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The pace of Trump’s no-huddle offense makes good on his promises, is necessary and long overdue to eliminate gridlock of the governing class. He's determined to keep America safe, and no apology-Washington Times Editorial Board, 1/31/17

"Mr. Trump makes good on his promises. The pace of the game may be dizzying and even disorienting, but it’s necessary and long overdue to eliminate the gridlock that paralyzes the governing class....His buckling down as the workman who gets things done, as he said he would, is a novelty and perhaps a precedent for Washington....The new president now takes on the challenge that has sapped the resolve of presidents since Ronald Reagan, cutting down the regulatory leviathan."

1/31/17, "Trump’s no-huddle offense," Washington Times Editorial Board

"The opening whistle has hardly faded to an echo, and President Trump has spread his receivers and hitting his targets. Good to his word, he is executing a White House game plan with a no-huddle offense. It’s driven his adversaries to angry frustration. He’s winning, and they’re not. 

He’s determined to keep America safe, and no apology. His generals won swift Senate confirmation to lead the departments of Defense and Homeland Security. The president signed an executive order temporarily restricting immigration from terrorist preserves, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan, a list of bad places drawn up earlier by Barack Obama and his administration.

Predictably, the temporary ban on travelers from those nations set off protests at airports in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and elsewhere. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, New York Democrat, rushed to the microphones to display manufactured tears and to declare, “This executive order was mean-spirited and un-American.” The drama outside the airport terminals outweighed the effects of the temporary bans inside, where 109 of the 325,000 foreign arriving travelers suffered brief inconvenience.

The gamers of radical change, angered by Trump energy and determination, are trying to amp up rage. While legions of demonstrators take to the streets, lawyers hurry to the courtroom to counter the president’s initiatives. A lawsuit filed on a Saturday morning attempted to block the immigration order, and lawyers speculate that the demonstrations are largely the handiwork of organizations funded by radical billionaire George Soros, who seems eager to burn through his considerable booty to torch the Trump agenda.

Above street level, Mr. Trump is at work getting acquainted with his peers. The new president’s conversations with British Prime Minister Theresa May, restoring the “special relationship” to its previous place of honor in the nation’s diplomacy, inevitably evoked the rapport between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher of a generation ago. He retrieved a bust of Winston Churchill, the British leader during World War II, from a closet where Barack Obama had exiled it. The restoration to a place of honor in the Oval Office underscores the importance of “the special relationship.”

The president’s conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed in answer to media and academic suspicion that Moscow tried to throw the November election to Mr. Trump. They talked of goals they might achieve mutually, such as defeating the Islamic State and radical Islamic terrorism, Russia’s conflict with Ukraine and the pact in the West that preserves Iran’s nuclear program. He spoke to Germany’s Angela Merkel, President Francois Hollande of France and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. Not a bad day’s work.

Americans are familiar with the Donald’s needling of his adversaries, having watched him dispatch his Republican challengers, one by one, and then Hillary Clinton. His buckling down as the workman who gets things done, as he said he would, is a novelty and perhaps a precedent for Washington.

The new president now takes on the challenge that has sapped the resolve of presidents since Ronald Reagan, cutting down the regulatory leviathan. His “one in, two out” order demands that agencies trying to impose new regulations on Americans must first terminate two existing rules. The net financial burden, he said, should be zero. The benefit for small businesses will be “the biggest such act that our country has ever seen,” Mr. Trump says.

This is fundamental transformation. While his liberal opponents sob and simmer, Mr. Trump makes good on his promises. The pace of the game may be dizzying and even disorienting, but it’s necessary and long overdue to eliminate the gridlock that paralyzes the governing class."


President Trump envisions manufacturing jobs to make up about a fifth of the American workforce-Peter Navarro on CNBC

1/25/17, "Trump's point man on trade: 'We envision a more Germany-style economy'," CNBC, Matthew J. Belvedere

"The administration of President Donald Trump wants manufacturing jobs to make up about a fifth of the American workforce, said Peter Navarro, tapped by Trump to lead the newly created National Trade Council.

Navarro told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Wednesday that part of his job at the National Trade Council is matching the needs of industry with the skills of U.S. workers. 

"We envision a more Germany-style economy, where 20 percent of our workforce is in manufacturing," he said. "And we're not talking about banging tin in the back room." 

"We're talking about high technology across the board, whether it's computer chips or cars or anything in between," said Navarro, a Trump campaign policy advisor and formerly a business professor at the University of California, Irvine.

President Trump's executive order this week to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership and his stated intent to renegotiate NAFTA are moves away from many-nation free trade agreements, said Navarro. 

"Multilaterals, you get hundreds of people and thousands of lobbyists and lawyers. It takes years and years and years," he contended. 

Earlier Wednesday on "Squawk Box," Bill Daley, former Commerce secretary under Bill Clinton, said an exit from the TPP without engaging Asian trading partners would leave the door open for China.

Navarro rejected that notion, saying Trump wants to pursue what he considers more nimble bilateral trade agreements. "I strongly agree that bilaterals can occur much more quickly, because basically, it's just a few people in a room talking about what needs to be done."

"As we're negotiating with one country here, we're going to be negotiating with one country here, and another country here," Navarro said."


