Thursday, December 20, 2012

A week before Egypt vote 50,000 Islamists marched chanting 'Islamic, Islamic despite the Christians' led by men on horseback with swords

Swords likely paid for by the US taxpayer.

12/19/12, "Fear keeps Egypt's Christians away from polls," AP, Assiut, Egypt

"A campaign of intimidation by Islamists left most Christians in this southern Egyptian province too afraid to participate in last week's referendum on an Islamist-drafted constitution they deeply oppose, residents say. The disenfranchisement is hiking Christians' worries over their future under empowered Muslim conservatives.

Around a week before the vote, some 50,000 Islamists marched through the provincial capital, Assiut, chanting that Egypt will be "Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians." At their head rode several bearded men on horseback with swords in scabbards on their hips, evoking images of early Muslims conquering Christian Egypt in the 7th Century.

They made sure to go through mainly Christian districts of the city, where residents, fearing attacks, shuttered down their stores and stayed in their homes, witnesses said."...via Atlas Shrugs


Ed. note: It's OK because in the "new normal" no one cares.


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