Monday, January 20, 2014

Alfred Hitchcock documentary on German concentration camps released, filmed in 1945 as British and US soldiers entered the camps

1/12/14, "Hitchcock’s Masterpiece On The Holocaust Concentration Camps Is Finally Released,"

"Memory of the Camp" filmed in 1945. Bergen-Belsen begins around 4:45.

You can watch the one hour video at the site or below. I tried viewing the film at You Tube's site where one must be over a certain age to view it. I'm the correct age but on repeated attempts got a message that You Tube has an issue about my signing in, and the troubleshooter list was also a dead end.

More about the film:

1/7/14, "Coming soon: Hitchcock's lost Holocaust documentary," USA Today, Trey Barrineau

"The original documentary is titled Memory of the Camps. It was filmed in 1945 but was never released because of production problems and political pressures, according to PBS' Frontline, which aired an unedited, incomplete version in 1985 after a researcher found it in the Imperial War Museum's vaults. The new version, which doesn't yet have a title, is being digitally restored and will include footage that was missing from the 1985 version.

Hitchcock collaborated on the documentary with friend and future business partner Sidney Bernstein, who said the famed director refused to be paid for his work. PBS says Hitchcock's role was to "shape the way the documentary was presented." Later, while reviewing the footage shot by British Army cameramen, the master of the macabre was so traumatized that he "stayed away from Pinewood Studio for a week," according to The New Zealand Herald.

The finished documentary could be equally shocking for today's audiences."...


IMDB, "Memory of the Camps," 1985

"In 1945, camera crews went with the American and British armies in the nazis death camps and filmed the horror they found there. A group of directors among whom was Alfred Hichcock developed a script to present these horrors and be sure that people remember."...


Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) was born in England and knighted in 1979.


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