Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Muslim Day Parade in Manhattan, Madison Ave. features woman in a noose, plastic guns raised

9/14/14, "Muslim Day Parade," Urban Infidel

"Egypt as a woman in a noose."

"Well, just when you thought that the annual Muslim Day Parade had gotten boring ... today happened.  Apparently not concerned in the least with optics, they put away the black death flag of violent Islamic jihad of previous marches and put together some Muslim Brotherhood street theater the likes of which have never been seen." 

9/14/14, Muslim marchers raise plastic guns

9/14/14, Police took the plastic guns, so now they raise sticks. Citation for "police took the plastic guns," Pamela's site is overloaded or not working at the moment, the link may work later.

9/14/14, Muslims march in Obama and Kerry masks. Maybe that's McCain on the right. Good!

Many more photos and videos from Urban Infidel


9/14/14, Children in Muslim Brotherhood t-shirts at NYC Muslim Day Parade, via Pamela Geller


9/14/14, "Four Finger" Muslim Brotherhood banner at Muslim Day Parade,

Citations for "Four Finger" Muslim Brotherhood symbol:

9/17/13, "What This Hand Gesture Means for Egypt's Future," The Atlantic,
"The four-fingered Rabaa has replaced the “V” symbol among the country’s protesters, and that could be a bad thing."

"during a protest near Rabaa al-Adawiya square, at Cairo's Nasr City district, on September 13, 2013. (Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters)"


10/11/13, "Saudi braces for Hajj Brotherhood protests,"

"As millions of Muslims converge on Mecca to make the five-day Hajj, which starts on October 13, Saudi Arabia has mobilised additional security. It wants to ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood does not hijack attention at the annual pilgrimage and that includes ensuring that a certain 

four-fingered political symbol is not displayed....

"We all know that the Brotherhood is an international organisation and that some members might plan political protests during Hajj to drive a wedge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia," said Gomaa.

His comments followed media reports that Morsi supporters have called on Brotherhood sympathisers to flash the "Rabba" sign during the Hajj. This would be in memory of  demonstrators killed around Cairo’s Rabba al-Adawiya mosque in August."...

9/14/14, Muslims praying on Madison Ave., NYC Muslim Day Parade, via Pamela Geller


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