Friday, January 27, 2017

Mr. President, I'm afraid I can't let you do that: As it stands now, Trump is the only one in government who has any desire to represent us

1/26/17, "The Architecture of Our Modern Non-Representative Government," tcth, sundance

"Understanding the fallacy of false choice: Republican or Democrat, brings clarity to how challenging it is to remove systems of mutual benefit to the organization.

We are in 2017, a time where both sides of the UniParty apparatus find more in common than ever before. The commonality is evidenced within their response toward challenges by an independent citizenry.

In order to understand the challenge now in front of our people’s president, Donald Trump, we must first understand the preferred direction of the people is counter-intuitive to the self-sustaining architecture of the UniParty.

♦  ObamaCare Architecture – The labor unions (D) want Obamacare retained. The U.S. CoC (R) want Obamacare retained. The people want Obamacare repealed and replaced. See the problem?

Inaction is the host’s defense mechanism.

♦  Voting Architecture – The progressive politicos want illegal aliens to be able to vote (D) and design policy goals toward that end. The Wall Street Lobbyists (R) want illegal aliens retained, and therefore support -through willful blindness- procedural goals toward that end. The people want only lawful citizens voting. See the problem?

Inaction is the host’s defense mechanism.

IRS Targeting – The Democrats benefit from the removal of opposition toward their policy agenda. The Republicans benefit from removal of opposition to their incumbency. The architecture of government is weaponized to deliver a mutually beneficial outcome to the UniParty. See the problem?

Inaction is the host’s defense mechanism.

Within the great challenges we face, we continually find ourselves up against an infrastructure, an internally created architecture, specifically designed to maintain a mutually beneficial UniParty system of federal government. 

While the vast majority of American voters cannot put their finger on this issue, inherently everyone knows the system is fundamentally broken. Examples surface, evidence of this construct reaches sunlight, then the UniParty system alarms activate and actions are taken to remove the threat.

We are the threat.  

Distraction and obfuscation lead to avoidance. Within the corrupt architecture avoidance is the system winning Inaction is part of the host’s defense mechanism.

In our desperation we have elected a singular entity who seems to uniquely understand the nature of this problem. We have issued an electoral decree to President Trump to destroy this architecture; to drain this proverbial swamp, and to reestablish a representative voice, a common sense voice, in the system. 

However, this is no simple task.

The architecture is so thoroughly constructed, so entirely -and exponentially- enmeshed within the system, it now organically defends itself against all opposition. Government pulsating like a looming omnipotent and virtually impenetrable organism.

In the coming days, weeks and months, as President Trump carries the Q-Beam through the swampland, will be referencing the construct of this architecture. It is important we try to understand it, and draw reference from prior failed steps upon this specific terrain.

There are very few altruistic agents willing to assist this Herculean endeavor, and even fewer politicians who shall willingly step forth from inside the construct and attack the host which has absorbed them.

Truth sharpens both the sword of righteousness and the more utilitarian machete needed for the current geography.

Keep looking for truth, questioning, or our passage will stall."


Images above from: 1/26/17. "Uniparty Embed Jason Chaffetz: “We Won’t Investigate Voter Fraud"," tcth


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