Friday, December 21, 2012

GOP 'leadership' took the bait, made it about taxes, convinced millions of Americans it's about taxes. It's really about establishing the correct relationship between the citizen and the government which Reagan started and the Bush family strangled-Shirley

11/9/12, "The GOP has lost its way. Here’s how it can return to its roots." Craig Shirley, Washington Post opinion

"Since the time of the New Deal, the Democratic Party has been organized around the philosophy of justice. And since Reagan remade the GOP beginning in early 1981, the party had been organized around the concept of freedom. That year, when the newly elected Reagan 

pitched a plan for tax cuts to a group of conservatives,

he said the proposal was intended  

to reorder the relationship between the citizen and the government. 

It wasn’t just a tax cut — it was part of a philosophy."...(parag. 11)


Ed. note: No Republican today should have allowed any discussion whatever about tax cuts mainly because it's a fake issue. You can confiscate every millionaire's entire income and it would only fund the government for a few weeks or months. Part of the problem is a vile individual who sought publicity for himself via a gimmick "no tax pledge." For many years he attached himself to Republicans and got them sign his so-called anti-tax pledge. As if the federal government won't the money it wants in some other way. So this was mainly a publicity stunt. He was big during the Bush years and everyone knows how well that ended up. The gimmick master is still around ensnaring fresh, new Republicans we send to town. Though he was nowhere to be found when his pal George Bush was doing bailouts, expanding government, destroying the GOP, and destroying the country. Perhaps he was busy hijacking CPAC and turning it into a Muslim apologist group. 


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