Monday, October 12, 2015

Least skilled men aged 25-54 suffering in US economy. US among worst records in world for job participation of prime age men-Financial Times

10/11/15, "US women fall behind in jobs market,", Sam Fleming in Washington

"The aging population explains a chunk of the departures from the labour force, but dismal numbers among individuals aged 25-54 point to other forces at work. Among prime-age men, only Italy and Israel have lower participation rates among 34 countries tracked by the OECD.

Gary Burtless at the Brookings Institution think-tank said lower levels of participation are apparent among the least-skilled men, which could reflect changes in the nature of the jobs on offer, as well as the recent downturn, when there was heavy attrition in sectors such as construction. Women have also suffered, in part because of public sector job cuts, he added."...


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