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Republican PAC started by Boehner pal reports funding by big time democrat, a group of unions, and an Indian tribe-Erick Erickson

1/14/14, "The “Republican Main Street Partnership” is Democrat Funded," Erick Erickson, RedState

"Steve LaTourette, a former congressman and friend of John Boehner, runs the “Republican Main Street Partnership”. Note the word “Republican.” [Ed. note: The group said it was removing the icky word 'Republican' from its name].

As the left-wing Talking Points Memo reported a month ago, LaTourette and his Main Street Partnership have created an affiliated SuperPAC called “Defending Main Street PAC.” Along with the Chamber of Commerce and Republican Leaders, the Main Street Partnership wants to take out troublesome conservatives.
Defending Main Street PAC plans to raise $8 million in this election cycle; by contrast the Senate Conservatives Fund handled $12 million in 2012 and expects to raise even more this time around.
Note, first, that LaTourette spoke with a left-wing site to reveal his plans. Note second that Defending Main Street PAC has had to release its year end campaign finance numbers.

According to its fundraising report, Defending Main Street PAC received its money from a Democrat donor, a group of unions, and an Indian tribe.

More specifically,
  • Bonderman, David gave $30,000.00 – the Los Angeles Times referred to him as “David Bonderman, a significant contributor to Democrats, “
  • Laborers’ Political League Education Fund gave $100,000.00
  • The Chickasaw Nation gave $50,000.00
  • International Union of Operating Engineers [EPEC] gave $250,000.00
  • Laborers’ International Union Of North America (LIUNA) PAC gave $150,000.00
  • MEBA PAF gave $15,000.00 (Marine Engineers Beneficial Association)
  • Working for Working Americans-Federal gave $250,000.00 (Building Trades / carpenters PAC)
In other words, the “Republican” Main Street Partnership’s affiliated PAC intends to use George Soros connections and Democrat back groups’ money to defeat conservatives.

More troubling, the Republican Main Street Partnership has a lot of ties to Republican leaders. Again, folks, it is us versus them. You pick."


Among comments at RedState: "I mean really, how effing dumb does a person have to be not to see that the Democrats have actually infiltrated what used to the Republican Party?"...


18 hours ago
ROFLMAO! Ok, folks when are YOU going to accept that there is no difference between the Republican Establishment and the Democrats? I mean really, how effing dumb does a person have to be not to see that the Democrats have actually infiltrated what used to the Republican Party? Has Mitch McConnell done ANYTHING to thwart the power or will or agenda of Harry Reid? Has John Boehner done anything but acquiesce to the Reid/Pelosi/Obama agenda that hasn't been Kabuki theater? 

Obama has been ceded dictatorial powers, the Justice Department is operating in full blown lawlessness, the NSA is doing nothing to fight terrorism and in fact is far more scary than Muslim suicide bombers (I mean really, what are your chances of being blown up or on a hijacked plane compared to the absolute fact that all your email and phone calls are being monitored along with where you walk and where you drive?) and yet the so called Republicans are doing what? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"


1/8/13, Moderate Republican group to remove ‘Republican’ from name, welcome Democrats, Yahoo News, Chris Moody

“The Republican Main Street Partnership, a Washington-based group that has promoted moderate GOP lawmakers and policies, will remove the word “Republican” from its title and welcome center-right Democrats in 2013, Yahoo News has learned.

The organization’s board of directors voted Tuesday morning to scrap party identification from its title and be known simply as “The Main Street Partnership.” The group’s new president, former Ohio Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette, told Yahoo News that he plans to begin conversations with Blue Dog Democrats and centrist groups in the coming months.

“The goal is to try and fill the void that is the middle,” LaTourette, who resigned from Congress this year, said. “The American political system is like a doughnut: You’ve got sides, but you don’t have anything in the middle, and it would be my goal to work with Republicans and Democrats who want to find the path forward to 

getting things done and compromise.”

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, LaTourette added: “While we have changed our name, we have not changed our values or our mission. We will continue to be a right of center organization and continue to represent 

the governing wing of the Republican Party.”

