Thursday, September 10, 2015

Saudi Arabia offers to build 200 mosques in Germany for refugees-Frankfurter Allgemeine

9/6/15, "The Arabian Peninsula seals off itself," Frankfurter Allgemeine, Rainer Hermann, google translation from German. Original article in German

"The Arab Gulf states are rich, they are Muslim, and they cut themselves against their co-religionists from Syria with a cold starting, which is increasingly becoming a scandal. European countries are taking but generously refugees from Arab civil war regions, many on the Christian continent spare no expense to meet their humanitarian demand. Opposite this suffering, the Arab Gulf States shall, however, deaf, even though the Saudi royal styling also allows as "the Custodian of the Two Holy Places of Islam".

They build the largest mosques, the tallest buildings and magnificent
However, the flow of refugees flowing northwards to Europe,
not to the south, on the Arabian Peninsula. There are two reasons.
Firstly, the refugees do not want to live in an unfree country like
Saudi Arabia
; after all, what they have experienced, they are hungry for freedom and security.

Secondly, these refugees are in the states of the Gulf Cooperation
(GCC) also not desirable. Since the outbreak of the crisis, and
then only the war in Syria, it had become increasingly difficult for
Syrians in general to obtain an entry visa which is also very expensive.

The Syrians might indeed in Arabic, the common language, report what is
actually happening in Syria, and they would politicize Saudi society to
an undesirable degree. In recent years, residence permits for Syrian
migrant workers
were then, especially in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,
are increasingly no longer extended.
Whoever flees from the war in Syria, arrived with the reputation of
"asylum" to Europe. But want Syrians travel to an Arab "brother
country", they are without a visa at all borders - except for Algeria,
Yemen, Mauritania and Sudan - rejected. You are not welcome. This is
what Arab "brotherhood", so Islamic solidarity is lived.
There are
exceptions of course: Jordan and Lebanon have taken millions of
refugees. As the Syrian community in Denmark, presented a video about
refugees who arrived in Austria on their Facebook page, was an entry:
"As we have fled from the region of our Muslim brothers who were
supposed to show more responsibility as a country that ? they call
infidels "Another wrote:" I swear by God the Almighty, the Arabs are the
disbelievers. "

The Gulf States now would turn into an opportunity to show the world
how generous they can be. Instead, they heat up conflicts to continue.
Yemen, already the poorest country in the Arab world,
they bomb to bits,
although it would have given way to a political settlement of the
conflict. 80 percent of Yemenis should be already dependent on
humanitarian aid, but come only to a small part of the country, because a
coalition led by Saudi Arabia to Yemen seals off outwards. Yemen is
with 27 million inhabitants the most populous country in the Arabian
Peninsula. So stay only two escape routes: towards Somalia and Ethiopia,
or north towards Saudi Arabia. One of the greatest fears of the Saudis
is one that millions of impoverished Yemenis about - could clear a path
to the north border
- very well secured. "It will not be long and it will be said
literally: 'God help the Shiites in'."

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates lead in Yemen war to
prevent Shiite Houthis consolidate their power
. With their bombs they
make, however, even more people into refugees. Previously,
Saudi Arabia responsible for the escalation of violence in Syria already.
Thus quoted the former British intelligence chief Richard Dearlove the former
 Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, who allegedly told him:

"It will not be long in the Middle East, and they will say, literally,
'God help the Shiites'
. More than a billion of them Sunnis have enough.
"Bandar Bin Sultan was especially so discontinued because its funding of
Islamist extremists in Syria got out of hand
and ultimately the
consolidation of the" Islamic State "enabled.

Today, however, Saudi Arabia takes no refugees from civil war
countries, certainly not from Syria.
Instead, says the Lebanese
newspaper al Diyar, Saudi Arabia offer for the Muslim refugees who are received in Germany, the construction of 200 mosques in
. Although the newspaper writes that should be done in accordance with the Federal Government. But it would be better to Saudi Arabia would accept even the refugees and thus its leadership role in the "Islamic Umma", the community of all Muslims, justice.

The conflicts and wars in Syria and Iraq, in Afghanistan and in
Somalia will not abate for a long time. More people will be looking for a new home

and they will want to work there as well. The Gulf states need workers:
In Saudi Arabia, one in three people is a migrant workers in the UAE 
are eight out of ten residents not locals. The guest workers the Arabs represent
only a minority. The Gulf states attract Foreign aid from stable and peaceful countries.
They bring from their homes hardly conflicts with, they are docile and easier to 
expel. The Syrians, who come today would, however, remain. Just as the
Gulf Arabs behave towards the Syrians, they are no longer brothers, not in faith."


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