Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Longtime 'GOP strategist' Alex Castellanos gushes about Obama speech, compares it to sex, says Obama has 'rare gift'

1/28/14, "GOP Strategist Alex Castellanos: Obama's SOTU "A Lot Like Sex"," Real clear Politics

"ALEX CASTELLANOS, GOP STRATEGIST: I think I've said before that I think a speech by Barack Obama is a lot like sex. The worst there ever was is still excellent, and I thought he gave a very competent performance tonight. One of the things working with candidates is when they're in a weak political position, sometimes they confuse volume and loudness with strength. That's what I felt the first half of the speech that he was willing himself to demonstrate strength and confidence, but he did it with optimism. That is the rare gift a president has. The president is the only guy who can say, we're going to some place better, follow me. I think it's going to help him and the Democrats. The policy was, I thought, too small for the moment."


In 1997 Castellanos said, "Television is the way you lead in this country:"

5/30/1997, "Fuzzy Lines Blur Face of TV, Politics," LA Times, Jane Hall

""We're a TV culture, and politicians today exist in our lives only on television," maintains Alex Castellanos, a Republican media strategist who has advised candidates including Dole, George Bush and Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.). "We're in an era of reduced government--television is the way you lead in this country."


"Alex Castellanos an adviser to Mr. Romney in his 2008 campaign."


Comment: Further proof if needed that the GOP died long ago and if it didn't it should have.

Alex Castellanos, an adviser to Mr. Romney in his 2008 campaign. - See more at:

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