Friday, July 3, 2015

Anyone arrested in Mexico is at risk of torture or other inhuman treatment. Being at wrong place or time may be the only offense, investigations are non-existent or biased-Amnesty International Sept. 2014 report, BBC

9/4/2014, "Mexico: Out of control: Torture and other ill-treatment in Mexico," by Amnesty International, Index number: AMR 41/020/2014

"Anyone arrested in Mexico is potentially at risk of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Torture and other ill-treatment are frequently used as investigative tools to get “information” and “confessions” from suspects or from people simply caught at the wrong time or place. In this report Amnesty International’s research findings demonstrate how safeguards against torture are ineffective and how investigations are either non-existent or biased against the complainant. It is vital that the government overhaul the investigation of allegations of torture and other ill-treatment and recognize the value of independent medical reports."...(Remainder of report via pdf)


via, 7/2/15, "Mexico police charged with torturing Tlatlaya witnesses," BBC

"Apart from the seven police officers charged with torture on Wednesday, three soldiers were charged with murder and seven with breach of duty last year. 

None of the cases has so far gone to trial. 

According to a report by human rights organisation Amnesty International, torture is rife in Mexico and is routinely used by the security forces to extract confessions."


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