Monday, December 17, 2012

Taliban blow up American company in Kabul; 10 little Afghan girls aged 9-11 blown up while collecting firewood

Below, remains of Virginia company, Contrack Int.
12/17/12, "Taliban say suicide bomber targeted U.S. company in Kabul," Reuters

"Afghanistan's Taliban movement claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Kabul on Monday which targeted a U.S. contracting company and killed two Afghan civilians, underscoring security challenges ahead of a NATO pullout.
Hours earlier, a blast in eastern Afghanistan killed 10 Afghan girls, between nine and 11 years old, as they collected firewood....

"A suicide car bomber attacked an important American company which is involved in security," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement.

"The company was under our surveillance for a long time and today we succeeded."

After more than a decade of war against Western forces with superior firepower and technology, the Taliban remain a potent force capable of striking in the heart of Kabul....

The Virginia-based company that was targeted, Contrack International Inc., has built fuel storage systems in military bases in Afghanistan....

Kabul Police Chief General Ayoub Salangi said explosives were planted in a small truck.

The Taliban have expanded their reach beyond their strongholds in southern and eastern Afghanistan to some areas in the north which were relatively peaceful for years."...


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