Ellis Island in NY Harbor, not Statue of Liberty, exemplifies US immigration history. From 1892 to 1954 all foreigners hoping to move to the US were required to stop first at Ellis Island. Persons found to have contagious diseases were kept separate at Ellis Island hospital. 3000 pieces of laundry were washed and sanitized daily. The Immigration Museum is on Ellis Island

"It is estimated that 40% of all current U.S citizens can trace at least one ancestor to Ellis Island....The ‘Passage of Immigrant Quota Act’ of 1921 ended the era of mass immigration to New York."..."From 1892 to 1954, over 12 million immigrants entered USA through the portal of Ellis Island in New York Harbor"

Ellis Island, right

"Guided 90-minute tours will take you to select areas of the 750-bed Ellis Island Hospital. Visit the Laundry Building, with much of its original equipment still in place, where over 3000 pieces of laundry were washed and sanitized daily, infectious and contagious disease wards, kitchen, staff housing, autopsy room and more."....

"Ellis Island Immigration Museum is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and is under the care of the National Park Service. For many, Ellis Island is one of the most meaningful historic sites in New York. Visitors can easily spend hours here learning about America’s immigration history and the varied roles the island has played since the nation’s early years. The Immigration Museum tells the stories of why so many people chose to come to America and what became of them after they arrived. When visiting the monument, be sure to stop at the Information desk in the Immigration Museum to visit with the Save Ellis Island volunteer staff." Two images above from Save Ellis Island

"It is estimated that 40% of all current U.S citizens can trace at least one ancestor to Ellis Island....The ‘Passage of Immigrant Quota Act’ of 1921 ended the era of mass immigration to New York....During the peak period of Ellis Islands operations between 1900 and 1914, 5,000 to 10,000 passed through the immigration station each day."...


"Visiting Ellis Island"

"Today the Ellis Island Immigration Museum is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and is under the care of the National Park Service."

"Ellis Island Facts"...

"Some say that Ellis Island was the ‘gateway to the American dream’ but what we do know for a fact is that it was the gateway to America for 60 years. With a rich history, read on for some interesting and surprising Ellis Island facts…

An Island with Purpose

Ellis Island was opened in 1892 as a Federal Immigration station, a purpose it served for 60 years. Millions of immigrants passed through the station many from eastern and southern Europe and many were escaping poverty and conflict.

A Journey Before the Journey

Typically starting on horseback or train from cities and towns across Europe, many travelers had a long journey just to get to the seaport. They then boarded ships that were crowded, filled with a diverse group of up to 3,000 passengers all from different cultures and religions. and trekked across the Atlantic for 2 weeks

Conditions Onboard the Steamships

Passengers were dispersed between first class, second class and steerage, according to wealth of each passenger. The contrast between first and second classes meant that those with greater wealth enjoyed staterooms and cabin whilst steerage was just an open space at the bottom of the boat.

Tracing Ancestry
It is estimated that 40% of all current U.S citizens can trace at least one ancestor to Ellis Island....

Humble Beginnings of a Future NYC Mayor

Working as an interpreter for the Immigration Service at Ellis Island from 1907 to 1910, Fiorello La Guardia later became the Mayor of New York City. A New York native, La Guardia’s parents were immigrants of Italian and Jewish heritage. 

Eating at Ellis Island

Free meals were served on the island and a typical meal could include beef stew, potatoes, bread, herrings, baked beans and stewed prunes. There were also independent concessions that sold packaged food to be bought as people waited or to take with them when they left the island....

Peak Time of Arrivals

During the peak period of Ellis Islands operations between 1900 and 1914, 5,000 to 10,00 passed through the immigration station each day. The ‘Passage of Immigrant Quota Act’ of 1921 ended the era of mass immigration to New York."


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Foreigners are enraged that a US president would finally dare to defend Americans and allow us to take a break from participating in our own genocide. Foreigners unconcerned about protecting their own citizens are very concerned that Americans remain their global slaves. We needed President Trump more than we knew: 'This American Carnage stops right here and stops right now'

1/30/17, "Trump Protects U.S., World Gets Enraged," Robert Spencer, PJ Media 

"President Trump’s executive orders to build a Mexican border wall and to place a temporary ban on immigration from seven hotbeds of jihad terror have the national and international Left -- and its jihadi allies -- in an uproar.

Welcoming refugees who are fleeing war is part of our duty…his decision can only cause us concern.
A “duty”? According to whom? Wasn’t protecting Ayrault's own citizens from jihad terrorists known to be entering France among the “refugees” his duty? All of the jihadis who murdered 130 people in Paris in November 2015 had just entered Europe as refugees. 

France apparently found jihad less distasteful than vetting refugees; France now has the option it chose. 

Mayor Michael Müller of Berlin pontificated:
We Berliners know better than most the pain caused when a whole continent is split by barbed wire and walls.…I call on the president of the USA not to go down that road to isolation and ostracism.
Müller’s statement has been widely circulated and greeted with joy -- among the clueless Left, which is acting as if it opposed the Berlin Wall when it was up. They did not....

For the young leftist millennials, apparently there wasn’t time in high school to learn about East Germany. They were instead learning the U.S. was founded by white male slave-owners and has a history of oppression, racism, and imperialism. Today's self-righteous Left largely doesn’t know or care that the Berlin Wall was constructed by a totalitarian Leftist government to keep people in, not out. 

The mayor of Berlin -- he, of all people, should know better -- is putting globalist Leftism above the safety of his own people. 

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani jumped in on the phony Berlin Wall theme, too. Rouhani tweeted:
Let’s help neighboring cultures, not build walls between nations. Let’s not forget what happened to the #BerlinWall.
Unlike the Berlin Wall, Trump’s wall is simply a national security initiative. Perhaps Rouhani, whose regime has ordered its citizens to chant “Death to America” every week in their mosques, shouldn't have helped create a security threat. With his tweet, note that Rouhani has an obvious vested interest in opposing any step the U.S. takes to defend its citizens. 

According to CNN, Iran says it now will:
ban all U.S. citizens from entering the country in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.
Who else already had a Spring Break flight booked to Tehran? Guess I’ll hit my second choice, Mogadishu.

