Friday, January 31, 2014

In June 2013 Mitch McConnell signaled the IRS scandal was over and he was moving on. In Jan. 2014 as night follows day, McConnell's facing an election so he puts on an act like he all of a sudden cares and his media pals sell it

"Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fired a major shot Thursday, taking to the chamber floor to say the rules amount to a declaration of war on free speech and vowing the GOP will try to block them."...1/30/14, "IRS rules change seen as limiting free speech for nonprofit organizations," Wash. Examiner, Seth McLaughlin

6/21/13, "Mitch McConnell Realizes IRS Scandal Is Over," NY Magazine, Jonathan Chait

"Mitch McConnell delivered a speech today at the American Enterprise Institute to officially signal that the IRS scandal has entered its post-fact phase. When the IRS first revealed that its Cincinnati office had attempted to enforce its nonprofit laws using a search function that disproportionately impacted conservatives, Republicans were certain it must have come from the White House. They were going to follow the facts. But all of the facts point in the same direction, which is that the Obama administration had nothing to do with it at all. That was the conclusion of the agency’s inspector-general report, as well as the House Oversight Committee’s own interviews, which the Republican majority tried to suppress and which (when the Democrats released them) showed the operation was an independent, well-intentioned effort to enforce the law led by an IRS official who happens to be a conservative Republican....

The belligerent and borderline-paranoid tone of McConnell’s speech today is a kind of covered retreat, signaling the IRS scandal’s turn into a vague trope that conservatives use with other members of the tribe, the way liberals liked to say “Halliburton” during the Bush years, to signal some dark beliefs they don’t need to back up."


Excerpt from McConnell's speech in which he signaled it was time to move on from this one event and focus on the big picture. He has to say something to pretend he's not a democrat for the benefit of the media:

6/21/13, "McConnell: Obama ‘Refuses to Accept the Fact that the Public isn’t Going to Applaud Everything He Does’," Robert Costa, National Review
"“There are a lot of important questions that remain to be answered about the IRS scandal,” McConnell concluded. "But let’s not lose sight of the larger scandal that’s been right in front of us for five years: a sitting president who simply refuses to accept the fact that the public isn’t going to applaud everything he does. So my plea to you today is that you call out these attacks on the First Amendment whenever you see them, regardless of the target. Because the right to free speech doesn’t exist to protect what’s popular. It exists to protect what’s unpopular. And the moment we forget that is the moment we’re all at risk.""...


Comment: Mitch McConnell can only hope IRS interference v the Tea Party goes on forever. Obama saved the GOP's life by allowing the IRS to be used against the TP. At minimum precious time was wasted of hundreds of talented volunteers who were this country's last hope. 


commenter from Free Republic to above:

"To: Buckeye McFrog

The IRS hasn’t changed their arrogant aloofness , at least not since the last “Easter Egg Roll “  Nor have I heard of a change in policy , or guidance ...

What I have heard is that Mitch Mc Connell ( RHINO elite ) says that it is time to move on to other things.

Mc Connell is content with the results of the Investigator General ~ which is pablum

So as far as the RHINO elite are concerned , the situation has been exposed ;

there has been no prosecution or investigation even above the level of an audit once the results pointed towards Washington!!

As long as the IRS scandle continues to suppress the Tea Party Conservatives , he’s happier than a pig in sh*t / mud !!

And the RHINO elite can continue to assist in the sacking of the country !
29 posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 4:56:08 PM by Tilted Irish Kilt (“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” - Ronald Reagan)"

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