Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NY Times Tom Friedman wants establishment GOP to split and form third party so they won't have to deal with us. Illustration of big red elephant with rope tied to its nose

Tom Friedman at his wits' end suggests establishment GOP start a third party. Friedman must want Karl Rove in the new party since he was key in electing Obama twice. The Times and the Obama administration have praised Fox News pundits and Bush cronies
12/22/12, "Send in the Clowns," NY Times, Tom Friedman, op ed

"Republican politicians today have a choice: either change your base by educating and leading G.O.P. voters back to the center-right from the far right, or start a new party that is more inclusive, focused on smaller but smarter government and market-based, fact-based solutions to our biggest problems."...


GOP elephant illustration with Tom Friedman article suggesting establishment GOP bail out and start a third party:

illustration NY Times, O. Munday


Below, multi-millionaire Tom Friedman's massive estate:



The following was written shortly before the Nov. 2010 elections:

10/22/10, "Karl Rove's Flameout" The Daily Beast, Matt Latimer 

"The White House and even The New York Times have done exactly thatheaping praise on their longtime nemesis, Karl Rove, and his protégé, Ed Gillespie.

These guys are great political operatives,” Obama strategist David Axelrod said, “and they will have an impact in this election.” The Times, meanwhile, extolled Rove as a “master political strategist”."...


NY Times panders to Karl Rove describing him as "long the party’s tactical mastermind," hoping he'll stop the Tea Party:

9/16/10, NY Times Editorial, "The Tea Party's Snarl."

"For both parties and certainly the broad swath of independent voters, defeating this new crop of Tea Party nominees has become imperative to avoid the sense of national embarrassment from each divisive and offensive utterance, each wacky policy proposal."...


We're supposed to be fine with a 2 party system in which both parties support liberal democrat views:

9/16/10, "Obama calls (Republican) Mike Castle after his defeat in Delaware," Washington Post

"Castle has spent the past 36 hours fielding phone calls and pats on the back from well-wishing colleagues and other politicians, including President Obama, Vice President Biden, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and dozens of others."...


11/16/12,  “Republicans Allowed Karl Rove to Mislead Them Again, Daily Beast, Matt Latimer

In the past two election cycles, he (Karl Rove) and his acolytes have personally helped Barack Obama get elected and yet made millions in the process. You tell me who the dummy is—Rove or the people who keep listening to him and funding him. Come to think of it, who really deserves the blame for what’s befallen the GOP? 

Nobody forced George W. Bush to make Karl Rove his all-knowing, all-powerful political adviser. Nobody forced Fox News to put him and his prognostications all across the network, often to the exclusion of all others. Nobody told billionaires to throw their money to a person someone marvelously described as a “GOP money incinerator.”"...


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