Saturday, September 12, 2015

Donald Trump greets crowd before Jimmy Fallon taping, Fri., Sept. 11, 2015

9/11/15, Real Donald Trump Instagram

" Amazing crowd outside   @fallontonight. Tune in at 11:30."
Following 6 items from Brian Stelter twitter about Trump:


Above, 9/11/15, "Trump's here at 30 Rock for Fallon taping. 100+ people are waiting outside, hoping to see him on the way out," Brian Stelter twitter

Above, 9/11/15, Stelter twitter via Romenesko, "Bob Schieffer: "I take Donald Trump very seriously now. I think he could wind up getting the Republican nomination."

9/11/15, "Donald Trump interviews himself in the mirror," The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Part of the skit includes Fallon asking Trump about his policies. Regarding the economy, Fallon mentions Trump will lower taxes for the middle class (3:25), Trump says he'd reduce government spending (3:40) as well as corporate taxes. via The Conservative Treehouse 


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