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Salem Communications and other Establishment profiteers busily assemble sound bites against America's candidate Donald Trump. We the non-profiteers are well prepared and per reports, massive in number. Our pal Bret Stephens is welcome to join us when he's finished being 'appalled'

9/3/15, "Transparently Predictable Political Maneuverings Within MSM and Salem Communications…," The Last Refuge, sundance

Trump in Alabama, Poll 9/3/15

"Dear Mr. Trump, look, we’re not smart--we just know the game, we’ve studied it for years. As such we are able to predict the moves of the players before they visibly display them.
Salem hack Hugh Hewitt

Politics is an industry, a business – an old business...Industry directors follow the same playbook whenever their grip on political power is threatened.

Right now the directive is to gather information to use against the vulgarian insurgency...“soundbites” that can be used to attack the insurgency in the field of public media consumption.

We already know the Jeb Bush Super-PACs are planning to deluge the electorate with anti-Trump messaging within the next several weeks.  Candidate Donald Trump has forewarned his supporters of the impending storm....It must be accepted the RNC is part of the apparatus that benefits from the removal of Trump.

What’s going on right now, coast to coast, is an old and famously used strategy of gathering “optics” to define the opposition, and the opposition to all of it is Donald Trump....Just like Megyn Kelly had a strategy to define Trump as a “sexist” in the lead-in to the August 6th debate, so too does the larger Pro-Bush GOPe assembly have a strategy. 

Just like Megyn Kelly had a strategy to define Trump as a “sexist” in the lead-in to the August 6th debate, so too does the larger Pro-Bush GOPe assembly have a strategy.Their time-line is to assemble the ‘bits-and-pieces’ prior to the next CNN debate and then launch their attacks shortly prior, so the narrative can be carried into the debate night forum itself.
Andrew Breitbart famously said: “politics is downstream from pop culture“, and he was entirely correct....

The RNC angle keeping with their insufferable intrenched ideology they use older Park Row strategies: whereby the opposition is ‘not smart enough’, not ‘intelligent enough’, not ‘experienced enough’, etc....

Generally the highfaluting crowd...prefer the high-brow angle as espoused by the George Will types....the ‘cucumber sandwich, white wine spritzer’ crowd.

With that, the attack angle within the blitzkrieg on Donald Trump will come amid the meme he’s not “experienced enough”, or “educated enough” when it comes to (___Fill__In__The__ Blank__)...

Thus two weeks ago we dispatched a warning about Hugh Hewitt specifically: 

Politics as an industry – Salem Communications [radio talk show (Hewitt), Red State (Erickson), now also Twitchy (Malkin), Hot Air (McCain), NRO, Townhall, Human Events, Bearing Arms etc.]  has the same general ideological world view as Jeb Bush, George Will, Rupert Murdoch, Wall Street Journal, etc.

update-1  UPDATE As if on cue – Salem Communications, Via Hot Air, publishes a “compare and contrast” article pushing the GOPe Carly Fiorinaas savior angle. (SEE HERE) Salem Communications owns both Hot Air and Hugh Hewitt. See how they roll?...

You’ll note these Salem groups rarely research, present raw data, or offer unfiltered information; it’s almost always Op-Ed.
We, the proud vulgarian team, without financial considerations to skew our perspectives and viewpoints, do not like the “financial media class” and the skewered perspectives that come with financial dependency. We are able to research, watch, describe and discuss through clear-eyed glasses. Hence, we can transmit the warning above....

They, all of them, want Trump stumbling and stammering. Desperately seeking to create the “Park Row Narrative” – inept, inexperienced, incompetent, et al....

Today’s questions from Hugh Hewitt are no less strategic or strategically motivated. Hugh Hewitt has a plan. Hewitt is also part of the Salem Op-Ed machine who are trying to provide the soundbites for the upcoming assault.

Within seconds of Hewitt providing the fuel, the RNC industrial machine jumped to action. This is only going to get worse by infinite magnitudes. Prepare for it.

(New York Times)  […] Mr. Trump, a real estate developer and brand manager who has never worked in government, has relatively little experience dealing with foreign governments. But he has boasted of his global reach and international experience as a businessman.
Mr. Hewitt said he was not interested in “gotcha” questions but wanted to be sure Mr. Trump had a baseline of knowledge about foreign leaders.
“On the front of Islamist terrorism, I’m looking for the next commander in chief to know who Hassan Nasrallah is, and Zawahiri, and al-Julani, and al-Baghdadi. Do you know the players without a scorecard, yet, Donald Trump?” Mr. Hewitt asked. (read more)

There is one goal in all of this – DESTROY DONALD TRUMP! It’s simply what they do, every election, every time, when the industrial political machine doesn’t like the candidate.

And the intel/optics will be used as fuel injected into the debate while GOPe co-horts (Carly Fiorina) will continue the Megyn Kelly approach.

The RNC/GOPe machine, through the various Wall Street funded Super-PACs will also fund liberal groups (Hispanics, La Raza, and Black Lives Matter as examples) and labor organizations (remember the SEIU orcs?) to campaign against Trump visibly based on “racist” and divisive accusations.

Yes, that is correct. The same party who just presented a loyalty pledge is now empowered, with full plausible deniability of course, to fund Trump’s removal at all costs.


This is going to get even more UGLY as the political power brokers grow increasingly more anxious.
GOPe Republicans are just as vicious as Democrats when it comes to attacking their adversaries. Unfortunately, GOPe Republicans...only view conservatives as their adversaries."

Image at top of post from 9/3/15, "Trump Keeps Perplexing the Experts," Rush Limbaugh 

Bret Stephens "appalling" reference:

8/31/15, Wall Street Journal‎: The Donald and the Demagogues, by Bret Stephens

In turn referenced by Rush Limbaugh:

 9/2/15, "The Trump Movement Isn't About Conservatism -- It's About Americanism," Rush Limbaugh

"RUSH: Yesterday or the day before it was a really vicious piece, which I've got here in the Wall Street Journal by a guy named Bret Stephens who said if you're not appalled by Donald Trump, you are appalling. That's how it opened."...


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