Monday, December 31, 2012

Pentagon can still carry out basic functions without full civilian staff of 800,000. Commenter wonders why it keeps 800,000 civilians on payroll

12/30/12, "Unthinkable Cuts Almost a Reality," Wall St. Journal, by Paletta, Weaver, Nissenbaum

The cuts, which members of both parties have referred to as a "meat ax," are the product of a hastily designed 2011 law that required $110 billion in annual spending reductions over nine years to reduce the deficit. Their severity, representing close to 10% of annually appropriated spending, was intended to force Democrats and Republicans to come together on a broader package of deficit-reduction measures, which would replace the cuts. That effort failed, raising the prospect of the cuts' taking place....

With a federal budget close to $3.6 trillion, $110 billion in annual cuts seems like a rounding error. But some of the largest parts of the federal budget are exempt from the cuts, including benefits under Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and interest payments on federal debt....

The law also requires a 2% cut in Medicare payments to hospitals, other health-care providers and some insurance plans, a roughly $11 billion reduction for fiscal 2013, according to an analysis by Avalere Health.

Half of the cuts would be focused on military programs, a prospect that Aerospace Industries Association President Marion Blakey said would be a "grave dereliction of duty" if it came to pass. The Pentagon has begun planning for the cuts as it would need to reduce spending on many programs by almost 10%....

The Pentagon also is considering reductions in flying hours for pilots, cutbacks in training-exercise days for the Navy, and reduced maintenance and repair for planes, ships, tanks and other military hardware, according to administration officials.

While Congress could reverse the sequester if it is triggered, federal agencies must plan as if they are going to happen, said Alan Chvotkin, executive vice president at the Professional Services Council, a trade group that represents government contractors. "Every week you wait, the deeper the cuts you will have to eventually make," he said." via Free Republic


among comments:


"When a ‘company’ can take an 800,000 cut in the workforce and still carry out basic functions, that tells me there are 800,000 too many people working for it.
Radical idea, I know...."


"Every federal worker is begging for this to happen as they will eventually get reimbursed and therefore these will all be paid days off.
Its just like the supposed pay freeze. Sure, they freeze the pay...but then make it up by giving bigger and bigger “bonuses”. Now, after getting huge bonuses this year, Obama is giving a pay raise. Does anyone really think they will have to give the bonus back?"

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