governments by US parasite/oligarchs like Carl Gershman: 

March 2015, How the US Funds Dissent against Latin American Governments, (Venezuela) 

“NED, National Endowment for Democracy, created in 1983, is funded by US taxpayers via Congress and USAID, also a US taxpayer funded group. It functions outside of US government and has a board of directors. 

“Only recently has there been wider acknowledgement about the role that U.S. funding to nongovernmental organizations — particularly via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) — plays in furthering U.S. foreign policy.

For example, in 2012 governments of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) collectively signed a resolution to expel USAID from each of the member countries. 

Those countries include Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominica, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. 

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

The NED was created by the administration of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan in 1983, operates as a foundation that provides grants for “democracy promotion.” The foundation is structured as an umbrella with an almost corporatist flavor.

It houses four other organizations reflecting U.S. sectoral and party interest: the U.S. labor-affiliated American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS); the Chamber of Commerce-linked Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE); and the other two, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), reflect Democrat and Republican affiliations respectively. 

In many ways the NED resembles previous CIA efforts in the 1950s, 60s and 70s to provide mostly public money for secret operations aimed to bolster pro-U.S. governments and movements abroad. In South America for example, between 1975 and 1978 the U.S. helped with the creation and implementation of Operation Condor. The U.S. provided right-wing dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador with technical and military support for the goal of hunting down and killing political opponents. Some estimate that Operation Condor killed between 60,000 and 80,000 people. 

In 1986, the then president of the NED, Carl Gershman, explained to the New York Times, “We should not have to do this kind of work covertly…It would be terrible for democratic groups around the world to be seen as subsidized by the C.I.A. We saw that in the 60s, and that’s why it has been discontinued. We have not had the capability of doing this, and that’s why the endowment was created.” 

U.S. citizens fund the NED with public money, for the most part without their knowledge or consent. The U.S. government allocates part the budget of the U.S. Department of State to USAID, which in turn provides most of the NED’s funding. 

Although it receives practically all of its funding from the U.S. government, the NED is technically a nongovernmental organization, headed by a board of directors. The current board includes: 

*Francis Fukuyama, a political economist, author and free-market universalist;
*Elliott Abrams, former deputy assistant and deputy national security adviser on Middle East policy in the administration of George W. Bush;
*Moises Naim, Venezuelan Minister of Trade and Industry during the turbulent early 1990s and former executive director of the World Bank;
*Robert B. Zoellick, former deputy secretary of state under George W. Bush and Vice Chairmanship at Goldman Sachs Group. 

The scope of activity of the NED is truly impressive. According to the NED website, it supports more than 1,000 non-government projects in more than 90 countries.

At its inception in the early 1980s, the NED’s funding allocation was set at US$18 million and reached its peak in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Allocations for 2014 and 2015 have been approved for US$103.5 million, while over US$7 million was directed primarily to opposition organizations in Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba in 2013. 

Within the U.S. Department of State’s “Justification of Request” documents, which outline the reasons for funding requests, it is clear that funding priorities in Latin America and the Caribbean reflect the NED’s modern strategy of overtly carrying out old covert objectives.

Michel Chossudovsky, a professor emeritus of economics at the University of Ottawa in Canada, sees this funding as an element in manufacturing dissent” against governments that the U.S. government dislikes. However, these funders do not work alone. 

“The NED (and USAID) are entities linked with the U.S. State department, but they operate in tandem with a whole of other organizations,” said Chossudovsky. 

In May 2010 the Foundation for International Relations and Foreign Dialogue released their report “Assessing Democracy Assistance in Venezuela,” which revealed that in addition to NED and USAID funding, a broad range of private and European-based foundations funded opposition-aligned nongovernmental organizations in the country with some US$40-50 million annually…. 

The United States Agency for International Development

Created in 1961 as a foreign assistance program under President John F. Kennedy, USAID commands a much larger budget and broader scope than the NED. While U.S. diplomats continue to stress that USAID funding does not have a political basis, USAID documents nonetheless acknowledge its role in “furthering America’s interests” while carrying out “U.S. foreign policy by promoting broad-scale human progress at the same time it expands stable, free societies, creates markets and trade partners for the United States.” But critics are skeptical of USAID’s missionary work, noting how its strategy has changed over time. 

USAID’s mandate is “to provide development aid and historically it has provided development aid, tied into debt negotiations and so on. Subsequently with the evolution of the development aid program it has redirected its endeavours on funding NGOs,” said Chossudovsky…. 

The extent of U.S. political ambitions recently came into the international spotlight with the revelation that USAID had secretly spent US$1.6 million to fund a social messaging network in Cuba called ZunZuneo, with the stated purpose to “renegotiate the balance of power between the state and society.” The project was headed up by Joe McSpedon of the USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI).

Other USAID officials accused of active political meddling in the affairs of sovereign countries include regional head Mark Feierstein. According to Venezuelan investigative journalist Eva Golinger, in 2013 Feierstein met Venezuelan opposition figures including right-wing politicians Maria Corina Machado, Julio Borges and Ramon Guillermo Avelado, as well as political strategist Juan Jose Rendon, to devise a plan to undermine the Venezuelan government.

At the State Department budgetary hearing, Feierstein also confirmed “a long-standing program in place to support those who are advocating and fighting on behalf of democracy and human rights in Venezuela…and we are prepared to continue those under any scenario.”

State Department cables revealed by WikiLeaks also brought to light previous activities by USAID/OTI in Venezuela, including the development of a five-point, anti-government strategy for U.S. embassy activities, as well as the confirmation that grantees had been active in promoting street demonstrations in 2009…. 

In Bolivia, local rural workers’ groups and the government expelled the U.S.-based Chemonics International Inc. after their US$2.7 million USAID-funded “Strengthening Democracy” program was accused of financing destabilization attempts against the government. Chemonics operates in approximately 150 countries, offering various technical services and “consulting.” 

The Bolivian government publicly outlined what they argued was proof of USAID-funded programs to mobilize the indigenous population against the government, in particular an indigenous march protesting the construction of a highway. USAID-funded programs were active in these areas, and had funded some of the leading organizations, such as the Eastern Bolivia Indigenous Peoples and Communities Confederation (CIDOB). 

“USAID refused to reveal who it was funding and the Bolivian government had strong reasons to believe that it had ties and coordination with opposition groups in the country which at the time was involved in violence and destructive activities aimed at toppling the Morales government,” said Beeton. Now we know through WikiLeaks that that’s what really was going on.

President Evo Morales also revealed transcripts of phone calls between the anti-highway march organizers and U.S. embassy officials. The U.S. embassy confirmed the calls, but explained that they were merely trying to familiarize themselves with the country’s political and social situation. 

Officials also denounced the lack of accountability to the Bolivian government or to the recipient constituencies of USAID funds. The head of the CIDOB, Lazaro Taco, confirmed that they had received “external support for our workshops,” but would not identify the source. 

These and other USAID activities led Bolivian President Evo Morales to claim that the agency was conspiring against his government. The government expelled USAID from the country in May 2013, while USAID denied any wrongdoing.”… 


4/7/2014, 5 Insidious Ways the US Has Tried Pulling Off Coups Through ‘Democracy Promotion’, AlterNet, Alex Kane 

“Cuba is the latest country to be targeted by U.S.-funded groups trying to destabilize unfriendly governments.”