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Boehner CR renews Ex-Im Bank, fully funds massive Democrat agenda, ensures lame ducks who get voted out in Nov. 2014 will still be able to make important votes thru year's end. House Republicans should all go home since Boehner has essentially nullifed their elections

9/10/14, "House Republicans’ CR Funds Planned Parenthood and All Obamacare," CNS News. Terence P. Jeffrey

"The continuing resolution that the House Appropriations Committee introduced yesterday and that the House Republican leadership is preparing to bring up for a vote on the House floor puts no limits on funding Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion provider—or any provision of Obamacare, including the regulations that force Christian individuals and organizations to buy or provide health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs.

“The bill is ‘clean’ and does not contain highly controversial provisions,” says a press release put out by the Appropriations Committee.

“We have reached the point where a Continuing Resolution is necessary to keep the government functioning and avoid another shutdown,” said Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R.-Ky.)

“It is a critical piece of legislation, and my Committee has crafted the bill in a responsible, restrained way that should draw wide support in the House and Senate. This bill is free of controversial riders, maintains current levels, and does not seek to change existing federal policies.”

The bill would take effect on Oct. 1, the first day of fiscal 2015, and run only through Dec. 11.

That means it is designed to get the members of Congress who vote for it past the November mid-term elections, when all members of the House and a third of the Senate must stand for reelection.

If this CR is enacted, the current Congress must return to Washington in a “lame-duck” session and vote for yet another funding bill before Dec. 11. That will allow members thrown out by voters in November to come back and vote to fund the government into next year--if not for the rest of fiscal 2015, which will end on Sept. 30, 2015.

One provision in the bill that would extend beyond Dec. 11 authorizes the federal government’s Export-Import Bank to continue in business until at least June 30, 2015. This federal-government owned bank provides loans and loan guarantees in the name of U.S. taxpayers to foreign corporations, including government-owned corporations, to buy products from U.S. businesses.

As recently reported 65.4 percent of the Export-Import Bank’s loan guarantees over the past seventeen years went to benefit one company—Boeing.... asked the House Appropriations Committee whether the CR did anything to prohibit funding of Planned Parenthood, any provision of the Affordable Care Act,  

or enforcement of any regulation promulgated under the Affordable Care Act, 

including regulations that require Christian individuals, charities and schools to buy or provide insurance plans that cover contraceptives, sterilizations or abortion-inducing drugs.

The CR continues all existing and current federal policies related to the issues you mentioned. It does not include any new policies on these topics,” said Jennifer Hing, the committee’s communications director."


Boehner has no need of elected Republicans. In Nov. 2012, NY Times had inside scoop on Boehner's first conference call with his members after Obama's re-election. The message was Obama won, the GOP lost, Boehner must be left in peace to work with Democrats as he's been trying to do. Per NY Times, "some" elected GOP "latched on" to their own election, suggesting they served both their voters and Obama in a "dual mandate":

11/10/2012, “Boehner Tells House G.O.P. to Fall in Line,NY Times, by Jonathan Weisman and Jennifer Steinhauer

On a conference call with House Republicans a day after the party’s electoral battering last week, Speaker John A. Boehner dished out some bitter medicine, and for the first time in the 112th Congress, most members took their dose.

Their party lost, badly, Mr. Boehner said, and while Republicans would still control the House and would continue to staunchly oppose tax rate increases as Congress grapples with the impending fiscal battle, they had to avoid the nasty showdowns that marked so much of the last two years.

Members on the call, subdued and dark, murmured words of support — even a few who had been a thorn in the speaker’s side for much of this Congress.

It was a striking contrast to a similar call last year, when Mr. Boehner tried to persuade members to compromise with Democrats on a deal to extend a temporary cut in payroll taxes, only to have them loudly revolt.
With President Obama re-elected and Democrats cementing control of the Senate, Mr. Boehner will need to capitalize on the chastened faction of the House G.O.P. that wants to cut a deal to avert sudden tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts in January that could send the economy back into recession. After spending two years marooned between the will of his loud and fractious members and the Democratic Senate majority, the speaker is trying to assert control, and many members seem to be offering support.

“To have a voice at the bargaining table, John Boehner has to be strong,” said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, one of the speaker’s lieutenants. Most members were just taught a lesson that you’re not going to get everything that you want. It was that kind of election.”...

Some Republican members appear ready to accede. 

The election was a wake-up call, said one veteran Republican in the House. For many members, “everyone they knew hated Obama. ...And then we lost.”...

Even so, some Republicans have issued a stern warning to Mr. Boehner that he cannot expect their votes if he makes a deal with Democrats before seeking their consent. 

What we’ve seen in the past is the speaker goes, negotiates with the president, and just before we vote, he tells us what the deal is and attempts to persuade us to vote for it,” said Representative John Fleming, Republican of Louisiana. “We’re just not very happy with deals being baked, then we’re asked to stay with the team and support the speaker.”

Given those conflicting demands, Mr. Boehner must decide whether he wants to seal his role as an essential player in a grand plan to restructure the nation’s fiscal condition, or continue the status quo....  
Some House Republicans have latched on to their own re-elections to claim a dual mandate.  

“The message from this election for me seems to be, ‘You guys keep going,’ ” said Representative James Lankford of Oklahoma.... I was elected by my district to represent their values. I really don’t approach this and say, Now I’ve got to cave to what the Senate or president want.”"...


NPR rejoices in Boehner-Obama victory:
12/8/12, “Once Boxed-In, Boehner May Finally Be Master Of The House,
NPR, Frank James


9/17/13, "The Obama-Boehner Project," Angelo M. Codevilla,

It's fine if Boehner advances a radical left agenda as long as he immediately files paperwork changing his party affiliation from Republican to something else. A large country with only one functioning political party is a dictatorship.


12/15/13,  "Breaking the UniParty," Angelo M. Codevilla

"The Republican Party’s leaders have functioned as junior members of America’s single ruling party, the UniParty. Acting as the proverbial cockboat in the wake of the Democrats’ man-of-war, they have made Democratic priorities their own  

when the White House and the Congress 

were in the hands of Republicans as well as in those of Democrats, and when control has been mixed. 

The UniParty, the party of government, the party of Ins, continues to consist of the same people. The Outs are always the same people too: American conservatives. They don’t have a party.

Whatever differences exist within the Uniparty, between Republican John Boehner and Democrat Nancy Pelosi, between Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Harry Reid, get worked out behind closed doors. Those differences are narrow....

The UniParty is unanimous: more of the same!
Hence, so long as the Uniparty exists, mere voters will have no way of affecting what the government does."...


Comment: Andrew Breitbart worked himself to death for no reason.


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