While Iran has a great history, as I explain in my book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran is so repressive and authoritarian -- and so hostile to the United States -- that American citizens would be foolish to go there. 

People who have family in Iran will be hit by Iran's ban, and that is unfortunate. But there is a grown-up choice to make here -- we're choosing between death and inconvenience. We can inevitably admit terrorists to the United States, or we can inconvenience good people for a temporary period. France chose the former.
Others to be hard-hit by Iran's new ban are the likes of Carl Ernst, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill pseudo-academic. His work on Islam is so whitewashed, so fawningly apologetic, so complete in its denial of the jihad doctrine and Sharia oppression, that he was given an award in 2008 by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- the genocidal anti-Semite who was at that time president of Iran.

Ernst happily flew to Tehran to accept. The incident was emblematic of how much American academia has degenerated. 

The Iranian government’s statement said Trump’s ban was “an obvious insult to the Islamic world and in particular to the great nation of Iran.” Why is it an “obvious insult to the Islamic world” when the U.S. takes steps to defend itself from jihad terrorism? Because any defensive move taken by a non-Muslim entity is always seized upon by Islamic supremacists and jihadis as food for propaganda, which they produce when calling the defensive move an “unprovoked” act of aggression.

This is a tried-and-true response from Islamic entities going back all the way to the Crusades. Which are still taught in many places as unprovoked Christian aggression. 

Leftist political elites worldwide are joining the likes of Rouhani in excoriating Trump for daring to defend his people. Will nothing but national and civilizational suicide satisfy them?"

"The Forgotten Man," Jon McNaughton painting

Jon McNaughton on Feb. 3, 2012 about this painting:

"Against the background of a darkening sky, all of the past Presidents of the United States gather before the White House, as if to commemorate some great event. In the left hand corner of the painting sits a man. That man, with his head bowed appears distraught and hopeless as he contemplates his future. Some of the past Presidents try to console him while looking in the direction of the modern Presidents as if to say, "What have you done?" Many of these modern Presidents, seemingly oblivious to anything other than themselves, appear to be congratulating each other on their great accomplishments. In front of the man, paper trash is blowing in the wind. Crumpled dollar bills, legislative documents, and, like a whisper—the U.S. Constitution beneath the foot of Barack Obama. The Forgotten Man. Go to www.jonmcnaughton.com"

1/20/17, "Trump's Inaugural Address Was Like No Other in History," Gary North.com

"I don't know which phrase will get quoted in the future. But I'll tell you one that grabbed my attention: "This American carnage stops right here and stops right now." American carnage. He has it, exactly. 

But this is more likely to stick: "From this moment on, it's going to be America First." 

He is not the polished speaker that John Kennedy was. He does not have the hearts of the people in the way that Franklin Roosevelt did in the midst of the Great Depression. He is not the rhetorical master that Abraham Lincoln was. But more than any President I have ever heard or read at an inaugural, he laid out his agenda, showed how that agenda is a fundamental break from the political past, and promised his supporters that he would not betray them. The implication is obvious: previous Presidents have all betrayed them. And they have. Four of them were standing behind him when he said it. This was a breach of etiquette. I loved it.

No matter what happens in terms of the details of his administration, and no matter what happens to the economy as a result of central bank profligacy, Donald Trump delivered an inaugural address that is going to go down in history. His enemies will try to bury him in his own words. But that plays into his hands. They will have to use his own words to bury him. It's Catch-22 for the establishment. Let the battle begin!"



tcth, sundance…


San Bernardino Islamic mass murderer, K-1 visa recipient, openly advocated violent jihad in social media postings. But US immigration officials don't routinely view social media as part of background checks, say not 'appropriate' to do so. Priority is to keep US borders open for business and travel, screenings, safety are trade-offs. Tens of millions of foreigners are cleared to enter US each year to work, visit, or live, officials say impossible to check social media for of all-NY Times, Feb. 2, 2015

2/12/2015, "U.S. Visa Process Missed San Bernardino Wife’s Zealotry on Social Media," NY Times,

2014, Chicago

She said she supported it. And she said she wanted to be a part of it....Had the authorities found the posts years ago, they might have kept her out of the country. But immigration officials do not routinely review social media as part of their background checks, and there is a debate inside the Department of Homeland Security over whether it is even appropriate to do so. 

The discovery of the old social media posts has exposed a significant-and perhaps inevitable-shortcoming in how foreigners are screened when they enter the United States, particularly as people everywhere disclose more about themselves online. Tens of millions of people are cleared each year to come to this country to work, visit or live. It is impossible to conduct an exhaustive investigation and scour the social media accounts of each of them, law enforcement officials say."...

[Ed. note: "Inevitable?" The US became "who we are," ie, desired, by making its first priority the health and safety of its citizens. Until 1954, foreign visitors to the US stopped first at Ellis Island.]

(continuing): "In the aftermath of terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris, this screening process has been singled out as a major vulnerability in the nation’s defense against terrorism. Lawmakers from both parties have endorsed making it harder for people to enter the United States if they have recently been in Iraq or Syria. Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has said there should be a temporary ban on Muslims’ entering the country.

While President Obama has cautioned against “a betrayal of our values” in the way the United States responds to threats, he has ordered a review of the K-1 visa program, which allows foreigners like Ms. Malik to move to the United States to marry Americans, putting them on a pathway to permanent residence and, ultimately, citizenship.

The Obama administration is trying to determine whether those background checks can be expanded without causing major delays in the popular program.

