Thursday, September 3, 2015

Unsigned Pledge from GOP E to voters: I affirm I'll do what I promised to do when I asked for your vote-Rush Limbaugh

9/3/15, "How 'Bout a GOP Loyalty Oath to Voters?" Rush Limbaugh

"RUSH: We've got Trump, big meeting between Trump and Reince Priebus. Trump is apparently going to sign the pledge that he will support the Republican nominee, big meeting at Trump Tower after which Trump will have a media availability to explain what happened. Governor Christie signed his in public today....

What is this, loyalty oaths?  How about the Republican Party signing a loyalty oath to the voters? If there needs to be a royalty oath here, it seems to me that the Republican Party elected officials would finally get around to signing one that they are gonna be loyal to their cause and loyal to their voters.

Now, I'm not trying to stir things up here, but what is this? They say this is an attempt to entrap Trump and get him to promise he won't go third party and all that. I don't know if these people think this looks good or they're running some kind of a scam or trick on Trump. But as usual, they're overthinking this, because they're discombobulated." 
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