Monday, December 17, 2012

Americans continue to sympathize with Israel over Palestinians, Pew Poll, Dec. 5-9, 2012

12/14/12, "Public Says U.S. Does Not Have Responsibility to Act in Syria," "Israel Support Unchanged in Wake of Gaza Conflict," Pew Poll conducted Dec. 5-9, 2012

"Public Continues to Sympathize with Israel over Palestinians"

"For decades, the public has sympathized with Israel over the Palestinians and that remains the case today. Overall, 50% say they sympathize more with Israel, compared with just 10% who say they sympathize more with the Palestinians....

There continue to be stark partisan differences in Middle East sympathies. Conservative Republicans maintain strong support for Israel with fully 75% saying they sympathize with Israel compared with just 2% who sympathize with the Palestinians. By contrast, liberal Democrats are much more divided: 33% sympathize more with Israel, 22% with the Palestinians. Independents sympathize more with Israel by a 47% to 13% margin."...[Ed. note: Pew acknowledges US support for Israel but hopes to sell it as slightly unhip and uncool via headline below. The first three words in its headline are "Evangelicals" and "Older People"]:


12/16/12, "Poll: US Support for PA Near All-Time Low," Israel National News

"Only 10 percent of Americans sympathize with the Palestinian Authority, according to a new Pew poll."


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