In an attempt to ensure they did not miss threats from men and women who entered the country the same way Ms. Malik did, immigration officials are also reviewing all of about 90,000 K-1 visas issued in the past two years and are considering a moratorium on new ones while they determine whether changes should be made. 

“Somebody entered the United States through the K-1 visa program and proceeded to carry out an act of terrorism on American soil,” the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, said on Thursday. “That program is at a minimum worth a very close look.” 

In an era when technology has given intelligence agencies seemingly limitless ability to collect information on people, it may seem surprising that a Facebook or Twitter post could go unnoticed in a background screening. But the screenings are an example of the trade-offs that security officials make as they try to mitigate the threat of terrorism while keeping borders open for business and travel....

Ms. Malik faced three extensive national security and criminal background screenings. First, Homeland Security officials checked her name against American law enforcement and national security databases. Then, her visa application went to the State Department, which checked her fingerprints against other databases. Finally, after coming to the United States and formally marrying Mr. Farook here, she applied for her green card and received another round of criminal and security checks. 

Ms. Malik also had two in-person interviews, federal officials said, the first by a consular officer in Pakistan, and the second by an immigration officer in the United States when she applied for her green card. 

All those reviews came back clear, and the F.B.I. has said it had no incriminating information about Ms. Malik or Mr. Farook in its databases. The State Department and the Department of Homeland Security have said they followed all policies and procedures. The departments declined to provide any documentation or specifics about the process, saying they cannot discuss the case because of the continuing investigation. 

Meanwhile, a debate is underway at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that approves visas and green cards, over whether officers conducting interviews should be allowed to routinely use material gathered from social media for interviews where they assess whether foreigners are credible or pose any security risk. With that issue unresolved, the agency has not regularly been using social media references, federal officials said."...

Image caption: "The San Bernardino attackers Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago in 2014. Credit U.S. Customs and Border Protection" 


US has live Islamic terror cell in Minneapolis said Judge Michael Davis in sentencing 9 young Somali-Minnesotans on terror charges. Struggling US taxpayers have been forced to pay for a decade of federal Somali terror investigations in Minnesota-Nov. 16, 2016, Star-Tribune


"Sentencings do not put ISIL (ISIS) case to rest, U.S. District Judge Michael Davis says." 

Judge Michael Davis, Star-Tribune
"“Everyone talks about Brussels or Paris having cells,” U.S. District Judge Michael Davis said one day, then, raising his voice: “We have a cell here in Minneapolis.”" 

"In sentencing nine young Somali-Minnesotans on terror conspiracy charges this week, U.S. District Judge Michael Davis closed a chapter in the federal government’s long, extraordinary investigation of ISIL recruitment in Minnesota. But the full story is far from over. 

In nine hearings over three days before a courtroom packed with the families of the young men who sought to give their lives to ISIL, Davis repeatedly underlined a clear message: There is a terrorist cell in Minneapolis and it is still alive today. 

Each day, Davis sought to extract acknowledgment from the young men that they were “terrorists,” and left no doubt as to his thoughts on whether they were simply misguided youths. 

“Everyone talks about Brussels or Paris having cells,” Davis said one day, then, raising his voice: “We have a cell here in Minneapolis.” 

Saying the Minnesota public had “danced around” the issue, Davis described the cell’s size as being between nine to 20, including those sentenced last week and others killed abroad.

Later in the week, he raised eyebrows in the courtroom by telling one defendant that he noted “six to 10” supporters who attended previous hearings and insisted that “some defendants gave them signals.” 

“I know they’re out there,” Davis said. “The community knows they’re out there.” 

Federal prosecutors seemed to share Davis’ conviction. In an unusual development on Wednesday, they asked that two defendants, Mohamed Farah and Abdirahman Daud, be returned to the courtroom after their hearings were finished. Prosecutors said both men flashed index fingers pointed upward as they faced the gallery on their way out, an apparent symbol of “tawhid” that symbolizes an Islamic concept of “oneness of God” but is also a popular symbol used by ISIL supporters.

Minneapolis has been home to the nation’s largest ongoing FBI investigation into terrorism recruitment for most of a decade, centered on the city’s Somali-American population. The probe began with the departures of roughly two dozen men and women who returned to Somalia to join the terror group Al-Shabab.

It expanded when a group of young Somali-American co-conspirators trained their sights on Syria to join the cause of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) beginning in early 2014. 

Davis has presided over every trial the investigation produced, and his judgments are being closely watched by an international audience. 

His sentencing decisions this week — ranging from time served for one defendant to up to 35 years in prison for another — signal that courts are beginning to figure out how to address terror cases with more nuance....

But Davis’ sentencing decisions also sent the message that any attempts at rehabilitating would-be foreign fighters are in their infancy at best....

“Everyone was doing this for free,” said Mary McKinley, whose nonprofit Heartland Democracy worked on a court-approved counseling and mentoring program with defendant Abdullahi Yusuf since shortly after his late 2014 arrest.

Before sentencing Yusuf, 21, to time already served and sending him to a halfway house, Davis stopped short of endorsing Heartland Democracy as a suitable terrorism disengagement program.... 

Davis had created the nation’s first terrorism disengagement and deradicalization program earlier this year, contracting a German terrorism scholar to evaluate defendants before sentencing, assess their risk of recidivism and recommend any release programs that could provide an “off ramp” from radical thought or action. 

But at Yusuf’s Monday sentencing, Kevin Lowry, Minnesota’s chief probation officer, told Davis that his office found no treatment providers contracted by the U.S. probation office that provide suitable treatment. Nor does the federal prison system offer specialized treatment for terrorism defendants....

Other defendants proposed various release programs, but Davis made clear that there was nothing suitable to impose as an official release program, let alone as an alternative to prison. 

