Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wind turbine people confident $12 billion US taxpayer dollars will be confiscated and transfered to them in 2013, intense green lobby likely keeps wind away from 'cliff'

12/28/12, "Wind power deadline sees US firms rush to build turbines," BBC

"The American Wind Energy Association are hoping the tax credit will be passed as part of a compromise package of legislation to help the US avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. The say the most likely outcome is a short term extension of the subsidy."...


12/21/12, "$12 billion wind-energy subsidy floating over 'Fiscal Cliff',", Kenric Ward

"A “temporary” multibillion-dollar federal wind-energy subsidy is sailing toward another extension, even as Washington lurches closer to the "fiscal cliff."
The 20-year-old Production Tax Credit, due to expire at the end of this month, is a case study in the power of green politics over free-market economics.
If continued in their current form, the wind subsidies will cost taxpayers an estimated $12 billion next year to keep turbines whirling....

Loris predicts a mixture of corporate rent-seeking and political grandstanding would probably keep the federal wind subsidies blowing into the new year.
There’s a lot of political interest invested in an extension. Republican governors in Iowa and Kansas stand to benefit, and there’s heavy lobbying going on.”
Last week, Democratic Govs. John Hickenlooper of Colorado and John Kitzhaber of Oregon joined a bipartisan pilgrimage to Congress, urging lawmakers to extend the credits.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if (the PTC) is included in a bigger budget bargain,” Loris said. “If it’s not, that’s a good sign. But I’m skeptical.”" (end of article)


If it's anti-free market someone from the Bush crowd will sign:

5/25/10, "President Bush Speaks To The American Wind Energy Association," Treehugger

"Remember President George W. Bush? You know, the guy who wished he had a magic wand to reduce gas prices and the guy who started that oil war over there? Well, he recently addressed the American Wind Energy Association conference in Dallas and discussed wind power and our "addiction to oil." Bush seemed pleased with himself for admitting our addiction to the black gold and pronounced himself a technological determinist. The New York Times Green blog reports that Bush was feeling jocular and happy."...


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