Saturday, December 22, 2012

Breitbart is now run by 'partisan hacks'-BuzzFeed, Oct. 2012. Updated with example of GOP propaganda

Oct. 2012, "Breitbart's Inheritors Battle Over His Legacy," BuzzFeed, McKay Coppins

“A happy cult” no more as internal friction stresses the conservative website. “I think he would detest what it's become,” says one staffer."

"Andrew wasn't a flack. He wanted to take them all on," said a former Breitbart employee, complaining that the site is now run by “partisan hacks. Several sources, meanwhile, complained that Pollak was a Republican “shill”..."...via The Other McCain


Following is an example of establishment GOP poison now dished out under Andrew Breitbart's name. The headline for it was prominently placed near the top on the page. Everyone knows Kevin McCarthy is a hack Boehner ally. The article tells us this "GOP strategist" was even on Fox News talking about this. Wow! Fox News=GOP establishment=democrat control of America.

12/23/12, "GOP strategist, whip ally: Republicans need 'cultural revolution' with Kevin McCarthy as Speaker," Breitbart, Matthew Boyle


Ed. note: I noticed awhile ago that was pushing establishment GOP propaganda and featuring 'professional Republican' contributors. The above article may use 'anonymous' sources but the piece describes what anyone who's been paying attention can see for themselves. I say take Breitbart's name off the site. It has nothing to do with what he was about.


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