Tuesday, December 18, 2012

States give ObamaCare massive vote of no confidence, catching Obama completely by surprise

12/17/12, "States Give ObamaCare A Massive Vote Of No Confidence," IBD editorial

"So far, not one part of ObamaCare has worked as planned. Almost immediately, the administration had to distribute huge numbers of waivers to companies because its initial rules would have forced them to drop their low-cost plans.
ObamaCare's high-risk pools promised to cover hundreds of thousands, but ended up attracting almost no one. The small-business tax break has been a complete bust

Insurance premiums are already spiking.

And now states are in open revolt against two key elements of the law.

Under ObamaCare, states were supposed to agree to set up so-called insurance exchanges — which would act as a clearinghouse for government-approved health plans and distribute the insurance subsidies included in the law.

But just 18 states have agreed to build them. The rest — which include eight run by Democratic governors — are leaving it to the federal government to do the dirty work of setting up these massively complicated exchanges.  That's a remarkable vote of no confidence on a central element of ObamaCare, 

and one that's caught the White House completely by surprise."...via Free Republic


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