Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Never has a US presidential race been so devoid of serious debate-Adam Garfinkle

Jan.-Feb. 2013, "Broken: A Primer on American Political Disorder," American Interest, Adam Garfinkle

"It’s no one thing: Rapid global economic change, institutional deficiencies in governance and plutocratic smarm have reinforced each other to create one huge tangle of a problem."

"Now that the 2012 campaign is over, we would do well to turn attention in earnest to the problems the United States faces, none of which are the slightest bit closer to resolution as a consequence of the election.1 Never has an American presidential race been so devoid of serious debate and genuine ideas as this one was, and this at a time when our need for real analysis and bold proposals is greater than ever. The country is in real trouble—not on account of some foreign adversary, but because our political system has become broadly dysfunctional. The recent election season, far from improving things, rather stands as a symptom of the dysfunction."...(subscrip.)


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