Monday, January 20, 2014

Chris Christie reached out to Karl Rove-NY Times

1/18/14, "G.O.P. Advice for Christie: Pick a Better Team," NY Times, M. Barbaro, J. Martin, N. Confessore

"The scandal could still fade, and Mr. Christie remains popular with many voters in his home state....

Mr. Christie started reaching out to seasoned Republican hands over the past week, including a former Republican National Committee chairman, Ken Mehlman, and Karl Rove....

The governor had envisioned traveling to South Carolina this spring to campaign for Senator Lindsey Graham, who faces a conservative primary challenge. Mr. Graham, in an interview last week, said Mr. Christie’s presence would be an unwelcome distraction. “If you brought him in South Carolina today, what would we be talking about?” Mr. Graham asked. “We’d be talking about him.”"...via Mark Levin show


Comment: Karl Rove and Lindsey Graham have been key in the radical left ascendency for many years as has the Bush crowd in general. Anyone who would seek these animals out, as Christie does, has problems.

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