“You’re talking to the person that started things,” Davis told one attorney. “I know there’s nothing there. We don’t have anything in the U.S., we don’t have anything in the district of Minnesota and it’s questionable whether any programs around the world are working. That’s where we are at.”

Davis’ courtroom exchanges with defendants continued to detail how Minneapolis’ ISIL (ISIS) conspiracy stood out among the nation’s terror cases. One lesson, revealed because the Twin Cities group of defendants was so large, is that peer-to-peer recruiting can play a powerful role in the radicalization of young people. Defendant Zacharia Abdurahman referred to one of their colleagues who actually left for Syria and is presumed dead.

“When Abdi Nur left, that’s what changed the tides,” Abdurahman said. “I went from just being interested … to this is what I’ve got to do now.”

During Farah’s sentencing hearing, the judge made clear how much he thinks the community learned from the case. 

“It’s on the record. There’s no denying of it,” Davis said. “Your own voice is on those tapes. Your voice here today is admitting to me what you have done. The litany of things that you did, the lies that you told should be published so there is no doubt about what is happening here today.” 

The judge later explained his forcefulness — so direct that it surprised some attorneys — before sending Daud to prison: “We have to incapacitate this cell.”"


Hateful US took in more than 1 million immigrants every year from 2000-2015. For two decades, 1990-2010, the largest population transfer on earth remained Mexico to the United States: 500,000 every year 1990-2000, 240,000 every year 2000-2010. Evil US took in 'only' 23 million migrants 1990-2015-UN report, Sept. 2016


UN chart, page 22, pdf

(p. 21-23, pdf): "Mexico to USA was the largest bilateral migration corridor in the world, with an annual average of nearly 500,000 migrants born in Mexico being added to the population of the United States of America from 1990 to 2000. Fig. I6" [5 million over ten years]

Above chart, "Source: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2015). Note: Russia refers to the Russian Federation, UAE refers to United Arab Emirates, UK refers to the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland and USA refers to the United States of America."

p. 29, pdf: US has added more than one million immigrants every year from 2000-2015:

"Source: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2015). World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision, DVD Edition."

Below, p. 21, pdf, fig. I5: Top 10 host countries, 2015 and 1990-2015 in millions:

"The United States of America experienced the largest increase of the migrant stock between 1990 and 2015, adding a total of 23 million migrants." 

p. 21, pdf: "In 2015, Latin America and the Caribbean had the lowest proportion of international migrants in the total population (1.5 per cent), followed by Asia and Africa (1.7 per cent each). Both Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean experienced a decline in the share of international migrants in the total population between 1990 and 2015."

Above chart, "Source: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2015). Note: Russia refers to the Russian Federation, UAE refers to United Arab Emirates, UK refers to the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland and USA refers to the United States of America."

page 21, pdf: "In Northern America, the proportion of international migrants reached 15.2 per cent of the total population in 2015, up from 9.8 per cent in 1990."


p. 23, pdf: 2000-2010, US added 2.4 million more Mexicans, adding to the 5 million they accepted from 1990-2000 for a total of 7.4 million 1990-2010:

p. 23, pdf: 2000-2010, US added 240,000 Mexicans/yr. avg., down from the 500,000 per year they added 1990-2000.


For twenty years, 1990-2010, the US encouraged Mexico to remain the most corrupt and failed government on earth. By absorbing populations other countries don't want, the US has been "the safety valve for tyrannical and incompetent governments the world over." Everyone knows unwanted populations can always be shipped to the US because of one word: racist. If American taxpayers dared notice what was clearly an invasion if not genocide on the part of both Mexico and the US, they were called "racist" (xenophobic, hateful, etc.) by their own political class and media. This gave permission to the rest of the world to do the same. 

p. 23, pdf: For two decades, 1990-2010, the largest population transfer on earth remained Mexico to the United States:

page 23, pdf: "During the period from 2000 to 2010...Mexico-USA continued to be the corridor with the largest gain--on average, around 240,000 additional migrants per year."


Sept. 2016, "International Migration Report 2015," by the United Nations, Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs



Feb. 8, 2005, "Vicente Fox, Labor Pimp," Human Events, Mac Johnson



Definition of genocide: Rather than immediate destruction, genocide is more often a coordinated plan of different actions to weaken a group's culture, language, national feelings, security, and health, per Raphael Lemkin, 1943 inventor of term genocide: 

"What is Genocide?" GenocideWatch.org, Gregory H. Stanton, Pres. Genocide Watch

"Raphael Lemkin in his masterpiece"Axis Rule in Occupied Europe" (1943) invented the term "genocide" by combining "genos" (race, people) and "cide" (to kill). Lemkin defined genocide as follows:

 "Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. 

It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the

political and social institutions, of  
national feelings,   
religion, and the   
economic existence of national groups, and the  
destruction of the   
personal security,    

liberty,  health,  dignity, and even the 

lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.""...



Sunday, January 29, 2017

United Arab Emirates placed two US Muslim groups on terror list: CAIR and Muslim American Society. Along with Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, and others-Nov. 11, 2014

Nov. 15, 2014, "UAE Cabinet approves list of designated terrorist organisations, groups," Emirates News Agency, wam.ae, Dhabi

"The UAE Cabinet has approved a list of designated terrorist organisations and groups in implementation of Federal Law No. 7 for 2014 on combating terrorist crimes, issued by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the Cabinet's own resolution on the designation of terrorist organisations that provided for the publication of the lists in the media for the purposes of transparency and to raise awareness in society about these organisations.

The following is the list of  organisations designated as terrorist that has been approved by the Cabinet:

:: The UAE Muslim Brotherhood.

::  Al-Islah (or Da'wat Al-Islah). 

