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John Kerry and Chris Matthews, how many Syrian refugees can we put you down for in overwhelmingly white Nantucket? How many in the 20 room Kerry ski chalet in Ketchum, Idaho? Howie Carr

Matthews in Nantucket

9/25/15,  "Carr: How about Nantucket? Plenty of prime real estate for huddled Syrian masses," Boston Herald, Howie Carr
"So, Mr. Secretary Kerry, how many Syrian refugees can I put you down for? 

In case you missed it, earlier this week, Liveshot journeyed to Germany, which is near France. There he proclaimed that “we” must 
admit even more “refugees”--increasing the U.S.’ annual Welcome 
ISIS! Program from 70,000 
currently, to 85,000 next year, to 100,000 in 2017.

What could possibly go wrong? 

If history is any guide, approximately 91 percent of this latest huddled refuse of your teeming shores will go onto welfare the 
moment they set foot here in the 
Great Satan.

7/4/13, Kerry in Nantucket
That’s the good news. The bad news is, at least a few of this 
91 percent of foreigners on welfare will also become terrorists. The even worse news is, some of them 
already are terrorists. They’re taking their cues from the Obama 
administration, and never letting a crisis go to waste, so they’ll sneak in to kill us."...

[Ed. note: A 2011 Pew Poll found up to 19% of US Muslims think suicide bombing is justified. By 2014 population estimates, this means approximately 600,000 US Muslims believe suicide bombing is justified at least in some cases (19% of 3 million).]

(continuing): "John Kerry will welcome them with open arms--in your neighborhood, of course, not his. He’s still running for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Plus, once we get them all registered to vote to protect their handouts and their translators and their free legal aid when they’re charged with blowing up us Zionists and Crusaders, John Kerry will finally go down in history…as the last Democrat to lose an election for president. 

As you know, Liveshot’s second wife’s first husband’s trust fund is quite flush with future homes for the latest tidal wave of alleged victims. There’s his $6.9-million mansion right here in Louisburg Square. 

You know what ISIS really needs? A navy. Maybe the Kerrys would like to bivouac a few terrorists down on Nantucket, at Brant Point. Just put out a few Porta-Pottys in the front yard, like with the fat-cat contributors. Let the suicide bombers run a tab at the White 
Elephant around the corner.

7/3/13, Kerry yacht, CBS News

And every morning, 
basic training for the new ISIS navy on the S.S. Isabella. As nice as Nantucket is, though, I know an even better place for the new ISIS naval base--Naushon Island, which 
belongs to Kerry’s mother’s family, the Forbeses. Naushon is an amazing 7.4 square miles with only 30 year-round residents. All they need to make Naushon feel like home is a bomb factory and a Department of Transitional Assistance office. 

So many of the proponents of wide-open borders and more Mideast “refugees” have so much to…share. Vice President Biden not only has the 11.8-acre Naval Observatory, but also his own $2.8-million oceanfront mansion in Greenville, Del. Joe’s done well by doing good these last 43 years at the public trough. 

There are also the Chevy Chase, Md., homes of U.S. Sen. Ed Markey and MSNBC anchor Comrade Chris Matthews. 

Hillary Clinton said flooding the nation with Syrians is “a good start.” She’s got the Georgetown mansion on Embassy Row and the mansion she and Bill bought in Chappaqua, N.Y., for $2.85 million when they were “dead broke,” which was why they could only put down an $885,000 cash down payment. If possible, Chappaqua is even whiter than Chevy Chase. 

Then there’s the Kerrys’ ski chalet in Ketchum, Idaho — 20 rooms, 8000-plus square feet, valued at $5 million. Let’s put the Nusra Front terrorists up there--they sometimes jump ugly with our new ISIS friends. We can put up 
al-Baghdadi’s boys in Fox Chapel, Pa., outside Pittsburgh. Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howell Kerry III even have a nine-room carriage house there. 

Did the trust fund unload the Italian getaway in Como Lake, assessed at $10 million?"


Nantucket is 87.6 white per 2010 US Census.


Above, Chris Matthews and wife Kathleen at their summer residence in Nantucket, Labor Day weekend, 2005, photos Washington Life, Oct. 2005

Oct. 2005, "INSIDE HOMES, NOT JUST FOR SUMMER ANYMORE," "These Washingtonians’ Isle of Choice is Definitely Nantucket"

"Washington Life spent Labor Day weekend on Nantucket taking in the cool island breezes and visiting with many of our readers and friends. Chris and Kathleen Matthews and Barbara Harrison and her husband John Chester Pyles, III recently purchased houses on the island, joining the swelling ranks of prominent Washingtonians who summer there, including: John Kerry and Teresa Heinz, Tim Russert and Maureen Orth, Bill and Alison Paley, Bob and Carol Foley, Robert and Marion Rosenthal, David and Alice Rubenstein, Robert and Mary Haft, Evan and Cindy Jones, Bob and Laurie Monahan, Smith and Elizabeth Bagley, Terry and Margaret Lenzner, Max and Heidi Berry, George and Evelyn Constable, and Molly Raiser

But, as Barbara Harrison explains, Nantucket is “not just for summer anymore” (see an insider’s tour of the new Harrison-Pyles’ compound).

It’s hard to imagine that Kathleen and Chris Matthews, who purchased Joan Bingham’s modest Nantucket-style shingled house on the dunes, ever have time for weekend getaways. Still, the broadcasting power couple somehow manage to regularly retreat to their new home away from home, a major feat given that Kathleen anchors ABC-7 news at Five, hosts “Capital Sunday,” and is working on a new prime time news magazine while her husband is busy with his new “Chris Matthews Show” in addition to hosting MSNBC’s “Hardball.”... 

Meanwhile, in between photos, Kathleen managed to entertain Wayne and Catherine Reynolds and Gahl Burt who stopped by for lunch. 

While Kathleen was teaching her course, “Tower of Babble: Making Sense of News in the New Millennium,” at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, she and Chris, a native Philadelphian, rediscovered Nantucket where they honeymooned 25 years ago. Asked whether they have animated political discussions at home, Kathleen responds, “We have our sparks that fly.” The couple certainly keep the sparks flying on the Washington social scene while helping their many charitable causes, including the Catholic Charities Foundation, Shakespeare Theatre, Black Student Fund and Girl Scouts, among others."…
Top image of Chris Matthews and wife from Washington Life Magazine, 2005.


Image source, Kerry yacht:

Wed., 7/3/13, Sec. of State John Kerry on his yacht, seen mid photo, CBS News photo, twitterpic


Image source, Kerry and his kyack near Nantucket Island:

7/4/13, Sec. of State John Kerry offloads from a 1-person kyack near Nantucket Island, photo Ryan Hutton, Boston Herald, 7/5/13


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