Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GOP House might as well go home right now. Why is anyone chatting with Paul Ryan whose stated condition is that elected representatives of the people must shut up and ignore the voters who elected them? Representing Republican voters is now considered 'revolt'?

10/20/15, "Ryan signals willingness to run for House speaker if certain conditions are met," Washington Post, Robert Costa and Mike De Bonis

"At the top of Ryan’s list of demands, his associates said, is a desire to lead the House GOP as its spokesman and agenda setter without the threat of revolt from the right."...


Added: Oh, "if Republicans Unite?" You mean if elected Republicans forget about the voters who sent them to the Beltway and enact a fraud, stay "in office" but not do their job?

10/20/15, "Paul Ryan Says He Would Serve as Speaker if Republicans Unite," NY Times,


Comment: It's reached a point where the GOP E is forced to say out loud what they've been acting out for many years. Once you get to the Beltway voters don't exist. The riches are so vast that no one can resist--surely you understand. The US government is designed to move slowly (unlike China, for example) to keep elected representatives close to the people. It's not designed to "get things done" for parasites with Napoleon complexes. On the positive side, this latest offering from the GOP E will make Trump's nomination even more likely. After which the GOP E (the Bush crowd, Fox News) will be in full sabotage/Nelson Rockefeller mode.


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