:: Fatah al-Islam (Lebanon).

::  Associazione Musulmani Italiani (Association of Italian Muslims).

:: Khalaya Al-Jihad Al-Emirati (Emirati Jihadist Cells).

:: Osbat al-Ansar (the League of the Followers) in Lebanon. 

:: The Finnish Islamic Association (Suomen Islam-seurakunta).

:: Alkarama organisation.

:: Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb  (AQIM or Tanzim al-Qa idah fi Bilad al-Maghrib al-Islami).

:: The Muslim Association of Sweden (Sveriges muslimska forbund, SMF)

:: Hizb al-Ummah (The Ommah Party or Nation's Party) in the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula

:: Ansar al-Sharia in Libya (ASL, Partisans of Islamic Law).

:: Det Islamske Forbundet i Norge (Islamic Association in Norway).

:: Al-Qaeda.

::  Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia (AST, Partisans of Sharia) in Tunisia.

:: Islamic Relief UK.

:: Dae'sh (ISIL).

:: Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) in Somalia ( Mujahideen Youth Movement)

:: The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) in Britian.

:: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

:: Boko Haraam ( Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'Awati Wal-Jihad) in Nigeria. 

::  Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) of the  Global Muslim Brotherhood.

:: Jama'at Ansar al-Shari'a (Partisans of Sharia) in Yemen. 

:: Al-Mourabitoun (The Sentinels) group in Mali.

:: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement of Pakistan).

:: Ansar al-Dine (Defenders of the faith) movement in Mali.

::  Abu Dhar al-Ghifari Battalion in Syria.

:: Jama'a Islamia in Egypt (AKA al-Gama'at al-Islamiyya, The Islamic Group, IG). 

:: The Haqqani Network in Pakistan. 

:: Al-Tawheed Brigade (Brigade of Unity, or Monotheism) in Syria. 

:: Ansar Bait al-Maqdis (ABM, Supporters of the Holy House or Jerusalem) and now rebranded as Wilayat Sinai (Province or state in the Sinai).

:: Lashkar-e-Taiba (Soldiers, or Army of the Pure, or of the Righteous).

:: Al-Tawhid wal-Eman battalion (Battalion of Unity, or Monotheism, and Faith) in Syria.

::  Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) group.

:: The East Turkistan Islamic Movement in Pakistan (ETIM), AKA the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), Turkistan Islamic Movement (TIM).

:: Katibat al-Khadra in Syria (The Green Battalion). 

::  Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen Fi Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis (the Mujahedeen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem, or MSC).

:: Jaish-e-Mohammed (The Army of Muhammad).

:: Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Brigade in Syria. 

:: The Houthi Movement in Yemen. 

::  Jaish-e-Mohammed (The Army of Muhammad) in Pakistan and India.

:: Talha Ibn 'Ubaid-Allah Compnay in Syria.

:: Hezbollah al-Hijaz in Saudi Arabia.

:: Al Mujahideen Al Honoud in Kashmor/ India (The Indian Mujahideen, IM).

:: Al Sarim Al Battar Brigade in Syria.

:: Hezbollah in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

::  Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus (Caucasus Emirate or Kavkaz and Chechen jidadists).

:: The Abdullah bin Mubarak Brigade in Syria. 

:: Al-Qaeda in Iran. 

:: The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU).

:: Qawafil al-Shuhada (Caravans of the Martyrs).

:: The Badr Organisation in Iraq.

:: Abu Sayyaf Organisation in the Philippines.

:: Abu Omar Brigade in Syria.

:: Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq in Iraq (The Leagues of the Righteous).

:: Ahrar Shammar Brigade in Syria (Brigade of the free men of the Shammar Tribe).

:: Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq. 

:: CANVAS organisation in Belgrade, Serbia. 

:: The Sarya al-Jabal Brigade in Syria.

:: Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas in Syria.

:: Al Shahba' Brigade in Syria.

:: Liwa al-Youm al-Maw'oud in Iraq (Brigade of Judgment Day).

:: International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS).

:: Al Ka'kaa' Brigade in Syria. 

:: Liwa Ammar bin Yasser (Ammar bin Yasser Brigade).

::  Ansar al-Islam in Iraq.

:: Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe.

:: Sufyan Al Thawri Brigade.

:: Ansar al-Islam Group in Iraq (Partisans of Islam).

:: Union of Islamic Organisations of France (L'Union des Organisations Islamiques de France, UOIF).  

:: Ebad ar-Rahman Brigade (Brigade of Soldiers of Allah) in Syria.

:: Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) in Syria. 

:: Muslim Association of Britain (MAB).

:: Omar Ibn al-Khattab Battalion in Syria.

:: Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham Al Islami (Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant).

:: Islamic Society of Germany (Islamische Gemeinschaft Deutschland).

:: Al-Shayma' Battaltion in Syria.

:: Jaysh al-Islam in Palestine (The Army of Islam in Palestine)

:: The Islamic Society in Denmark (Det Islamiske Trossamfund, DIT).

:: Katibat al-Haqq (Brigade of the Righteous).

:  The Abdullah Azzam Brigades.

::  The League of Muslims in Belgium (La Ligue des Musulmans de Belgique, LMB)

WAM 2230  2014/11/15


VOA News:

11/17/2014, "UAE Includes 2 US Muslim Groups on Terror List," voanews.com

"The United Arab Emirates has included two U.S. Muslim organizations on its list of more than 80 terrorist movements worldwide.

The UAE named the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington-based group known as CAIR, as well as the Muslim American Society, in a list that also included al-Qaida, Islamic State, the Muslim Brotherhood and Boko Haram.

Neither CAIR nor the Muslim American Society is a designated terror group by the U.S. government. 

