Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Criminal media and environment movement won't report or celebrate US CO2 drop, staggering news effectively bankrupts global warming industry which is based on demonizing the US, science says US no longer the problem-The Australian

12/14/12, "Doha's politics of envy," The Australian, Graham Lloyd, Environment Editor

"The shale gas revolution has staggering ramifications for the climate change response and the future of global politics. "The global balance of power is being permanently transformed before our eyes," former Thatcher government energy minister Nigel Lawson says.

Known shale gas reserves will supply the US with more than 100 years of gas at today's consumption rates. For the world as a whole, technically recoverable gas resources are now conservatively estimated at about 250 years' supply.

What does this have to do with Doha and the UN climate change talks? Lower US gas prices and the substitution of oil and coal for power generation has seen the US cut carbon dioxide emissions by 14 per cent, or about 800 million tonnes since 2007, to their lowest level for 20 years.

It is a performance unrivalled by Europe or other lead actors in the UN climate change response.

And it is an outcome that goes uncelebrated by the environment movement more broadly because of the threat it poses to its favoured view of the world's future energy supplies, wind and solar....

Writing in Britain's The Guardian newspaper, Michael Jacobs, a visiting professor in the Grantham Research Institute on climate change and the environment at the London School of Economics, has articulated clearly the "business as usual" green politics approach."...


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