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First 100 days of Donald Trump candidacy have accomplished so much. 'Conservative media' such as Salem Media and its Red State, Hot Air, Human Events, Townhall, and Twitchy exposed themselves as total ruses. Fox News openly works against the will of the people to deliver Bush and Common Core with help of cronies Fiorina, Rubio, et al-Sundance

9/26/15, "Donald Trump – The First 100 Days…," Sundance

"Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for President on June 16th, 2015; one hundred days ago.

Wow, what a hundred days it has been....

In the past 100 days we have found out that virtually every espoused position of the “conservative media” was a total ruse. The Salem Media group primarily among them.

Red State (Erick Erickson) now finds himself proclaiming that Jeb Bush is the most conservative governor he’s ever known. Web sites like Twitchy, Hot Air, Human Events, Michelle Malkin and National Review suddenly singing the praises of a Jeb Bush they formerly said was just another GOP establishment sell out.

Jeb goes from RINO villain to GOP hero faster than you can say Donald Trump.

Conservative” punditry like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Charles Lane, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg and many more opining on all media a previously hidden “open borders” position. All of a sudden they are telling us walls will never work, illegal aliens are the bedrock of the U.S. social fabric and it’s profoundly unfair to even contemplate their deportation. Oh, the humanity.

That’s a serious dose of sunlight upon a previously hidden agenda. Wow, what a ride.

On the legislative side John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have worked earnestly to insure Obamacare is never removed, the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (Fast Track) is structured to insure passage -and destruction of the middle class-with 51 yea votes; and providing Iran with nuclear weapons is similarly fast-tracked using the same legislative threshold.

Who would have thought?

Oh yeah, but don’t expect them to use “reconciliation” (51 votes) for the Federal budget; nope, NO BUDGET – preferring instead to retain the formerly Democrat process of Continuing Resolutions (CR) to fund the government.

The 2016 fiscal year begins in five days and with full control of the House and Senate the Republicans instead choose to skip a budget and use a CR. That’s a gobsmacking reversal of positions they formerly railed against as they requested electoral support.

The GOP claimed the 2014 Mid-Terms hung on the tenuous position: if only they were given control of both chambers of Congress they would stop this deficit usurpation’. So we gave it, and what? Oh yeah, they did the exact opposite.

Senators, and Presidential Candidates, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both voting to allow the destruction of the Middle Class (Trade Deal) and offering up 40% of the global production to Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hell bent on outsourcing. Voting on other stuff in the Senate, nah….no biggie.

Wow, who knew?

In the past 100 days the curtain of Fox News has been pulled back to showcase the underlying progressive agenda, and even CNN appears more honest by comparison.

The architects of the Mississippi race-baiting ads (and paying Dems for votes in the primary) only to go down in flames after their candidates came out in favor of the above GOPe agenda writ large. Duh!

And now we watch eight of the remaining candidates working collectively to deliver Jeb Bush
Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, Jim Gilmore, George Pataki, John Kasich and Lindsey Graham…

all supporting Common Core, Comprehensive Immigration Reform including a pathway to citizenship, expansion of Medicare, the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal and retention of various forms of ObamaCare. What a jaw-dropping shift in publicly proclaimed views from before June 16th. Unreal.

Florida, Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington State, and God-only-knows who else, all desperately scrambling to adjust their primary calendars and GOP state party rules to benefit a similar progressive outcome – the coronation of Jeb Bush.

AND…in each and every instance we are seeing the real ideology, intents and motives, that laid hidden just below the surface.

Well, that is, hidden prior to the entry of candidate Donald Trump who has single-handidly pulled back the covers and laid bare their deception. Topped off yesterday with the U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner bailing out just before the explosion of an awakened electorate upon them.

Stunning, just STUNNING.

My, oh my. If Donald Trump can accomplish all of this in just 100 days of a candidacy – just imagine what this glorious bastard will reveal in 100 days of a presidency?"



image of Trump banner via Last Refuge


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