Their inclusion drew swift protests from the American groups. CAIR put out a statement that said it is seeking clarification on its "shocking and bizarre" inclusion on the list, while the Muslim American Society said that it had "no dealings with the United Arab Emirates" and was "perplexed by this news."

On Monday, the U.S. State Department said it would be seeking more information from the UAE."


Added:  Earlier in 2014 Saudi Arabia also declared Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group:

11/15/14, "UAE lists Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group," Reuters, Dubai

"The United Arab Emirates has formally designated the Muslim Brotherhood and local affiliates as terrorist groups, state news agency WAM reported on Saturday citing a cabinet decree....

Saturday's move echoes a similar move by Saudi Arabia in March and could increase pressure on Qatar whose backing for the group has sparked a row with fellow Gulf monarchies.

It also underscores concern...about political Islam and the influence of the Brotherhood, whose Sunni Islamist doctrines challenge the principle of dynastic rule....

So far efforts by members of the GCC, an alliance that also includes Oman and Kuwait, to resolve the dispute have failed.

The three states mainly fell out with Qatar over the role of Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Gulf officials say the three want Qatar to end any support for the Brotherhood."... 


Added: UAE praised Saudi Arabia declaring Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group:

3/9/2014, "UAE backs Saudis with Muslim Brotherhood blacklist," AP, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"The United Arab Emirates has thrown its support behind neighboring Saudi Arabia's decision to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, increasing Gulf Arab pressure on the Islamist group.

Saudi Arabia listed the 86-year-old Brotherhood along with several other groups, including Al Qaeda affiliates, as terrorist organizations on Friday. Those who join or support the groups could face five to 30 years in prison under the new Saudi policy. 

The Gulf moves against the Brotherhood follow an Egyptian decision to label it a terrorist organization in December. The move by the military-backed interim government in Cairo comes amid a crackdown on the group following its July ouster of the country's first elected president, the Islamist Mohammed Morsi....

The Western-allied UAE, a seven-state federation that includes the cosmopolitan business hub of Dubai, said it will cooperate with Saudi Arabia to tackle "those terrorist groups through liquidating all forms of material and moral support."

"The significant step taken by (Saudi Arabia) in this critical moment requires concerted efforts and joint collective work to address the security and stability challenges that threaten the destiny of the Arab and Muslim nation," the UAE said in a statement carried by official news agency WAM late Saturday. 

The Saudi terrorist designation also blacklisted Al Qaeda's branch in Yemen and its former affiliate in Iraq, the Syrian al-Nusra Front, Hezbollah within the kingdom and Yemen's Shiite Hawthis.

The Brotherhood condemned the Saudi move against it Friday as a "complete departure from the past relationship" with the kingdom and insisted that it does not interfere in matters of other nations.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the two largest Arab economies, have increasingly clamped down on the Brotherhood in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings.

They along with the tiny kingdom of Bahrain last week withdrew their ambassadors from nearby Qatar to protest what they saw as its failure to uphold a deal to stop interfering in other nations' politics and supporting organizations that threaten the Gulf's stability. Analysts say the move in large part reflects Qatar's support for the Brotherhood and its supporters.

The Emirates has jailed dozens of people allegedly linked to Brotherhood-affiliated groups on state security charges over the past year. It accuses Islamist groups of trying to topple its Western-backed ruling system.

The nation's top court last week sentenced a Qatari doctor to seven years and two Emiratis to five years in prison for collaborating with an illegal Islamist group. The same court in January convicted 30 men, most of them Egyptian, of setting up an illegal Brotherhood branch in the UAE. They received prison terms ranging from three months to five years.

Another 69 people were last year sentenced to up to 15 years behind bars after being convicted of links to Al-Islah, an Islamist group suspected of ideological ties to the Brotherhood."

Added: 2004 Chicago Tribune article on growth of Muslim Brotherhood across the United States:
In 1962 the Muslim Brotherhood began operations in the US. "Over time, the Brotherhood gained notoriety for repeatedly attempting to overthrow the Egyptian and Syrian governments and for spawning violent groups, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian group Hamas."

9/19/2004, "A rare look at secretive Brotherhood in America," Chicago Tribune, , Tribune staff reporters
"Over the last 40 years [since 1960s], small groups of devout Muslim men have gathered in homes in U.S. cities to pray, memorize the Koran and discuss events of the day.

But they also addressed their ultimate goal, one so controversial that it is a key reason they have operated in secrecy:
to create Muslim states
overseas and, they hope, someday in America as well.
These men are part of an underground U.S. chapter of the international Muslim Brotherhood, the world's most influential Islamic fundamentalist group and an organization with a violent past in the Middle East. But fearing persecution, they rarely identify themselves as Brotherhood members and have operated largely behind the scenes, unbeknown even to many Muslims.

Still, the U.S. Brotherhood has had a significant and ongoing impact on Islam in America, helping establish mosques, Islamic schools, summer youth camps and prominent Muslim organizations. It is a major factor, Islamic scholars say, in why many Muslim institutions in the nation have become more conservative in recent decades....

In recent years, the U.S. (Muslim) Brotherhood operated under the name Muslim American Society, according to documents and interviews. One of the nation's major Islamic groups, it was incorporated in Illinois in 1993 after a contentious debate among Brotherhood members.

Some wanted the Brotherhood to remain underground, while others thought a more public face would make the group more influential. Members from across the country drove to regional meeting sites to discuss the issue.

Former member Mustafa Saied recalls how he gathered with 40 others at a Days Inn on the Alabama-Tennessee border. Many members, he says, preferred secrecy, particularly in case U.S. authorities cracked down on Hamas supporters, including many Brotherhood members....

