Friday, October 9, 2015

A sight for sore eyes. Bye guys.


"John Boehner – RESIGNED due to pressure from the electorate

Eric CantorFIRED by the electorate"

10/8/15, "Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Race For Speaker of House," the last refuge, sundance

"Yesterday Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina asked any SoH candidate to drop out of the race if they had any embarrassing skeletons in their closet. Today, unable to find enough supportive votes, Kevin McCarthy dropped out.

There were three primary candidates being considered: Kevin McCarthy, Daniel Webster and Jason Chaffetz. However, as soon as McCarthy withdrew his name, Speaker John Boehner cancelled today’s vote. The progressive Republican party leadership are unwilling to accept a non-GOPe name for consideration. It appears the GOPe are going to approach Paul Ryan and request his reconsideration.

(Via Politico) […] McCarthy will remain majority leader, the No. 2 in the unruly conference, where he will be in charge of the House floor, committees and policy. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who mounted an aggressive bid to replace McCarthy as majority leader, will remain as majority whip.

While it wasn’t the only factor, the House Freedom Caucus’ decision to vote as a bloc was a huge blow to McCarthy’s count and his ego. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who was poised to run for House majority leader, cast doubt on whether McCarthy could win the speakership. Members of the House Freedom Caucus met privately with McCarthy days before the planned vote, and threatened to overthrow him as speaker if he did not accede to their demands.

McCarthy said when the Freedom Caucus endorsed Florida Rep. Daniel Webster “that showed how tough of a hill I had to climb.”

McCarthy said he’s not sure if he will endorse a candidate for speaker, but there’s already talk about a caretaker to hold the speaker’s gavel until the end of 2016.

The leading candidates are Minnesota Rep. John Kline, a close ally of Boehner who chairs the Education and Workforce Committee; Texas Rep. Mac Thornberry, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee; Michigan Rep. Candice Miller, the chairman of the House Administration Committee and Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee; former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee; and Rep. Greg Walden, the current chairman of the NRCC. (read more)"...


Comment: Politico's version of events is John Boehner's version of events. McCarthy and the GOP E do not fear the Freedom Caucus. 

Above image was published after Nov. 2010 Republican landslide elections which brought the GOP out of well deserved Siberia. They had done nothing to deserve the landslide victories we gave them, nor did we have any reason to believe they would change their behavior. From the expression on the bird figure's face above, he also knew it was not a time for us to celebrate, that the battle was far from over. via Lucianne


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