The Main Street Partnership will also expand its super PAC, Defending Main Street, to aid center-right members of both parties, LaTourette said, adding, “It’s not going to be focused so much on party as it is on protecting people from the right and left extremes if they choose to do the right things.”
In Congress, LaTourette was known to vote against party leadership: He opposed a measure that would strip federal funding of National Public Radio in 2011, and he was one of just two Republicans who did not support censuring Attorney General Eric Holder.
Current members of the Main Street organization include Republican Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, Republican Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee;  and  Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers of Washington, who was named chairman of the House Republican Conference in November.”


12/15/14, “Breaking The UniParty,” Angelo M.  Codevilla,

The Republican Party’s leaders have functioned as junior members of America’s single ruling party, the UniParty. Acting as the proverbial cockboat in the wake of the Democrats’ man-of-war, they have made Democratic priorities their own when the White House and the Congress were in the hands of Republicans as well as in those of Democrats, and when control has been mixed. The UniParty, the party of government, the party of Ins, continues to consist of the same people. The Outs are always the same people too: American conservatives. They don’t have a party. Whatever differences exist within the Uniparty, between Republican John Boehner and Democrat Nancy Pelosi, between Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Harry Reid, get worked out behind closed doors. Those differences are narrow.”…

2/20/13, "As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned," Angelo Codevilla, Forbes
"Increasingly the top people in government, corporations, and the media collude and demand submission as did the royal courts of old."...(subhead 'Public Safety')

In 2007 Peggy Noonan wrote that George Bush destroyed the GOP, had total disdain for conservatives:  

6/1/2007, Too Bad,” Peggy Noonan, Wall St. Journal, President Bush has torn the conservative coalition asunder.”

not only for one political party but for the American future.... 
But on immigration it has changed from “Too bad” to “You’re bad.” "... 
10/20/11, "The lost decade," Angelo M. Codevilla, Claremont Institute (2001-2011)
"Rule by Experts" (subhead, scroll down)

"Decision-making by "experts" rather than by people and procedures responsible to the American people has always been American progressives' prescription for American life. During the past decade, the pretense that America was at war has given this practice a major boost. For example, official and semi-official panels of experts from government, business, and the academy generated "studies" on the energy and health-care sectors of the economy. Based on these, the government promulgated regulations and presented Congress with demands that it approve massive legislation to "stop global warming"
and to "establish universal medical care." These government-business-academic experts, i.e. this ruling class, presented their plans as demands because, they shouted,

"the debate is over,"

and opponents are not qualified to oppose. Regardless of these demands' merits, such claims to authority are based strictly on the proponents' credentials. My point, however, is that these credentials are based largely on the government endowing these proponents with positions and money. As President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned in his farewell address, such expertise is a circular function of government power.
The event for which the decade is most likely to be remembered, namely the "great recession," was a similar phenomenon. When the financial bubble in mortgage-backed securities burst in 2008, the leaders of both parties, and pundits from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, assured Congress authoritatively that appropriating some $800 billion for the Treasury to buy up "toxic assets" would fix the problem. Three out of four Americans dissented, in part because of widespread recognition that the U.S. government's increase in expenditures from $1.86 trillion in 2001 to $2.9 trillion in 2008, due in part to the war, was unsustainable. Yet Congress bowed to "expert" opinion. But the markets tanked, the fix did not work, and the economic collapse gathered momentum. The subsequent Democratic administration increased spending even more radically, to $3.7 trillion, roughly doubling federal expenses in a decade, and pushed the national debt over $14 trillion—almost equal to America's GDP. By 2011, 40 cents out of every federal dollar spent had to be borrowed. .

As a prescription for salvation, the very same spectrum of experts that had certified the efficacy of bailing out big banks emphasized to Congress that the country needed to borrow more money and pay more taxes. Three fourths of Americans wanted neither to borrow more nor to pay more. The experts labeled them "irresponsible" and even "terrorists."

The markets tanked again, and the great recession got a second wind. The 2010 census reported that in 2009 the inflation-adjusted median family income was $49,445, down from $51,161 in 2001. Although the official unemployment rate at this writing is only 9.1%, a truer measure of America's condition is that only 45.4% of Americans of working age are employed full time—a true definition of depression.....

The CIA announced in 2010 that the president and his advisers had concluded that one Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen in Yemen, was so involved in terrorism that American forces would hunt him down and kill him. Of what capital crime was he accused? By whom? Who convicted and sentenced him? The experts
. On the basis of what evidence? Sorry, can't say. Classified. Wartime necessity, you know."...  


Comment: The Bush family remains the worst thing to happen to this country since World War II.


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