When the leaders voted, it was decided that Brotherhood members would call themselves the Muslim American Society, or MAS, according to documents and interviews.

They agreed not to refer to themselves as the Brotherhood but to be more publicly active. They eventually created a Web site and for the first time invited the public to some conferences, which also were used to raise money.... 

An undated internal memo instructed MAS leaders on how to deal with inquiries about the new organization. If asked, "Are you the Muslim Brothers?" leaders should respond that they are an independent group called the Muslim American Society. "It is a self-explanatory name that does not need further explanation."

And if the topic of terrorism were raised, leaders were told to say that they were against terrorism but that jihad was among a Muslim's "divine legal rights" to be used to defend himself and his people and to spread Islam.

But MAS leaders say those documents and others obtained by the Tribune are either outdated or do not accurately reflect the views of the group's leaders. 

MAS describes itself as a "charitable, religious, social, cultural and educational not-for-profit organization." It has headquarters in Alexandria, Va., and 53 chapters nationwide, including one in Bridgeview, across the street from the mosque there....
MAS collected $2.8 million in dues and donations in 2003--more than 10 times the amount in 1997, according to Internal Revenue Service filings.

Spending often is aimed at schools, teachers and children, the filings show. The group has conducted teacher training programs, issued curriculum guides and established youth centers. It also set up Islamic American University, largely a correspondence school with an office in suburban Detroit, to train teachers and preachers.

Until 18 months ago, the university's chairman was Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a prominent cleric in Qatar and a spiritual figure of the Brotherhood who has angered many in the West by praising suicide bombers in Israel and Iraq. The U.S. government has barred him from entering the country since late 1999. He says that action was taken after he praised Palestinian militants.

In the Chicago area, MAS has sponsored summer camps for teenagers. Shahzeen Karim, 19, says a camp in Bridgeview inspired her to resume covering her hair in the Islamic tradition.

"We were praying five times a day," Karim says. "It was like a proper Islamic environment. It brought me back to Islam." 
At a summer camp last year in Wisconsin run by the Chicago chapter of MAS, teens received a 2-inch-thick packet of material that included a discussion of the Brotherhood's philosophy and detailed instructions on how to win converts.

Part of the Chicago chapter's Web site is devoted to teens. It includes reading materials that say Muslims have a duty to help form Islamic governments worldwide and should be prepared to take up arms to do so.

One passage states that "until the nations of the world have functionally Islamic governments, every individual who is careless or lazy in working for Islam is sinful." Another one says that Western secularism and materialism are evil and that Muslims should "pursue this evil force to its own lands" and "invade its Western heartland."... 

Brotherhood has grown in influence

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt more than seven decades ago, is among the most powerful political forces in the Islamic world today.

1928: The Muslim Brotherhood is formed in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna to promote a return to fundamental Islamic beliefs and practices and to fight Western colonialism in the Islamic world.

Late 1930s: The Brotherhood starts forming affiliated chapters in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.

1948: The Brotherhood is implicated in the assassination of Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmud Nuqrashi, who had banned the group. Al-Banna denies involvement.

1949: The Egyptian government retaliates for Nuqrashi's assassination by killing al-Banna.

1954: A Brotherhood member tries to assassinate Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and fails. Nasser executes several of the group's leaders and incarcerates thousands of its followers.

1962: The Cultural Society is created as the first Brotherhood organization in the United States. Society members help establish numerous Islamic organizations, mosques and schools.

1966: Sayyid Qutb, a Brotherhood ideologue who urged Muslims to take up arms against non-Islamic governments, is executed by Nasser's regime.

1982: In Hamah, Syria, at least 10,000 people are killed by government troops suppressing an uprising by the Brotherhood.

1993: The Muslim American Society, initially based in Illinois and now in Virginia
, is created to be a more public face of the Brotherhood in the U.S.

2001: The U.S. names Brotherhood member Youssef Nada and his Swiss based investment network, allegedly established with backing from the Brotherhood, as terrorist financiers. Nada denies any terrorist links.

2002: Tens of thousands of Brotherhood supporters fill the streets of Cairo during a funeral for group leader Mustafa Mashhour on Nov. 15. 

2003: U.S. authorities investigating alleged terrorism funding describe Virginia businessman Soliman Biheiri as the Brotherhood's "financial toehold" in the U.S. Biheiri denies any terrorist links.

2004: The Egyptian government rounds up dozens of Brotherhood supporters, freezes members' assets and ousts one of its backers from parliament."

"Tribune foreign correspondent Evan Osnos, staff reporter Stephen Franklin and Hossam el-Hamalawy contributed to this report." 
More on UAE, CAIR, and MAS:

11/17/2014, "UAE Designates CAIR, MAS as Terrorist Groups," Breitbart, Leahy

"The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) cabinet approved a comprehensive list of 83 designated terrorist organizations Saturday, the WAM Emirates News Agency reports. The list includes various al-Qaeda affiliates and the Islamic State. 

But the UAE also considers the Muslim Brotherhood and some of its global affiliates as terrorist organizations. The list includes the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS). 

The UAE action follows a decision last spring to follow Saudi Arabia’s decision to label the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.... 

The Muslim American Society (MAS) also serves as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. A 2004 Chicago Tribune story describes how MAS was formed as the Brotherhood’s U.S. arm after a debate about whether to stay underground. In 2012 testimony, Abdurahman Alamoudi, once the most politically influential Islamist activist in the country, said the connection between MAS and the Brotherhood was well known in Islamist circles. 

CAIR’s standard response to criticism, and to questions about its roots in a Muslim Brotherhood-created Hamas support network, is to accuse the source of “Islamophobia.”"...